The QuinquagenerianX2

28 high impact males (HIM) showed up for a workout distilled from 100 years of experience.
Pax: Jemaine & Elroy (co-Qs), Gekko, Legal Zoom, Lateral, Foley, Dunder, Simmons, Wolf, Blossom , Swinger , Talent, Jughead, Falcon, All Black, Maybe, Olaf , Guero, Kramer, Elron (FNG), AC/DC, Yellow Belt, Razor, Mile High, Body Shop, Subprime, Gilligan, Valdez
The thang:
  • Warm up IC : SSH, MC, Squats, Merkins, Maori Burpees
  • Tennis courts of death:
    • balls to wall hand walk short length of a tennis court (JV bear crawl)
    • then run long length of court between nets out and back, then continue with BTW hand walk on next court
    • 3 courts right then 3 courts left
    • PAX does burpees whenever waiting
  • >>Mosey to planters behind school for 10/20/30 derkins, dips, box jumps
  • >>Mosey down 18th Ave to Crestwoods parking lot
  • Sprint to gate, 10 WWI sit-ups then run back
  • Route 66 to Forbes Creek stairs:  Merkins 11 to 1
  • Down the stairs, wait for Pax, then run back up
  • >>Mosey to playground
  • 3 rotating groups: burpee Pull ups, dips, run to fence and back
  • >>Mosey back to track 
  • Catch me if you can using 3 burpees
  • 5MoM: brotractor, LBCs, flutter, Maori burpees!
– Memorial Day: 7am Murph workout then Ultimate Football
– 3rd weekend of June, F3 family weekend in Richland sponsored by Worthington
– Endurance and perseverance: thinking about our F3 brothers finishing a 50 mile ruck right now
– Jemaine shared some words of wisdom about how his firm rolled out some awareness training with a video discussing anxiety and mental health for teens. Let’s all be mindful of our families and the struggles members may be going through but not letting on about.

Have a stellar weekend! 👊