Tire Experiment – part trois

Tires are bad ass

Heritage Park Backblast:  19 macho, mucho chesto HIMs crushed the third iteration of the Tire Experiment.


Pax: Alexa, Guero, Adrian, Bob, Falcon, Schnitzel, The Dude, AC/DC, Sleepless, Bam Bam, Jemaine, Kramer, The Hoff, AP, Swinger, Putt-Putt, Romo (FNG), Elroy (Q)


Warmup: Stretches, SSH, Mt Climbers, Mucho Chestos Pyramidios

The Tire Thang

* Swedish Tire Mile:  Teams of 4-6 run back and forth across the park (leg warm up – word, Alexa!):  Each team get 2 tires. Sprinter from back carries a tire forward and passes it back.

* Meter Sprint Pyramids, 5 diamond merkins after each sprint
* Out & Backs with Tires I
** Teams of 3: P1 runs out with tire over head and bangs out 3 tire burpees while P2-3 hand slap merkins, rotate
** P1 does tire squat-to-press while P2-3 run out and bang out 3 BRO-pees, rotate

<<Mosey to tennis courts>>

* Out & Backs with Tires II
** Group 1 wall sits against fence holding tires out, while group 2 bear crawls up nearby hill, rotate
** Group 1 wall sits against fence holding tires out, while group 2 crawl bears up nearby hill, rotate
** Group 1 balls-to-wall against fence while group 2 runs out to nearby hill with tires overhead to bang out 3 tire burpees, rotate

* Swedish Tire Mile back to start

* 25.50.25 Meter Sprint Pyramids

* 4 MOM:  Flutters and LBCs, slow & fast cadence



Too much to list here, see full list at F3PugetSound.Com or the F3PS facebook group page


It’s Fathers’ Day, reach out to your dad and thank him for all he’s done for you.  Elroy related a story about his dad’s struggles early in life, with Elroy not appreciating it when he was younger.  Now, with older kids of his own, life has come full circle, and he sees his father for the man he his and the sacrifices he made for his family.

Thank you for allowing me to lead today, gentlemen.  Go out and be bad ass fathers!