Q School Backblast

12 Men showed up on a cold, dry day, more than half arriving 10-15 minutes early, at Heritage Park in Kirkland, WA to get some schooling on Qing and got a beatdown to boot.

PAX: Burns, Combover, Hopps, Arches, Brady, Snare, Foley, Nomad, Van Winkle, Papas, Softball, and Xbox (Q)

Disclaimer: F3 Q School – Disclaimer & Warm-up

CoP: 20+ SSHs

ProTip: Count the PAX during SSHs.  It is important to know the count of PAX to ensure no one gets left behind.  Final count done at CoT.

Next was 10 IC Merkins

Sidebar to explain to the PAX the three specific parts in preparing the next exercise: F3 Q School – Exercise Command Progression

Continued with IC Windmills and Imperial Walkers, and then we were off to the races. 

I recall YHC having some issues calling cadence for Imperial Walkers, with the “1” not always being on the right elbow to left knee….looks like we all have some work to do to get better.

I believe that Papas called a set of Merkins for us as well; given he had never Qed before, he did very well to call not only the preparation commands, but also the cadence.  Well done sir!

Thang: We moseyed over to the stairs on the north side of the park next to the tennis courts.  YHC asked Combover to watch the 6, to make sure no man was left behind.  Thank you Combover for performing that role for us; very appreciated.

Prior to starting the next routine, YHC gave some instruction on F3 Q School – F3 Mission, Core Principles & Credo.  With this given, that prepped the way to have the PAX repeat back what they learned along the way.

The Long Ladder: YHC was feeling generous (mistake) and offered to share the Q by asking two PAX members to help design the next workout.  The workout is a Long Ladder (totally a name YHC made up).  It consists of doing 10 exercises at the top of the stairs, 1 at the bottom, 9 at the top, 2 at the bottom…until we get back to 1 at the top and 10 at the bottom.  I asked Softball (whoops, this was my mistake) what we should do at the top, and he said Lt. Dangers, which he explained is a burpee followed by 2 Bonnie Blairs.  YHC then asked Snare (hate hate) what he thought we should do at the bottom; he chose jump squats, which ended up being sumo squats for most folks.  This all took a while as those Lt. Dangers were no joke!  This entire exercise was quite the leg crusher. 

As we came to the finale, YHC suggested we do the last 10 jump squats together.  After seeing some PAX with unsafe form on their squats, a demonstration was provided to clarify what a good squat looked like; good form is important to keep you healthy and strong; never sacrifice the next workout to do more or faster repetitions.  Arches called cadence, using the method of calling “down” while the PAX counted on the up.

Next lesson was the first test of the learnings from earlier in the workout: what is the Credo? F3 Q School – F3 Credo Quiz. Great work by Hopps, being patient and diligent to get the entire thing recited.  Thank you for following through sir.

We then took a short walk to enter the tennis courts for some Wall of Fire.  YHC started with pairing off but moved to sets of three to allow each PAX to get both Balls to Wall love and People’s Chair love.  YHC called out that each member of the threesome would run out to the other side of the court, do 10 of an exercise while the other two members switched between Balls to the Wall and People’s Chair (sitting against the wall)…and each team member should do the 10 reps twice.  The first exercise that YHC chose was Jillian Michaels (what YHC expected Softball might choose on the Long Ladder….that would have been way better!).  YHC demonstrated the exercise (Pro Tip!!!!: The leader should not only show the PAX what the exercise looks like but also demonstrate what good form looks like).  Nomad was on my team and smartly said that he would do the Jillian Michaels slowly to ensure he did not hurt himself, as he felt concern from prior experience; wise choice Nomad!

Once we finished up the first set, YHC brought the men into a circle and asked the 4 virgins to practice some cadence.  Each picked their own exercise, prepared it with the three lines of exercise preparation taught previously and called cadence to work us all out.

