First ever F3 Seattle SEASAUP SLOG




SeaSAUP Slog 2021 Event Info

You can sign up for the SeaSAUP slog using this form


The SeaSAUP Slog 2021 will start on Alki Beach at the Statue of Liberty at 11:00 PM on Friday, May 21, 2021, and ends at 8:00 AM the following morning.

The SeaSAUP Slog 2021 will not end on Alki Beach. You must be willing to either:

  1. Carpool back to the starting point
  2. Have somebody you know/are COVID safe with be available to come get you. Contact Squid for coordination.


This is an endurance ruck-style event. We will be constantly moving, and you will be required to carry weight:

  1. If you weigh more than 150 lbs, you will be required to carry 20 lbs
  2. If you weigh less than 150 lbs, you will be required to carry 10 lbs


This weight is a base amount, and is in addition to any other items like water, snacks, clothes, etc that you may bring. Carry options are a rucking backpack, or a weighted vest. Know that a ruck is preferred, as you will potentially need to put it on/take it off repeatedly and manipulate it. However, a vest is fine if you do not have access to a ruck.


NOTE: If you show up to the event with less base weight than is required, the SeaSAUP Slog cadres will fix this problem for you. You may not like the result.


Recommended supplies to carry with you during the event:

  • Headlamp
  • Gloves
  • Reflective bands/lights/etc for visibility and safety
  • An additional light layer of clothing (like a long-sleeve workout tee)

Additional common items:

  • Personal hydration. Note that water will be provided at checkpoints along the route.
  • Personal snacks – also will be provided along the route.
  • A picture of your loved ones to clutch in those dark moments when you think you won’t make it back alive, only to suddenly hear stirring, heroic music fading in. The background blur comes into focus as all you see is the glove of a fellow F3 pax member extended out to you from the darkness. Your eyes trace this hand, up a muscular arm, to the face of the man standing above you, his steely, squinted eyes flashing in the night, saying without words: “Come, brother. You can do this. We can do this.” You glance once more at your family. A tear runs down your cheek as you remember promises made – promises to return. Not as a broken, lifeless heap, but rather, in glory – battered, bruised, and weary – but victorious. Your heart stirs. Motivation rekindles as your adrenaline begins to pump once more. You fold the picture and put it in your breast pocket, grit your teeth, and grab that hand extended to you by your brother because you realize: you’re determined to make it. You pull yourself up, and as you survey the shrapnel and scattered burning wreckage around you, the squad begins to move off into the night. You tighten the straps on your ruck and set off at a quick clip behind them, leaving only whispers and memories behind.

Additional Event Information

There will be a breakfast cookout at the finish, which will go as long into the morning/afternoon as PAX members want to stick around. You can bring extra items to have shuttled to the finish line such as extra layers, changes of clothes (recommended), towel (who knows if you’ll need it), flip flops (OG move), etc. Please keep it to a minimum if you can as we need to transport all of this for you.


You can sign up for the SeaSAUP slog using this form