F3, a fitness community, has its own unique lexicon. For newcomers, it can be overwhelming. To help, F3 Nation compiled a global Lexicon. Here are some common terms from the Puget Sound region:


Area of Operation. This is a location where we meet to work out.  You may hear someone say “I post at the Ballard – The Combine AO”.


After a workout, the workout lead (called a Q) will post a summary of the workout in Slack.  This will contain when it was, who was there, what the workout was, and if there were announcements.  These backblasts are ingested into a database and used to generate stats for our region.


A workout.  Just another name for a workout.


Similar to Coffeteria, staying around after the Fitness and hangout. This usually involves going to a Brewery after an afternoon workout. It usually lasts 15-30 minutes and gives guys a chance to catch up.

Black Ops / EC (Extra Credit)

This is a workout that is not officially listed as an AO on our F3 Nation map. It’s usually an informal or last minute gathering. Or it could be a group of guys who meet regularly but aren’t 100% sure yet then can commit to an official AO.


Staying around after the Fitness and hangout. This usually involves going to a coffee shop after a morning workout. It usually lasts 15-30 minutes and gives guys a chance to catch up.


The count used in most exercises. The Q calls out “1, 2, 3”.


Short for Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless.

Circle of Trust (COT)

Every F3 workout ends with a Circle of Trust. It includes getting a count of men present, naming any FNGs, announcements, and shout outs/praise or words of wisdom.

Comms Q

The leader responsible for internal and external communication.


A weighted object used to enhance a workout. Puget Sound Regions use a $3 cinderblock you can find at Home Depot or other building store, but you can use anything heavy and hold-able that you have lying around the house.


When you workout with an F3 group outside of your home region. For instance, if you live in Puget Sound but do an F3 workout while visiting family in Austin.


Emotional Headlock. The process of talking with a guy and getting them to come to an F3 workout.

First F

The leader responsible for overseeing fitness-related activities and workouts.


Friendly New Guy.  Someone at their first workout.  Everyone at F3 has a nickname, but you don’t get it until the end of your first workout. So from when you show up at your first workout, until you get an F3 name, people will refer to you as FNG.


Pre-dawn.  Most people are asleep, but not us.  We’re up, working out, and getting it.  “See you in the Gloom” is a common tag line people will use.


Hard Commit. Committing to showing up to a workout. This is done on a day-to-day basis. Most often it is done by responding to a pre-blast with the HC emoji.


In Case of Emergency.


High Impact Man. A man who is embracing the F3 pillars and making a positive impact in his neighborhood.


Everyday chatter.


The overall leader of the Region, akin to a Regional President.


Park, Beer and Jam. What we call most afternoon workouts, workout in the park, drink beer after and jam.


An F3 participant.  The term has military roots.  Pretty much anyone with a F3 name (which excludes FNGs).


It’s a verb. When you post to an AO, it means your showing up for a workout. Example: “Yeah, I posted at AO:The Needle last week.”

Proud Papa

The person that first introduced you to F3 and brought you to your first workout.


The person leading the workout.  Responsible for creating the workout, making sure no one gets left behind, and making sure the workout ends on time. 

Q School

Rules and lessons you learn to become a leader of a workout or beatdown. When your ready you become – The Q.


Puget Sound currently has 5 Regions. Seattle, Kirkland, Redmond, Cascades and Tundra. Within each region are the AO’s it supports.


A workout where you carry a weighted backpack or some other weights around with you.

Site Q

The leader responsible for a specific workout location.


A mobile and web app that F3 Puget Sound Region uses to communicate with each other and post announcements and backblasts.

Second F

The leader responsible for fostering community and fellowship.

Third F

 The leader responsible for volunteer and service activities.

Weasel Shaker

The operational manager, often referred to as the Chief Operating Officer (COO)