The next set of Wall of Fire was with V-Ups.  YHC demonstrated, whining to the PAX about how earlier in the week Dig Dug worked me out and my abs were killing me.  That did not matter, so we got into different groups of three (meet a new man each time) and completed two sets of V-Ups each.

MoM: With about 10 minutes to go, YHC got us back into a circle on the tennis courts for some more calling exercises and cadence calling practice.  We got about half way around the circle when time ran out.

At this point, YHC explained the tasks to be completed at the CoT (a question arose, so CoT was defined as Circle of Trust).  We went through the Mission and Credo again and counted and named -o-rama.  F3 Q School – Mission, Credo & CoT.


  • 3/21 – Happy 4th birthday next week for F3 Pugetsound; convergence is cancelled though
  • 3/28 – Poker tournament is cancelled
  • 4/18 is a Pub Run with Columbia (hate!) as an alternative F3 bachelor party; should be a great time
  • 5/2 is currently the scheduled date for our custom Tough ruck, which will have QSource teachings blended in.  YHC is pretty excited but not hopeful it will happen.  More to follow.

WoW: YHC mentioned that with school cancelled and everyone WFH, this brings challenges to some parents.  Microsoft has offered to provide 2 weeks of paid time for parents with conflicts in child care while school is out.  YHC supports his employees that need this time, and YHC’s leadership supports this as well, indicating that personnel are more important than a few upset customers possibly affected by the missing engineers.  Totally love this support for my team from our LT #3rdF.

A quick and grateful thank you to Softball for doing the videos for us!  Heritage Park is not his normal AO, so YHC is very appreciative of his sacrifice to support the Q School.  #greatleader Thank you Softball!!

As always, appreciate the opportunity to lead and to share leadership with new and tenured PAX.  #intotheday


Q School Notes

Goals of a Q School

GO DO: Once a Q School has been provided, there should be explicit targeting of VQs (virgin Qs) to incorporate what they learned as quickly as possible before knowledge and confidence are lost

Teach F3 Fundamentals


The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Core principles

    1. Open to all men
    2. Free
    3. Always outdoors, rain or shine
    4. Peer lead
    5. Ends in Circle of Trust


We leave no man behind but don’t leave them where we found them

Teach different styles of leading

4 count cadence is the most complicated for some to call

      • The process of announcing an exercise
        • The next exercise is __________________
        • Starting position, move (or you are in it)
        • In cadence, exercise

Down count (you call down, the PAX counts on the up)

OYO (on your own) 

Teaching incorporation of each F

1st F

Make the workout challenging; this encourages shared suffering

Q Tip: Organizing routines that require a lot of OYO or AMRAP (as many reps as possible) allows men to perform at their own levels while still getting challenged

    • DORA is a good example of this
    • Having a portion of the PAX do something as the “timer” while the other PAX do AMRAP of an exercise or routine

2nd F

Giving the men an opportunity to encourage each other during the workout
Another type of fellowship is the mumblechatter that happens during the workout

3rd F

Watching out for the six (when moseying, make sure there are no stragglers being left behind)

    • Feel free to ask a man at the beginning of the workout to own staying with the six during moseys
    • Respect for the six (this is probably 2nd and 3rd Fs)
      • Go back to PUT6 (pick up the 6) and finish the exercises with them
      • Planking while the 6 finishes up

The Q owns the Words at CoT, whether that be a prayer or some other type of vulnerability or words of wisdom

Allow the PAX to practice learnings during the Q

The above are your notes to ensure you know what to incorporate; the below, the actual practice of the teachings, is critical for PAX who have never Qed to provide them opportunity to practice during the Q School what you taught them and encourage them to perform their VQ

Ask the PAX either before the workout or during the warm-o-rama who has never Qed before and give those folks opportunity to practice along the way

The main things to give them practice on are

    • Calling cadence (of each kind)
    • The process of announcing each exercise
    • Once you have shared the Mission, Principles, and Credo, ask the PAX to quote these along the way
      • A good time for this is between exercises (while in some form of plank, of course) to “do something while doing nothing”

