Is it smoke or is it fog?

Five brave men cut through the haze this morning at Grasslawn.

PAX:  Swinger, Handbag, Cowboy, Gumby, Thrift Shop (Q)

Warm-Up:  SSH, Mountain Climbers, Merkins


Mosey to tennis courts

Red Barchetta:  PAX runs across a number of tennis courts to perform an exercise, then back to the starting point.

6 courts, 100 SSH

5 courts, 75 Mountain Climbers

4 courts, 50 LBC

3 courts, 25 Merkins

2 courts, 10 Burpees

1 court, bear-crawl back to start

4+1 corners:  PAX runs together to a corner and each PAX takes a turn calling out an exercise.  PAX performs 20 reps of the exercise

Imperial Walkers

Low Plank-Jacks (double count!)




Mosey to soccer field

Walls of Fire:  PAX splits into two groups.  One group runs the full length of the field and back while the other group performs an exercise:

Balls to the Wall

Al Gore (tree hugger)


4+1 corners, version 2:  each HIM goes to one corner and one stays in the middle.  Each HIM performs an exercise and then runs to another station.  Repeato until each HIM has performed all of the exercises:

10 Burpees

20 Merkins

30 LBCs

30 Sumo-squats

30 Mountain Climbers


Words:  “Life is nothing except for the impact it makes on others.”  Spinner shared a quote, saying that it is always important to make a positive impact with your life.

2 Guys at Field 5

Two guys took time out today to workout at Field 5.

PAX:  Xbox, Thrift Shop (Q)

Warm-up: SSH, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, Arm Circles


  1. Wall of Fire:  1 PAX performs a static exercise at the wall on the edge of the baseball diamond while the other one runs ~100yd and back
    1. Balls to the wall
    2. Al Gore
    3. Plank
  2. Repeato
  3. Rest during ab workout:  Freddie Mercuries, Protractor, American Hammers
  4. Arm-o-Rama:  1 PAX performs AMRAP of an exercise while the other runs around the baseball diamond
    1. Incline Merkins
    2. Dips
  5. Repeato
  6. Red Barchetta:  PAX runs ~100 yards and back 5 times, performing a different exercise at the end of each round-trip
    1. 100 SSH
    2. 75 Mountain Climbers
    3. 50 LBCs
    4. 25 Merkins
    5. 10 Berpees

6MOM: Flutters, Upstate Box Cutters, 60-sec low plank

Words: F3 has become a part of my routine.  I missed my usual workout at Grasslawn and felt bad about it all day — especially when I read the backblast where Alexa Q’d the workout after only 4h of sleep.  Lack of sleep was my excuse!  I never thought I would be “that guy” who prioritized his workout but thanks to F3 and the great camaraderie I am.

Deceptively Humid

8 men braved an Xbox Q on a deceivingly humid day at Heritage Park.

Pax: Sleepless, Bob, Razor, Singlet, The Hoff, Hollywood, Goose, Xbox (Q)

Warm-up: Ran from the West side of the AO to the east side.
• 10 IC Daisy pickers
• 10 IC Windmills
• 10 IC Merkins
• 15 IC Arm circles and flapjack

Thang: Looking north, YHC sees some stairs so temptively asking for Jacob’s ladder.
First set:
• Up: Hand release Merkins (thank you Hollywood for the suggestion)
• Down: Jillian Michael’s (no one really liked those)

Pick up six and a 10 count…once again:
• Up: Sumo squats
• Down: WW1 situps

Pick up six, 10 count, and head over to the tennis courts.

I remember SPAM smoking me at KiMS on the tennis court with something called balls or wall of fire… anyway, YHC could not figure the name or exactly how it went…so we did it three times to make sure we knew.
1. Partner up; one partner does two laps of running with 8 burpees on the far side; partner two starts with people’s chair and switches to balls to the wall after lap one.
2. YHC decides that wasn’t right, so we tried again.
a. No more partners; YHC is pretty sure we just start at one end of the line allowing each member to do some exercise and switch when the person completes. YHC gives the option of forward lunges each leg or Iron Mikes (jump lunges), same count. The generous PAX all decided to do Iron Mikes to allow for less time on the wall. Very 3rd F of all of you. 😍
3. Nope YHC decided it was still wrong!! Man, and the PAX is already looking pretty beat. YHC remembers the cadence of switching between people’s chair and balls to the wall being a lot closer.
a. Same premise of starting at one end of the line and moving across…but we went down to the end and back again to the beginning. Simple: each PAX runs (sprints if legs allow) two laps while the others switch after each lap from the chair to balls to the wall. My man Razor, on the very end, does four laps and we head back down the line.

