Spinal Tap on tap at MOHAI–take it up to 11

6/25/18 MOHAI
9 men made the decision to improve themselves at MOHAI this morning. Their names: Kojak, Wooly Bugger, Hurley, Scuba Steve (down range from FThree Louisville), Bangkok, Stigmata, Sundevil, Scrum, SPAM (Q).

Warmitup: Cotton Pickers x 11, Windmills x 11, Good Mornings x 11, SSH x 20, Merkins x 11, Mountain Climbers x 11.

The Thang:
MOHAI Lap: South side lunge walk (sumo squat for the 6), East side high knees (Al Gore for the 6), North side butt kickers (plank for the 6), West side bear crawl (plank for the 6). Mosey to fountain.

5 rounds of fountain sprints in groups of 3:
1st round: 2 pax partner shoulder taps, 1 pax sprint around the fountain, rinse and repeat so everyone gets a sprint.
2nd round: 2 pax burpees, 1 pax sprint
3rd round: 2 pax Leprechaun in the woods, 1 pax sprint
4th round: 2 pax SSH, 1 pax sprint
5th round: 2 pax sumo squat, 1 pax sprint
Mosey to beach.

Beach: 10 burpees OYO, Jack Webb Spinal Tap edition–Up to 11. Good idea Scott Gekko. Mosey back to fountain.

10-20-30 at the fountain: box jump, step ups with knee raise, dips. Mosey back to CoP.

7 MoM: Captain Thor, Spinal Tap edition–take it to 11. Hat tip to Scott Gekko, that Spinal Tap is a gift that keeps giving. 45 seconds left–Brotractor.

Announcements: CSAUPs coming up, 2.0 workout 3rd weekend in July. Keep an eye on the calendar.

WoW: YHC’s family is gone on various trips and excursions for the coming week which left a very quiet and very empty house behind. YHC loves his house and has been remodeling it for about 4 years straight. Nevertheless, without the people in it, it is not home, and it means very, very, little. YHC is struck anew at an old truth we all know: it is the people in your life that really matter–the stuff is meaningless without the life. Treasure the time you have with your loved ones–they are the only true wealth.

*Scuba Steve–Having down range guys show up at a workout is one of the coolest things about F3
*EH’d a guy named Jason running by during Warmitup (EH master, Alexa Stephen Burke might have kept him there longer) but he fell out after the MOHAI lap–keep an eye out for him, I think he could be back.
*Spinal Tap editions of 1:4 elicit some good noises from the pax
*Hat tip to Hurley Darby Haskins on the final 4 rounds of Captain Thor–his voice and enthusiasm carried us to the end when I was about crippled and unable to talk from the abdominal pain being inflicted.

Go get it today gentlemen–always an honor to lead you in a workout!