Other leadership qualities to be shown before, during, and after the workout

As a Q, the leader should encourage others to join him for his workout, calling or texting his peers the day or two before the workout
The Q should show up early, welcoming each man and thanking them for coming
It is just about always a good idea to give the Disclaimer, even if there are no FNGs

The Disclaimer is something to the affect of:

“I am not a professional; I don’t know your ailments, so please modify as necessary; we want to see everyone at the next workout, so please monitor your own limits’

The Q should have a count of the PAX at a workout and should monitor that the count is the same along the way to ensure no one got left behind

A good time for this is during SSHs; count each man as you call the cadence

Call this out to the men, to make sure they know you are doing it purposefully

When a man enters the workout, it should be known who the leader is

The leader should show a command by being centered in the circle

A leader should not ask the PAX to do something they cannot do themselves

If you cannot do it, do not Q it

Emphasize good form to ensure the men know what it looks like and to keep the men safe

Start on time and finish on time

This shows respect for the PAX and builds trust through setting expectations and then meeting them


Although it is nice to detail all the doings of a workout in the backblast, that is not its primary purpose

The backblast should mainly do two things:

    1. Encourage each PAX that was there by calling out their efforts during the workout
      • An attention to detail is required here, as this will require the Q to watch each man during the workout
    2. Call out the PAX who were not at the workout to encourage them that they were missed, making them feel known

CSAUP Definition

CSAUP-Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless- F3 Puget Sound Definition

Definition from F3Nation Lexicon– “Difficult, dirty and dangerous events that build Trust between Team Members”

Goal: TO STRESS test the PAX to strengthen Trust. “Shared pain builds Trust”- Dredd


  • The event must push both the physical and mental limits of the PAX. The mere consideration of participating in said event should give even the most seasoned and fit member of the PAX significant pause. The risk of failure is high.
  • The event must require that the PAX works as a TEAM to overcome great adversity. The various elements must be near impossible as a solo endeavor.
  • The event must require great expenditure of time, both in terms of training, preparation and the event itself. The event time shall either by contiguous or in tightly spaced days such that participation requires significant personal sacrifice.


  • The event must require a significant degree of discomfort: be that in terms of actual dirt, sweat, tears, cold, heat, physical pain, etc. or thru great mental or emotional toil. 
  • To a mere outsider the event must seem absurd or certainly stretch the boundaries of what is considered feasible, wise or achievable.


  • The event while not being unsafe should certainly challenge the PAX to push the limits of their capability. There shall be elements that cause trepidation and anxiety which forces a HIM to dig deep to overcome.

Number of PAX-

The goal should be to have as many PAX participate as possible, however at a minimum an event MUST include at least 2 PAX members (how can you have a team event with 1 PAX?) and the event should be broadly open to all PAX.


  • Tough Mudder/Toughest Mudder, Worlds Toughest Mudder.
  • Spartan Super, Spartan Beast, Spartan Ultra
  • GORUCK Tough/Heavy/Custom (No Light) Stars Course 50 mile
  • Extreme Week (at least 7 workouts contiguous with no gaps)

Examples of Events to do NOT qualify:

  • Exclusively Running events (5k, 10K, 13.1, 26.2, etc) UNLESS the involve a relay portion, extended time, distance  and the entire team is exclusively F3 PAX (For example Hood to Coast, Ragnar) as running is primarily an individual event even if run as a group.
  • GORUCK Light/Spartan Sprint/Mudder 5k- as a entry level event it does not meet the Difficult or Dangerous component, however these are suggested as great training events for completing future CSAUP events.

CSAUP Training-

  • While true CSAUP events will be relatively rare within the Region we would encourage the PAX to design, implement and Q training events with the eventual goal to prepare the PAX to successfully complete a CSAUP.
  • These could include Ruck training, extended or linked together AO’s (Sinister Saturday, Tour de Kirkland, etc.) or other training events primarily designed to expose PAX to the CSAUP concepts and prepare them for the larger challenge.