Whew! Everyone’s legs and shoulders were smoked by this point…lots of alternative exercises to compensate for muscle failure.

10ish MoM:
• High plank while 2 PAX do 10 count
• Low plank while 2 PAX do 10 count
• Repeato until all PAX do 10 count
YHC gives the PAX the exercise and a stretch goal for upcoming (challenge is to not recover until YHC indicates):
• Normal: while doing exercises, hands under the butt
• Stretch: hands are vertical pointing to the sky
○ 15 IC Flutter kicks
○ 15 IC Rosalitas
○ 11 IC Dollies (if you can’t Q it, don’t do it; YHC was smoked!)
Still time to go, so we did some more planks;
• Starting in high plank
○ Right arm high (stretch is with leg high as well)
○ Flapjack
• Down to low plank
○ Repeato

Stayed in low plank for a Sleepless 10 count and done!!

Countorama and namorama, a ton of announcements, and then:

Goose for some WoW:
Goose indicated he’d been away for a while doing some marathon training and noticed he was a bit more smoked than he is used to. He expressed thanks for the fellowship and the hard workout: something he does not get by himself. YHC agrees these are great words and has missed the gloom a lot over the last couple months.

• Thanks for the push from The Hoff: #runwithfastermen
• Bob let me know after the workout that he was concerned I thought he was out of shape; he let YHC know that he works out with us having only one lung!! Yes men, one lung; much harder to workout with one one of those versus one testicle, right Singlet?!? Bob mentioned he lost the lung in a wartime injury. Great respect for this man and thank you for your service sir.
• Sleepless thanked YHC for #mwha (making workouts hard again); glad to be of service. 😁

As always, thank you men for allowing me to be your leader today. Be prepared for a VQ by The Hoff next week. Ikes, that’ll be a killer leg workout.

Obliteride Park Block!

The Pax L-R: FNG/Goose; Mossback; Hurley; Mr. Kotter; Bangkok (Front and center); Waxy; Husker (VQ); Ponch (2nd outing); Grissom

Joined by FNG Ryan, dubbed “Goose”, along with his visiting F3 brother, Mr. Kotter from NC, we were blocked from the park by the Obliteride.  But this fearless Pax of 9 decided to carry on!

Starting with some simple warm-ups, to mosey along, flanking the park.

1st area: Grassy Knolls outside the park

Highlights: Side hops over log parking barriers; Racoon Wall Crawls; The Alphabet

2nd area: The Marina down the way

Highlights: Zebra Hops; Graduated Balls to the Wall

3rd area:  The Basketball Court

Highlights: Running ladders followed by wheelbarrows

4th area: the pull-up bar

Highlight: Um, pull-ups…

5th area: Kiddie Park

Highlights: Up the play-set/down the play-set; up the netting/down the netting; up the stairs, back to the group

We successfully flanked Gas Works park until a Bernie Sanders hill climb at the end followed by a quick set of burpees to round out the morning!


Hurley’s Words of Wisdom: (Paraphrased) Having an F3 group is a helluva lot better than stealing a plane and crashing it on and island in the sound.  We all need a tribe!

Simple Hard

5 Strong Men

PAX: Siete, Thriftshop, Gorka, Canuk (FNG), Xbox (Q)

Warm-up: These Redmond guys are slow to show, so we did a couple warmups.

Ran around the field a couple times…
• 10 IC Daisy pickers
• 10 IC Windmills
• 10 IC Merkins
• 10 more IC Daisy pickers (for Canuk)
• 15 IC Arm circles and flapjack

Thang: On the small grassy field, we did 4 corners. Starting with 1, we worked our way up to 7 repititions…for each corner.

