The QuinquagenerianX2

28 high impact males (HIM) showed up for a workout distilled from 100 years of experience.
Pax: Jemaine & Elroy (co-Qs), Gekko, Legal Zoom, Lateral, Foley, Dunder, Simmons, Wolf, Blossom , Swinger , Talent, Jughead, Falcon, All Black, Maybe, Olaf , Guero, Kramer, Elron (FNG), AC/DC, Yellow Belt, Razor, Mile High, Body Shop, Subprime, Gilligan, Valdez
The thang:
  • Warm up IC : SSH, MC, Squats, Merkins, Maori Burpees
  • Tennis courts of death:
    • balls to wall hand walk short length of a tennis court (JV bear crawl)
    • then run long length of court between nets out and back, then continue with BTW hand walk on next court
    • 3 courts right then 3 courts left
    • PAX does burpees whenever waiting
  • >>Mosey to planters behind school for 10/20/30 derkins, dips, box jumps
  • >>Mosey down 18th Ave to Crestwoods parking lot
  • Sprint to gate, 10 WWI sit-ups then run back
  • Route 66 to Forbes Creek stairs:  Merkins 11 to 1
  • Down the stairs, wait for Pax, then run back up
  • >>Mosey to playground
  • 3 rotating groups: burpee Pull ups, dips, run to fence and back
  • >>Mosey back to track 
  • Catch me if you can using 3 burpees
  • 5MoM: brotractor, LBCs, flutter, Maori burpees!
– Memorial Day: 7am Murph workout then Ultimate Football
– 3rd weekend of June, F3 family weekend in Richland sponsored by Worthington
– Endurance and perseverance: thinking about our F3 brothers finishing a 50 mile ruck right now
– Jemaine shared some words of wisdom about how his firm rolled out some awareness training with a video discussing anxiety and mental health for teens. Let’s all be mindful of our families and the struggles members may be going through but not letting on about.

Have a stellar weekend! 👊

KiMS Wednesday: The Return of Spore

We started with like 13 men, and 5 more joined while in the warmup CoP to make 18 in Kirkland for a perfect spring morning.

The PAX:

Hail, JarJar, Guero, Gilligan (LIFO*), Spam, The Dude (LIFO), Tardy (LIFO, duh), Spotlight, Joystick, Salsa, Santa, Spore, Dilfer (LIFO), Schnitzel, Kramer, MASH, Singlet (LIFO), AP

* LIFO = Last in first out in accounting but a guy who shows up late or leaves early in F3 lexicon.

The Thang:

  • Warmup CoP: 20x SSHs, 10x Merkins, 20x Flutters, 10x Slow Squats
  • Fast mosey to soccer fields (lower)
  • Red Barchetta + (Plus meaning adding in 5 Jillian Michaels, yay)
  • Mosey to cul-de-sac at top of stairs
  • Jacob’s Ladder up side hill, toward playground set
  • Bear crawl to first light post, lunge walk to second
  • Fast mosey to softball fields
  • Partner up. Santa’s Ladder… figure out how to get both sets done among two pax
  • Fast mosey back to start. No time for anything else.
  • CoT


  • Soooooo good to have our bud Spore back. Love when a guy hasn’t been out for a while and returns. Spore has a great reason… he owns a CrossFit shop, and he opens the place at 4:45 am every day. As such, he absolutely CRUSHED it today, spending basically the whole time at the front (with Santa, Salsa, The Dude and a couple others at times).
  • Speaking of Salsa, he is Puget Sound’s burpee king. He does them correctly, fast, and yet also sounds like he may give birth at any moment if winded.
  • We have found Joystick’s Kryptonite… Lunge Walks. He’s the anti-Alright Alright Alright.
  • Hats off to Spam and The Dude for leading plank-o-rama during the times the PAX got a little spread out on Jacob’s ladder and Barchetta. Leadership there. Speaking of, The Dude with the commit to Q next week!
  • Great to have Tardy out there despite he’s still hampered by the hamstring.
  • Hail is pretty quiet. He’s like a silent workout assassin. Of course, there were very few mumble chattering today. That was a tough 2.4 miles covered.
  • Ruck on Friday led by MASH, he’s going to work with Spam to get it on the calendar. Guero asks that PAX add a Nickname to their Facebook profiles for better discover-ability (apparently Facebook searches nicknames well in addition to where you live, how much you earn, what you buy at Target, etc. etc. etc. — hahahhaaha).
  • Words: without consequences (positive or negative), there is no accountability.



3/31 KIMS
25 men got out of the fartsack to improve themselves and those around them.

PAX: Rivet, The Dude, Maybe, Spam, Simmons(FNG), Spotlight, Razr, JarJar(FNG), FSBO, Wolf, Kojak, AC/DC, Pink Slip, Salsa, Hollywood, Guero, MASH, Buckeye, AP, Olaf(FNG), Fossil, Xbox, Blue, Dilfur, Digdug(Q)

The Thang:
x30 SSH, x12 Cotton Pickers, x12 Sit-Stands, x12 Windmills, x12 Hands up, Ass Downs

Mosey around track to an innocent looking shed…

Partner up, tall guys find a short guy.

POP QUIZ – “What’s a coupon Xbox?”
Doesn’t know. 5 Burpees.

“What’s a coupon, Salsa?”
Doesn’t know. 5 Burpees.

“What’s a coupon, FSBO?”
Decent answer, but not the official GRT term. 5 Burpees.

Digdug provides PAX answer so the workout can continue.

Tall guys retrieve coupons.

Digdug explains next exercise poorly, with a lot of changing of numbers. Mass confusion ensues.

P1 walks with coupon around track, P2 performs exercise. P2 catches P1 and flapjacks, adding to the count performed by P1.

X50 Burpees
X100 Overhand Claps
X150 Merkins
X200 Squats

P1 planks, P2 x15 overhead press with coupon. Flapjack. Repeato for left side plank, right side plank.

Circle up. BEAR TRAIN! Perform one full counter-clockwise circle walk of bear crawl. Reverse direction and crab walk.

x15 flutter.

Q declares end of workout. SPAM notifies Q of 4 minutes remaining ….

In rapid fire sequence, x15 Roselittas, x15 Dollies, x15 Upstate Box Cutter, x15 American Hammers

3rd F meetings 6:00 AM KiMS Saturdays
New Test AO – Microsoft, 11:30 AM Fridays, Field 5

Ball of Man – Practical Tactics and Hard Won Lessons from DigDug – Mix into your First F routine stretching and soft-tissue work. Meet yourself where you are with your fitness. It’s not a sprint, it’s a life-long quest for fitness. Consistency over time and guarding against injury is paramount. Do the unsexy work of matching the workout yang with the stretching yin.