Ultimately we encourage the PAX to design, market and implement CSAUP events to stress test each other, demonstrating the PAX is made up of HIM capable of true Shared Leadership. 

F3 Puget Sound Custom Tough 2019 – Sign Up Info

Image result for goruck tough

F3 Puget Sound 2019 Custom GORUCK Tough Challenge – Updated 9/12

How many spots are left?: 20 PAX have signed up, only 10 more spots remain. Sign up now! 

What is this event?: 10-12 HOURS, 15-20 MILES OF CSAUP FUN. A GORUCK Tough event challenges you to put your team before yourself. You will be taught how to lead, how to follow, and how to overcome adversity together. And you get to keep these lessons with you for the rest of your life. This is the original GORUCK Event, the one where we prove to you that you are capable of so much more than you ever thought possible when you work as a team. This event is open to all F3 PAX. 

When is this event?: This year’s F3PS Custom GORUCK Tough will take place on 10/4 (Friday) starting @ 6PM and conclude ~8am on 10/5 (Saturday)

Where is this event?: We will start and end on the east side (Kirkland)

Who is the Cadre (GORUCK Ex-Special Forces leading event)?: Cadre Steve

How much does it cost?: The event is $105 per person which includes a custom patch for finishers of the event. 

How do I sign up?: Paypal (friends and family please) $105 here with your F3 name and BigCity will take care of the rest. SIGN-UP LINK



Why would I ever do this?: This event is a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone and grow from an endurance and strength perspective while building CSAUP camaraderie with your fellow F3PS PAX. 

What gear do I need?: At a minimum a ruck (or sturdy backpack) and a 30lb plate. Typical packing list is here. We will try to crowd source gear for those that do not have it. Post in #rucking on Slack. 

How do I get ready?: BigCity will be holding ruck and strength prep sessions leading up to the event, stay tuned for schedule. 

How do I find out more?: BigCity is the Q for this event, feel free to reach out on Slack with any questions. 

F3 Featured in the Redmond Reporter

F3 brings local men together for fitness, fellowship and faith

Reporter Kailan Manadic participates in a morning workout with the local men’s fitness group and is nicknamed after a well-known crime dog.


Most of us who aren’t athletes or fitness devotees wouldn’t generally consider waking up before the sunrise to work out at 5:30 a.m. as a fun idea. Try doing it multiple days a week, outside in the rain, shine, sleet or snow.

I was recently invited to participate in an F3 workout session where I met 24 local men at Grasslawn Park in Redmond. Journalism calls for late nights more often than early mornings, so I was fortunate enough to participate in the Labor Day workout, which met at 7 a.m., leaving me enough time to crawl out of bed.


Download the full article from the Redmond Reporter …. F3 Redmond Reporter

Grasslawn Park Twelve Days of Christmas

11 Met in real gloom (fog and frozen grass, 36 degrees) to hit it for start of the work week.  Tardy on Q after a late night Q switch-o-rama decision.

The Pax:  Alexa, Soap, Xbox, Dilfer, Spotlight, Ping Pong, Bam Bam, Whiplash, Doner, Thrift Shop, Tardy (Q)

The Thang:

* Warm-Up – SSH, Imperial Walkers, Low Squat Cross-body punch, Mountain Climbers, Downward Dog and Yoga Peter Parkers

*Pick up 2 sandbag coupons and mosey to tennis courts

* Bear crawl 3 tennis courts, lunge walks 3 tennis courts, meet in Downward Dog, 2 sets of Yoga Peter Parkers

* 12 Days of Christmas:  Each person chooses an exercise and the Pax perform them a la the carol.  Lets see if I can remember the exercise/days: 1 Sumo Squat,  2 Burpees, 3 Mountain Climbers, 4 Julian Michaels, 5 WWI Situps, 6 Merkins, 7 Capitals, 8  Low Plank Jack, 9 Superman Merkins, 10 SSH, 11 Slurpees/Slow Burpees, 12 Jumping Lunges.