Travel mechanism: We ran on the first and third legs and bearcrawled the other 2… until that smoked em, so YHC changed to running backwards
• First lap and every odd lap: (round number) burpees at every corner
• Second lap and every even lap: single count lunges (one for every lap number)

5 MoM:
• 2 minutes of plank
• 15 IC Flutter kicks
• 11 IC Rosalitas
• 11 IC Dollies
• 2 count 6″ hold

Announcements: start collecting school supplies for the charity drive. Bring anytime to Site Qs for delivery to YHC (the new 3rd F Q 😁), but the last day of delivery is the convergence on 1Sep at KiMS.

Got busy explaining F3 to Canuk and we forgot WoW.

Moleskin: Great to have Gorkha and Siete back. You guys were missed. You all did great today.

It was a tough, hot workout and Canuk hung in there for his very first F3 workout. Happy to have you sir.
A big thank you to Thriftshop for running the show while I was out. Thank you for being there even when PAX count was low. Solid!

Thank you for the opportunity to lead men. #mwha

Peter Kirk Chlorine Tuesday

4 Pax met at Peter Kirk Pool at 0530 for a workout in the water and had a great start to the day.

PAX: Guerra, Foley, Dig Dug, Tardy (Q).  Our expert swimmer and regular Aquaman Tuesday Q, The Hof, was missed (on vacation, dancing in Idaho last we saw), but we stole liberally from the past Hof workouts and created a strong session.


  • Warm up: 200 yards (4 laps) slow swim, mixed strokes as desired
  • 50 yards legs only, using kick board + 100 yards (2 laps) arms only using leg bouy
  • Repeato, 1 lap leg kicks 2 laps freestyle arms only
  • 3 Sets of 150 yards, where in each set we mixed 50 yds “easy” + 50 “medium hard” and 50 “hard”
  • 50 yards easy, sidestroke or stroke of choice
  • Mosey swim to the deep end for 6 minutes of treading water water (drown-inducing or drown-proofing depending on your skill and effort
    • 30 seconds tread water normal, 45 seconds keep shoulders above water; repeato
    • 30 seconds tread water normal, 45 seconds raise hands above water and no-hands tread
    • 45 seconds normal tread ( considered “rest”); 30 seconds get shoulders out of the water ( hard!), then go underwater, hold your breath underwater for 10 count
    • recover to the pool edge

COT and ANNOUNCEMENTS.  Base to Space, Custom Ruck, and we talked a bunch about F3 cabin/camping opps and venues. For Sept Kachess Lake weekend Guerra heading out Friday AM to secure the site

WORDS:  Since none of the other Pax other than Tardy were at KIMS this past Saturday, I shared Cowboy’s words from this past weekend, which I thought were very good and impactful to me personally:  Find a code to live by. If  you have not  thought about this, think about it, write it down; what are your standards? At the end of every day if you reflect and determine that you worked and treated people IAW your code and held to are your standards a reference to the teaching of OBT and DRedd), that is winning and that will result in success regardless of the “successes”, “failures”, “what others think”, etc.

Hit the day hard after that.


Gasworks Blackblast 8/4/17

8 brave men decided to see what the new Q would bring.

LaFluer, Bangkok, Big City, WEaxie, Talent, Meetup, Journey and Mossback (Q)

What it was:

Arm Rotations
Leg Rotations
Side Straddle Hop

Mosie east
Swedish Mile to stairs

Split into two groups of 4

LBC           40/30/20/10
Pushups  20/15/10/5

Mosie West
Swedish mile with last man doing 3 burpees first

Head to small park
split into groups of 2 with 4 stations
first round
decline merkins
explosive step-ups

Second Round
include merkins
planks ups
hop up hill and back

Bodies are feeling the pain

Work our way back with stops at all concrete blocks
various thangs (dips, step ups, decline and incline merkins, step-ups)

Mosie back to Gasworks

9 minutes left.  DORA!
300 Sumos
200 LBC’s
100 WW1
Run to bench and back

Finish at top of hill.

Great words from Big City who just had a kid (congrats) but yet still showed up to get after it.

Afterwards everyone stepped in for  a quick clean up of all the trash left over from some party. Nice example of leaving things in life better then what you find them.

Thanks to everyone for helping me thru my first Q!

AMRAP-o-rama at Field 5

3 guys got after it on Field 5 on Friday. Slowly, we are getting the field back after the Hackathon.

