PB+J backblast: Roadster to Mars

8 HIMs started at the crack of 6:30pm to get their metabolisms up in order to down tasty IPAs (sorry about formatting — how did WordPress ever get funded??? )

PAX:  Elroy (Q), Schnitzel, Hops, Sticks (FNG), Hail, Miflin, Jemaine, Benda

Warmup IC:  Stretches, SSH, Mt Climbers, Mucho Chestos Pyramidios

The pigskin is introduced, and drops get the Pax increasing 1 to 5 burpee penalties (31 we’re done throughout the workout).

Swedish mile warmup.

The Thang:

  1. Pull-ups I
    1. P1 AMRAP Pull-Ups while P2 does 3 burpees
    2. P1 AMRAP Pull-Ups while P2 Runs up 3 flights stairs and back
    3. P1 AMRAP Pull-Ups while P2 does 10 merkins

Fast feet + growlers, 10 sets

<<Mosey to soccer field>>

4 corners, 10 merkins/corner

2 sets of walking balls to the wall, separated by sumo squats

    Sprint pyramids

<<Mosey back to those high bars>>

Pull-ups II:   P1 AMRAP Pull-Ups while P2 does 20 dip

  1. 2MoM IC: low plank dips and crunches



  • This list is vast!  Check it all out at www.F3PugetSound.com
  • F3Dads:
    • Putt-Putt Golf: June 30, 10:30am, Willows Run
    • 2.0 KidsVergence workout July 21  at KMS: 9-10am — Qs needed!!!!
    • Mifflin has the Q Saturday at KMS — prepare for cardio!!!


–  The football is always a great added element to the workout  bringing fun and smiles… Yes, even if it does also result in Burpee’s

– Happy to see Benda come out again, the second one is always the toughest!

–  chain lines roadster to Mars hopped Pilsner is truly Otherworldly


Jemaine told parable of the two wolves Struggling and fighting with one another within us: the good one that represents friendship, fellowship, cooperation, love, virtue truth,  and the bad one that represents stealing, lying, fear, distrust, Hate.  The grandfather told little child the story, who asked, “which one wins the fight grandfather?“ Grandfather replies “the one that you feed”.

Solid words to remind us of the good wolf in all of us that we need to nurture.


F3Dads: 2.0 KidsVergence at KMS: The Happening

BackBlast from the 2.0 ‘Happening” on June 16th:  Hey, when you have *86* dads and their 2.0’s show up for a pre-Father’s Day KidsVergence workout, what else can you call it?

Pax:  Too numerous too mention (check out COT posted on our FB site by Dilfer/Swanson ):  Kramer (Q), Elroy (faithful assistant)

Warmup:  SSH, Merkins

The Happening:

  • Catch Me if You Can: Kramer leads the masses to the track for a vigorous lap:  Dads run backwards while kids wait and count their age(s).  Kids then run to catch up with the dads, then make them do an exercise of their choice
  • Football field exercises : Work our way across and back doing wheel barrows,  Swedish planks, piggy backs, bear crawls, squats
  • Burpee master class: Kramer and Elroy demonstrate how a burpee is done properly, with bonus demo of the BRO-pee
  • Water break!
  • Mosey to ball field next door
  • Split the crowd into to groups: younger kids and aged 10+
  • Freeze tag: kids and dads alternately being “it”.  Need to do an assigned exercise to unfreeze yourself
  • Soccer
  • COT
  • Name-o-rama:  Dads consulted within their immediate clan for a moment, and then we did a full round of name-o-rama, announcing their 2.0’s F3 names, dedicated and honest – awesome!

Thank you all for allowing us the honor to lead this 2.0 event.  Next year must certainly step it up, as we are very likely looking at 100+!!

Have a great Fathers’ Day and summer all you bad ass F3Dads!

Tire Experiment – part trois

Tires are bad ass

Heritage Park Backblast:  19 macho, mucho chesto HIMs crushed the third iteration of the Tire Experiment.


