Extreme Week

F3 Puget Sound Will be hosting its 4th annual Extreme Week!

7 workouts in 6 days. We will be starting at Grasslawn in Redmond this Monday on January 31st and ending at Magnuson Park in Seattle, February 5th. You don’t want to miss this. Over 60 individuals committed to Extreme Week and we are expecting crowds of 70-100. To complete extreme week you have to complete all 7 workouts but you are more than welcome to join us for 1 to 2 and see what we are about. 

F3’s mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

We welcome men of all ages, of all backgrounds, of all beliefs, of all fitness levels. We are completely free. Come join us and get better together. This is a great way to meet some great people in your community. Hope to see you there.

Here are the details: 

F3 Puget Sound Extreme Week 2022: 

Mon 1/30:   
05:30-06:15 AM.   
Location: Grass Lawn Park in Redmond  
Address: 7031 148th Ave. NE Redmond WA 98052. 
Site Q:  Retread.   
Parking Lot: Parking Lot 2 on South/Southwest Side of Park.   
Coffeteria at Starbucks: 6735 132nd Ave. NE #100.  Kirkland WA 98033 

Tue 2/1
Morning Session: 05:30-06:15AM.  
Location: Leota Middle School 
Address:  19301 168th Ave. Woodinville WA 98072.  
Site Q:  Steamer
Parking Lot:
Coffeteria: Woodinville Safeway Starbucks: 19150 NE Woodinville Duvall Road Woodinville WA 98077 

Tue 2/1
Evening Session: 6:30-7:15 PM
Address: Parking and Meeting at Heritage Park 111 Waverly Way Kirkland, Wa 98033.   
Site Q: Papercut.   
Parking Area: Heritage Park: 111 Waverly Way Kirkland, Wa 98033.  
Coffeteria: Wilde Rover Pub 
Wed 2/2:   
Location: Gas Works Park 
Address: 2101 N Northlake Way Seattle, WA 98103.   
Site Q: Glengarry.   
Parking Area: Main Parking Area at Gas Works Park.  
Coffeteria:   Stone Way Cafe:  3510 Stone Way North Seattle WA 98103.
Thur 2/3:   
Location: Big Finn Hill Park/Thoreau Elementary
Address: 8224 NE 138th ST. Kirkland WA 98034.   
Site Q: Grissom.   
Parking Area: Turn off 84th on NE 138th and drive straight.   
Coffeteria: Starbucks QFC:  14130 Juanita Dr. NE Kirkland WA 98034. 

Fri 2/4 05:30-06:15AM.  
Location: Blyth Park    
Address: Blyth Park 16950 W Riverside Drive Bothell WA 98011.   
Site Q:  Jalapeño.   
Parking Area: Blyth Park Parking Lot (carpooling recommended due to space) 

Sat 2/5 CSAUP (Mandatory for all Extreme Week Alumni Optional for the rest): 04:00AM-06:45AM.   
Location: Public Parking Lot (Sportsfield Dr. NE Seattle WA 98115 Magnuson Park). Details to follow.  
Q:  Gertie Softball.   
Coffeteria:  NONE 
Saturday Feb 5th Two Hour Finale:   07:00-09:00AM.  
Location: Warren Magnuson Park
Site Q: Mail Order Worthington.   
Parking Area: Public Parking Lot (Sportsfield Dr. NE Seattle WA 98115 Magnuson Park). 

*Bring a Complete Change of Clothes.  
Coffee Provided at Finish on site.




February 1st-6th

37 EXTREME WEEK Finishers:

Alexa, Animal, Blue Steel, Pylon, Maytag, Brady, CRISPR, Dig Dug, Donor, Elmer, Epilogue, Gertie, Gilligan, Handbag, Hyster, Maytag, Mifflin, Moonshine, Moose, oldenglish, Papercut, Peaches, Pogo, Pure LEAD, Roma, Salsa, Shakespeare, Silent B, Snare, Softball, Sprocket, Steamer, Toes, Worthington(Founder), X-Box, Whiplash(Triple Respect), Hansel


MooseJaw, Flexo, Journey, Spotlight


Dig Dug, Mifflin, Gilligan, Whiplash, Worthington (Founder)



Extreme Week Schedule
Date AO Q Co-Q’s PAX
2.1.21 Tundra Speed Glazed Hansel, Softball,Salsa, Hyster, 5th Wheel, Gertie 46
2.2.21 Kingsgate Thunderdome Spy Silent B, Moose, Blue Steel 48
2.2.21 PB&J Papercut Wopr,Hail, Alexa, Animal, Elroy 53
2.3.21 Space Needle Moonshine Toes, Roma 54
2.4.21 Golden Gardens Squid Toes, Glengarry, Roma, Moonshine 48
2.5.21 Log Boom Shakespeare 5th Wheel, Gertie. Grissom, Handbag, Softball, Fairweather 49
2.6.21 O.O.Denny Park Dilfer/Worthington

Dig Dug, Salsa, Softball, Toes, Squid, Xbox,