Woodinville – Red inspired in honor of F3 Badger

8 Hims (many wearing something red in honor of F3 Badger)  posted on an overcast somewhat balmy morning for Woodinville!

PAX: Brady, Dry Dock, Goats, Hollywood, Hurley, Spam, XBox, Salsa (Q)

10 each of [SSH, Arm Circles: (Forward Small, Backward Small Forward Large, Backward Large), Merkins, Squats]

The Thang:
Mosey to football field. Many including myself were delightfully surprised by the toys on the playground (football and large tires)… So as a result being Q I decided to start off the next exercise with a Swedish Mile (running initially down the football field and then we transitioned to the track with the addition of the following: The person in the back runs up to the front with a football and then ‘tosses’ the football to the person behind them and then the next HIM in line does the same until it gets to the last person who then runs up front, eventually all 8 HIMs get the opportunity to do so. However, if anybody drops the football everyone drops and does 3 Burpees. If the football is dropped again, everyone does 6 Burpees, etc. etc.!!! Ball was dropped twice, so we each ended up doing 9 total….ha ha! Now I won’t say exactly which HIMs dropped the ball, but one’s name rhymes with Ham… and the other one rhymes with Fox… J

Next in honor of wearing red for our fallen brother F3 Badger, we did a Red Barchetta: Run 100 yards – 100 SSH – run back, run 75 yards – 75 Mountain Climbers then run back, run 50 yards – 50 LBCs – then run back, run 25 yards – 25 Merkins – then run back, run 10 yards – 10 Burpees – then run back, run 5 yards – 5 Jillian Michaels – then run back – Done.

After 10 count…and then the entire PAX each doing 9 Burpees each since the Q was trying to figure out what to do next (oi!)… we broke up into 4 groups of 2 HIMs and each group went to one of the 4 large tires on the field. For two rounds: Each round one HIM did 10 GHD situps while the other HIM did burpees, then Flip-Flop and Repeato.

Mosey to the covered area by the outside stairwell…seeing that the stairwell was wide enough for 2 HIMs to go up simultaneously and it had 3 landings, we broke up into 4 groups of 2. While one group of HIMs would go up the entire stairwell and then back down the first time, the remaining 6 HIMs will hold a seated chair position against the wall. Then on their 2nd time up and down, the remaining 6 HIMs will hold a Balls-to-the-Wall position, we did this 3 more times so all groups get to share in the experience! Of course leave it to those HIMs whose names rhyme with Ham and Fox to take their time up, then they get inspired to do 5 burpees at top? Then take their time down and then repeat….Oh my, my shoulders were burning on that 2nd time (thanks, I think!) LOL

With only 9 minutes left, using the outside stairwell as our cadence, each HIM got the chance to go up and down individually while the other would do an exercise called out by the ascending HIM…

1 Box Cutters
2 Flutters
3 Slow Bicycle Situps
4 World War Ones (then one HIM was inspired to add on a ‘Gas Attack’! ha ha)
5 Sumo Squats
6 ???
7 ???
8 Plank, Right Hand Up, Left Hand Up, Plank

–       Kenmore Log Boom Park tomorrow 5:30am – Opportunity to start earning one of the new patches to be offered for F3 PAX soon.
–       PB&J on the Eastside tonight
–       Base to Top Space Needle event coming up soon
–       Q next week will be FSBO, Q in two weeks will be XBox

WoW: It’s easy to get pulled into work, thinking about what is coming due soon and down the road. Then before you know it, you are no longer in the NOW and you start getting distracted and losing your focus on potentially other things happening around at that moment, be aware it if possible.