F3Dads: 2.0 KidsVergence at KMS: The Happening

BackBlast from the 2.0 ‘Happening” on June 16th:  Hey, when you have *86* dads and their 2.0’s show up for a pre-Father’s Day KidsVergence workout, what else can you call it?

Pax:  Too numerous too mention (check out COT posted on our FB site by Dilfer/Swanson ):  Kramer (Q), Elroy (faithful assistant)

Warmup:  SSH, Merkins

The Happening:

  • Catch Me if You Can: Kramer leads the masses to the track for a vigorous lap:  Dads run backwards while kids wait and count their age(s).  Kids then run to catch up with the dads, then make them do an exercise of their choice
  • Football field exercises : Work our way across and back doing wheel barrows,  Swedish planks, piggy backs, bear crawls, squats
  • Burpee master class: Kramer and Elroy demonstrate how a burpee is done properly, with bonus demo of the BRO-pee
  • Water break!
  • Mosey to ball field next door
  • Split the crowd into to groups: younger kids and aged 10+
  • Freeze tag: kids and dads alternately being “it”.  Need to do an assigned exercise to unfreeze yourself
  • Soccer
  • COT
  • Name-o-rama:  Dads consulted within their immediate clan for a moment, and then we did a full round of name-o-rama, announcing their 2.0’s F3 names, dedicated and honest – awesome!

Thank you all for allowing us the honor to lead this 2.0 event.  Next year must certainly step it up, as we are very likely looking at 100+!!

Have a great Fathers’ Day and summer all you bad ass F3Dads!