Blood drive to help the F3 Nation donate 10,000 units of blood by end of year 10 of F3 Nation.

February 26, 2021 at Amazon Arizona Event Space

ARIZONA ROOM 201 Boren Ave N  Seattle WA 98109

Sign up here: 

We are at 20 signed up for the Freed to Bleed at Amazon on February 26.  Room for 75 donors.  

On Friday we will open this up to the public filling the opportunity you had anticipated would be available for you. The needle stick is much less painful than the beatdown you experienced at Extreme Week, and will truly save lives – up to 3 benefactors from your one donation!Let’s represent the Puget Sound to the F3 Nation as the bleeding edge of this initiative and fill the remaining spots. Once open to the public, they will fill, and the fun of the F3 Pax, the friendly competition and of course the $5 Amazon gift cards, will pass you by. Do not miss out!

Sign up here in the “ZIP or Sponsor code” box, put in AMAZON. The F3 day is Friday February 26. Select your time. Remember, your M, your 2.0 over 18 years old, your co workers, neighbors, friends and fellow PAX of Puget Sound all can be EH’d by YOU. Kudos and tClaps to Silo for stepping up to volunteer for the whole day to help get you registered.

Tclaps to 5th Wheel and Whiplash for volunteering to come early to help load in and set up  and TClaps to Alexa and Dill for taking near end sign ups to help the Red Cross to load up at the end.