* First two to finish moseyed and picked up the sandbag coupons, Pax meets in Downward Dog

* Pairs perform Elf On The Shelf with sandbag while Pax performs AMRAP of following rounds of exercises (Reverse Lunges, SSH, Squats)

*Mosey to base with 2 Pax shepherding the sandbag  coupons.

*2 MoM:  Yogo Downward Dogs, Freddy Mercury



*Some of the Pax were less thankful of XBOX for dialing up the Julian Michaels at position 4;  do the math, yes, that is 36 Julian Michaels.

* SOAP was not scared off by Saturday’s 60 minute session as FNG and returned with Alexa today for his second workout, strong!

* Monday morning ju ju or people being tired, not sure, but we Pax lose track of car keys, cell phone and hat during the work out.   By the time Coffeteria was over, all appeared to have been found.

* Words:  Great to have Site Q Alexa back in the fold. Alexa shared his appreciation for the crew and each individual keeping the AO growing while he was out due to injury and taking care of himself and his family after his father passed away. Some emotional words and strength.   In the workout, as in life, we worked through the gloom and “got right”.  Thanks for inviting me to Q and continuing my December to Remember.  RIP G. H. W. Bush – Respect.



KiMS December To Remember Kick-Off

13 Men Showed up and warmed up together on a not-too-wet not-too-cold Saturday AM to kick off the month with some holiday cheer and a sprinkling of holiday themed exercise and PYS.

PAX:  Alexa, Foley, Kramer, LegalZoom, Hansel, Gilligan, Wham-O, Blue Steel, Gemaine, Ping Pong, Cramps,  FNG Soap, Tardy (Q)


SSH, Imperial Walkers, Low squat cross body punches, mountain climbers, downward-dog. Mosey to front entrance parking lot…

The Thang:

– Santa’s Ladder!   Run to end of parking lot, perform 10 burpees, return to start. Repeat, performing 9, 8, 7, 6 burpees at each lap.  At lap 5, switch to Merkins, performing laps with 5,4,3,2,1, Merkins.    Surprise the crew with Santa’s gift – Round 2 of Santa’s ladder, starting with Merkins this time for the 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 laps and Burpees for the 5,4,3,2,1 laps, ensuring even gains across the body.   We lost two PAX before the end of Santa’s Ladder – Ping Pong and Cramps – first two to finish round 1 Santa’ Ladder ran to back parking lot to check on them and confirm ok.

– Mosey to tennis courts. Bear Crawl across all 4 courts, meet in Downward Dog for some PYS.  From Downward Dog transition to some yoga core –  Left leg raise, left leg to left elbow, left leg to right elbow, left leg to nose and hold. Flap jack to same with right leg.  Introduce Sun Salutations, and greeted the sunrise with 5 Sun Salutations (arms to the sky, fold to touch toes, half way lift, fold and jump or step back to Plank position, upward dog, downward dog, belly breath, recover. Repeated in sunchronized breath and increasing pace.

Mosey to track. As a group perform one lap of Sprint 100 Yards + Back Pedal (or Carioka modification) 50 yards. Plank wait for the Six, 5 count rest, repeat 6 times.  Ended at the corner by the storage container.  Pax head to behind the container to pick up their gift of cinder blocks.

-Cindy: Hallelujah Carry the cinder blocks over to the track. Performed Overhead Presses,  Squats and “Elf On a Shelf”. With cinder blocks on the ground performed Step-over Merkins, Plank Jacks, and single leg elevated Bridges.  Hallelujah Carry cinder blocks to complete the Cindy. Mosey to COT.

-4 MoM:   “Jingle Bell Rock”on the Bose speaker supported our PYS “Bird-dog”, slow knee raises, PYS Knee-to-elbow/nose round 2.


-Tardy made clear that Woodenville and Hollywood does not have a monopoly on PYS.  Yoga is hard and yoga is good, mix it in!