Pax: Alexa, Guero, Adrian, Bob, Falcon, Schnitzel, The Dude, AC/DC, Sleepless, Bam Bam, Jemaine, Kramer, The Hoff, AP, Swinger, Putt-Putt, Romo (FNG), Elroy (Q)


Warmup: Stretches, SSH, Mt Climbers, Mucho Chestos Pyramidios

The Tire Thang

* Swedish Tire Mile:  Teams of 4-6 run back and forth across the park (leg warm up – word, Alexa!):  Each team get 2 tires. Sprinter from back carries a tire forward and passes it back.

* Meter Sprint Pyramids, 5 diamond merkins after each sprint
* Out & Backs with Tires I
** Teams of 3: P1 runs out with tire over head and bangs out 3 tire burpees while P2-3 hand slap merkins, rotate
** P1 does tire squat-to-press while P2-3 run out and bang out 3 BRO-pees, rotate

<<Mosey to tennis courts>>

* Out & Backs with Tires II
** Group 1 wall sits against fence holding tires out, while group 2 bear crawls up nearby hill, rotate
** Group 1 wall sits against fence holding tires out, while group 2 crawl bears up nearby hill, rotate
** Group 1 balls-to-wall against fence while group 2 runs out to nearby hill with tires overhead to bang out 3 tire burpees, rotate

* Swedish Tire Mile back to start

* 25.50.25 Meter Sprint Pyramids

* 4 MOM:  Flutters and LBCs, slow & fast cadence



Too much to list here, see full list at F3PugetSound.Com or the F3PS facebook group page


It’s Fathers’ Day, reach out to your dad and thank him for all he’s done for you.  Elroy related a story about his dad’s struggles early in life, with Elroy not appreciating it when he was younger.  Now, with older kids of his own, life has come full circle, and he sees his father for the man he his and the sacrifices he made for his family.

Thank you for allowing me to lead today, gentlemen.  Go out and be bad ass fathers!

MOHAI backblast: Pyramids & Merkins

MOHAI Backblast – Pyramids & Merkins

17 men kick started their hearts.

Pax: 529er, Spam, Dive Bar, Meet Up, Stigmata, Scrum, Spell Check, Hurley, Ducks, Gekko, Talent, Sun Devil, La Fleur, Kojak,  Bangkok, Wooly Bugger, Elroy (Q).

* Warm up: SSH, Mucho Chestoso Pyramidios

* 2x Museum 4 corners with 10 Merkins, then 3 Burpees
* Sprint pyramids with 5 diamond merkins after each round
* Fountain pike planks with growlers, sumo squats, touch downs, and diamond merkins in between sets
* Mosey x bridge to gravel beach
* Jacobs ladder in groups of 3:  P1 runs up concrete stair things while P2 & P3 hands-lap Merkins, repeato with squats
*** Back down the Pyramid ***
* Back to fountain for a quick round of pike planks 

* 1.2.1 Sprint pyramids with 5 diamond merkins after each round

* 3MOM: flutters and LBCs, slow and fast cadence

* CoT
* Announcements:
** Sat June 16, 9am 2.0 Fathers Day event, KMS
** June 22 F3 Richland family weekend
** June 30, 10:30am, F3Dads put-put event with 2.0s, Willow Run Golf Course
** GoRuck Star Course Aug 17
** PSF3 Custom GoRuck, Oct 19, 5pm
* WoW
I’ve been with F3 going on 2 years, thanks to an invitation from Rivet. I can honestly say it’s helped me grow in many ways, especially leadership.  Q’ing has brought me the confidence to recently coach my daughter’s b-ball team, something I’ve never done before.   F3 is indeed a great gift, the rewards of which are  many fold. Thank you for allowing me to lead.

Get after it, gentlemen.


Post Murph Pain

Thirteen lucky HIMs showed up to get some 1st F.