PAX: Alexa, Schwinn (FNG), Thrift Shop (Q)

Warm-up: SSH (15), Merkins (15), Squats (15), Arm Circles, 1 lap around the fields

1. Two PAX perform AMRAP Incline Merkins while the third runs around the baseball diamond. All three take turns running.
2. Repeato with Dips as the exercise.
3. One HIM performs 10 Burpees while the other two perform AMRAP of an exercise. Take turns until all three have done Burpees twice. Exercises: Mountain Climbers (2 times), Lunges, Carolina Dry Docks, Plank Jacks, Merkins

6MOM: Flutters (15), New York Box Cutters (15), LBCs (30), Protractor

Words: Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life. Alexa described a great philosophy for life — choosing the easy path usually ends with having a more difficult life eventually (skipping school, poor diet, etc), but choosing the more difficult path usually results in an easier life (pursuing education, going the “extra mile” at work, exercise, etc). Great words to live by!

Thanks to Alexa and Schwinn for sticking with me for the workout!

Gas Works, something smells! 7/28

The Pax (6), Icky, Gekko, Journey, Waxie, Hurley and Bangkok (Q).

The Thang:

Mozie to grassy Knoll, 10 Berpie, run to other side 20 merkin, run to other side, 30 Sumo, run to other side, 40 WWI.

Mozie to deck at the maritime academy.  10 Berpie, 20 Incline merkin, 30 decline merkin, 40 dips. Mozie to large wall in parking lot. 60 seconds of XXX balls to the wall.

Mozie back to GW and gravel area between the water and the grass, 10 berpie mid way OYO.

I had made a bench on the water before the W/O to use for Incline M, Decline M and Dips. we meet at this spot (not used).

We split into 2 groups of 3. one group stays at this spot and does a W/O the other team calls out  (AMRAP) as the other group runs to a point, does 10 sumo and returns.

WW1’s, squats, planks, then it gets smelly! LBC’s  are called out and Gekko lays down in a fresh pile of dog dung! All over his back, shorts and arm! Faced with this situation and the smell, Gekko jumps into lake and does his best impression of being in a washing machine! After the deep clean the W/O continues. Flutters, protractor and sumo squats.

Next is four corners of 10/20/30/40 sumo squats, repeated with WW1″s

We mozie to the whale vertebra and a do bear crawl ladder with increasing Carolina dry docks at each vertebra to the end (9).  turn around and do it again!

Now to the bottom of the hill and its Dora 1/2/3 time. Two groups doing 100 merkins, 200 WW1 and 300 sumo squats. The individuals not doing the exercise run half way up the hill, touch the bench and return to contribute to knocking out the tasks.

Mozie to the concrete pad, 10,20,30’s of step ups,

To the top of the hill we go.

25 side straddle hops, DONE!


The events that  were described by Danny Stokes (AKA – F3 Linus) the previous Monday W/O touched me deeply. I Just met this gentleman, worked out with him for 45 minutes and then find out the pain he is in, the extraordinary experience he just had and the undertaking he is attacking. The prayer that AP facilitated after Danny’s story drove home the palpable F3 bond and brotherhood we are a part of.



MOHI 8/2

PAX 1. Bangkok (Q)

Standing  alone in front of MOHI at 5:30, I was at a cross roads. Do I continue with my original W/O plan of the Millennial?  I would have to do every exercise to the full 100 and I have nobody to push me. Screw it,

The Thang: The Personal Millennial (TPM ),  100 of 10 exercises, after the completion of each exercise, run around the museum.  1000 exercises activities, 10 times around the museum.

1st exercise is the side straddle hop.

2nd. The merkin

3rd Sumo squat

4th Incline merkin

5th LBC

6th decline merkin

7th step ups

8th dips

9th WW1’s

At the completion of my WW1″s and  (they killed me, i used the large dock cleats to lock my feet to the ground) I looked at my watch for the first time. It was 6:15 on the button. I knew I could not complete 100 berpies in short order to complete the Millennial, so I ran around the building and completed the

10th exercise, The Russian hammer

last run around the building, the end.

Time. 6:21, 51 minutes.

WOW, I can not believe I just did that, 7 months ago I could not do 5 sit ups! I need a Beer!