-Welcome FNG Soup!  Soup came with Alexa and worked HARD this day.  Mentoring started immediately after Soup literally SPRINTED the first two rounds of Santa’s Ladder, setting an aggressive pace that few wanted to follow knowing what was ahead! 🙂    I prefaced Santa’s Ladder by recounting that my second work out was with AP as Q and doing Santa’s Ladder – a day I still remember well – I was the 6 all day, but was not last in Jacobs Ladder thanks to the person who had to stop and share Merlot in the bushes 🙂

-Welcome back Wham-O!  who came and completed the Hardest workout – returning for his second F3 workout. Well done,!

Announcements: Charity Poker Tournament at Chainline Brewery 15 Dec (see Facebook invite).  Eastside Food Ruck Sunday 9 December, meeting at Mod Pizza Totem Lake.

Words:   Kramer shared that he has been out for 2 weeks with Bronchitis, and was thankful for his health and what the F3 Pax has contributed to it. Its times of hardship that you most recognize and appreciate fellowship and the hard work of the journey that you and fellow brothers of F3 all are putting in.  Get after it today.  Thank you men.

The Mud Job

Pretty darn close to accurate!!!!!

PAX: Peleton, Primate, Passport, Gekko, XBox, Big City, Dookie, Talent, Spotlight, Warthog, FSBO, Dig Dug (Q)

CoP – YHC finds a good wet, muddy spot to begin. New Blue(Frank DiGirolamo) inspired exercise – “Roll”, drop, perform full roll, 3 merkins. Alternate with Mountain Climbers.

Roll until sufficiently wet and muddy. (Note: Gekko’s version of roll somehow manages to keep his entire upper body dry …..)

Mosey, with intermittent “Roll!” maneuvers.

Charles Bronson – WOD consistent of sprints, exercises and low crawls for time. Dookie crushing this with a 13m time. Xbox right behind with 15m.

FSBO’s mumble chatter created a smile for the Q – “This is the second most terrible workout behind Blue’s.”

Mosey for Ladder of Derkins and Box Jumps until nauseous.

Ground work with sandbags and balls to the wall.

6MOM – Plank-o-rama

Xbox and Big City CRUSHING the ground work. Damn.

Dookie is a beast, dominating Charlie Bronson and the Box Jump Ladder.

Great to see Talent on the Eastside and for coffeeteria!

FSBO’s Operation Sammy a continued success … we had some guy in the middle of the park admiring the sign.

12/9 – 12 pm, Canned Food Ruck. See 7-Layer.
12/12 – Breakfast after Needle
12/15 – 6 pm Chainline, Charity Poker. See Swinger.
12/22 – Kims Convergence


We do hard things to ground ourselves and increase our appreciation for things like …. being warm and dry.

A Walk, Run, Crawl In The Park

6 Men started the week off with some 1st and 2nd F, and were treated to dry grass, empty tennis courts, star-lit sky

PAX:  Thrift Shop, Donor, Mash, Xbox, Jermaine, Tardy (Q)

The Thang:  WARM UP:  SSH, Imperial Walkers, Mountain Climbers, easy Merkins,  Side Plank.  Mosey to TENNIS COURTS. Paula Abdul (her new hit “two courts forward one court back”) – Round 1 =Bear Crawl and 5 6 Count Merkins each court, Karaoke back to other end; Round 2 = Lunge Walks and 4 Burpees at each court, Karaoke back facing other directions. Mosey to PARKING LOT for PAX call-out of exercise. Person 1 calls out an exercise for the group of 5 to complete AMRAP while person 1 runs lap of parking lot; Exercises = Merkins, Mountain Climbers, LBCs, Skaters, Crucifix Carry, and some crazy slow low squat that Xbox called the  “gungan” squat or something (umm, cross your arms and grab your earlopes with opposite hand…)… which was surprisingly nice, like I was giving myself a nice big hug (albeit preventing a full breath, so also reminiscent of hypoxia toward the end there).  MOSEY around the park perimeter to the SPIDER’S WEB play structure for 5 Pull-Up – 5 Chin-Up – 10 Australian Pull-Ups. MOSEY to start for 5 Mom; Slow Bird-Dogs, Yoga “knee to nose” abs, Side Plank, Freddie Mercury.