Pax: Elroy (Q), Jemaine, Kramer, The Dude, Hail, 5th Wheel, Mifflin, Lateral (LIFO), Singlet, Worthington, AC/DC, Spam, Gilligan

Warmup: 10 SSH, 10 diamond merkins

Mosey to red composite area at far end of track: 10 diamond merkins

Mosey to bottom of Forbes Creek Stairs: 10 diamond merkins

Wheel barrow halfway then bear crawl rest of way up stairs

Mosey to playground

3 groups rotate: 2 groups AMRAP pull-ups (Ow! Murph!) and dips while other group bangs out 10 burpees

Same 3 groups do mini Swedish miles across the ball fields to trail head.

Mosey to Mt Merlot:

— 10 diamond merkins

— Sprint to stop sign and back, doing burpees: 3 half way, then 6 at top and 9 at bottom.

Next hill over (name?) crawl bear to top or as far as possible.

Mosey to red composite area at far end of KMS track: 10 diamond merkins

Hard Sprint back to KMS start for 3 MoM:

Slow and fast flutters, low plank dips and crunches, and…

10 diamond merkins



– Worthington’s family event in tri-cities weekend of June 22, looks to be full

– Seattle Course Ruck, Aug 17, Wolf leading training rucks

– Fathers Day weekend 2.0 workout: Saturday June 16 at KMS, 9-10am (girls and boys)


Worthington told a great story from his recent 50 mile DC Ruck (apocalyptic rain!) of an ‘A’ team not wanting some apparently sub standard guys, which Worthington, Dig-Dug and other PSF3 HIMs took onto their team. Despite hubris, bravado, that A team failed to even complete the Ruck — while Worthington’s ‘B’ team finished in under 20 hours. Aye, we may run faster alone, but we go farther together.

Kramer shared a great story about a business contact of his having to come out of a bomb shelter in Israel to complete their conference call. Sometimes we take for granted all of the things, including peace and stability, that this  country affords us.

Get out there and be bad ass today.




The QuinquagenerianX2

28 high impact males (HIM) showed up for a workout distilled from 100 years of experience.
Pax: Jemaine & Elroy (co-Qs), Gekko, Legal Zoom, Lateral, Foley, Dunder, Simmons, Wolf, Blossom , Swinger , Talent, Jughead, Falcon, All Black, Maybe, Olaf , Guero, Kramer, Elron (FNG), AC/DC, Yellow Belt, Razor, Mile High, Body Shop, Subprime, Gilligan, Valdez
The thang:
  • Warm up IC : SSH, MC, Squats, Merkins, Maori Burpees
  • Tennis courts of death:
    • balls to wall hand walk short length of a tennis court (JV bear crawl)
    • then run long length of court between nets out and back, then continue with BTW hand walk on next court
    • 3 courts right then 3 courts left
    • PAX does burpees whenever waiting
  • >>Mosey to planters behind school for 10/20/30 derkins, dips, box jumps
  • >>Mosey down 18th Ave to Crestwoods parking lot
  • Sprint to gate, 10 WWI sit-ups then run back
  • Route 66 to Forbes Creek stairs:  Merkins 11 to 1
  • Down the stairs, wait for Pax, then run back up
  • >>Mosey to playground
  • 3 rotating groups: burpee Pull ups, dips, run to fence and back
  • >>Mosey back to track 
  • Catch me if you can using 3 burpees
  • 5MoM: brotractor, LBCs, flutter, Maori burpees!
– Memorial Day: 7am Murph workout then Ultimate Football
– 3rd weekend of June, F3 family weekend in Richland sponsored by Worthington
– Endurance and perseverance: thinking about our F3 brothers finishing a 50 mile ruck right now
– Jemaine shared some words of wisdom about how his firm rolled out some awareness training with a video discussing anxiety and mental health for teens. Let’s all be mindful of our families and the struggles members may be going through but not letting on about.

Have a stellar weekend! 👊