Words:  Jemaine offered up his feelings post Tough Mudder this weekend. Doing a challenge is so much better and rewarding when done with others. Of all the many adventure and outdoor races, events and challenges, my first one with F3 and with a group of guys was the best, SO FUN.  Of note, the 20+ F3 racers ended up naturally falling into 3 groups at 3 different paces, and everyone finished and was well supported, with no man left behind and every man stronger at the end. That does not happen naturally/organically in all groups gents. Clearly we are thankful for the humanity, connection and comradery of the F3 brotherhood.  Support + Accountability = platform for success gents.   4 of us did a short Coffeeteria at DownPour Coffee Bar, and the Q was treated to large Americano with which to continue winning the day with.



KiMS Yogi Mount Merlot Visit

23 motivated on Saturday men came to KiMS, not worried about the potential rain in the forecast.  None were tardy (no LIFO’s)but the Q was “Tardy”.   A trip to Mount Merlot was in the offing, with studly yoga sprinkled in all across the 60 minute, 3.1 mile, 950 calorie work-out (per my Apple Watch).

PAX: Kramer, Swinger, Finstrom ,  Squirt (back in the fold after 1 year+ hiatus!), Mile High (also a “welcome back, have not seen you in a while”), Convict, Doaner, Grissom, Gekko, Handbag, Dunder, The Hof, Rudy, Gilligan, Cowboy, Maybe, Mifflin, Wooley Bugger, Lateral, Tardy (Q),  Turnpike (FNG), Primate (FNG).

The Thang:

  • Warm-up;  SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Mountain Climbers, Downward Dog – Upward Dog series.
  • Mosey to the planters in three teams, rotate into the following exercises:  Team one starts with bear crawl up the driveway and run back (acts as the timer), Team 2 performs decline planter walks, Team 3 starts in wall sits.  Rotate x 3.
  • Mosey to planters #2 for 10-20-30 of:  box jumps, decline merkins, dips
  • Mosey to Crestwoods Field for 2 rounds of Tyson: 5-10-15 sumo squats followed by 3-6-9 Jillian Michaels.  Meet in plank, then  yoga downward dog-upward dog series
  • Mosey to Mount Merlot.
    • 1) Team 1 Bernie Sanders (run backwards) up to first telephone pole (its a long way), perform 10 merkins and return while team 2 performs yoga bird-dogs.  Swap and repeat.
    • 2) Run to the top of mount merlot, with extra: 5 diamond merkins at the bottom, 10 yoga (narrow) merkins half way, 15 merkins at the top, 20 wide merkins at the telephone pole on the way down
  •   Mosey to Cross-Connector trail, where we pit stop for 10-20-30, cut short by strong men causing the fence beam to snap; exit the scene of the crime with intent to schedule a Working Party to make repairs at a future date
  • 5 MoM and Sandbag work:  Unity Squats while passing two sandbags along the outside of the circle.  High swat passing two sandbags along the inside. 1 min flutters. 30 seconds yoga Boat Pose.

Announcements: Base to Space; if you are not participating please consider donating to our F3 Team and moving toward stretch goal of $4000 for Fred Hutch Cancer Center.  CSAUPs upcoming = Touch Mudder Sept 30 (Q: Grissom) and Custom F3 Ruck Oct 19 (Q: Buckeye)

Named our two FNGs – Welcome Turnpike and Primate!

Words:  Think carefully about your words/statements to others, be thoughtful… how others perceive or interpret your words can be surprising/unintended.  F3 can improve your confidence. Be confident enough to ask others for feedback and/or engage with people that you think may have taken issue with something you have said or done; leave the ego out.

Exit to Coffeeteria.

Thanks gentleman, great to start to the day and I followed it up with full day of time with 2.0’s and giving the M some time off, and made my “Go30” for the day.