7-11 at KiMS

14 men beat the fartsack and started the day with a W.*

PAX: Elon, Spotlight, Gilligan, Kramer, Guero, AP, Alexa, Singlet, Bam-Bam, AC/DC, The Dude, Cowboy, Block (FNG), SPAM (Q).

Warmitup: Cotton Pickers x 11, Windmills x 11,* Good Mornings x 11, SSH x 20, Merkins x 10, Plankorama 90 sec.

Founder 15 seconds then inch worm to vinyasa/dive-merkin and back. Repeato with 30 seconds and 64* seconds.

Mosey to grab CMU coupons and Slowsey to playground.
Pax 1: carry coupon to bottom of stairs and back.
Pax 2: 30 pull-ups, 30 v-sits, AMRAP until pax 1 returns.
Flapjack and repeato.

Return coupons. 6:14am. AYG run to CoT with remaining minute.

FNG day this Saturday– it is going to be beautiful. Bring someone out and share this good thing we have.

2.0 Workout 7/21

CSAUPS: check the website–no excuse not to get something special lined up for yourself.

Lake Kachess family camp weekend in October–Guero is the Q.

Alexa shared that Discipline in your life brings Freedom into your life. YHC piled on: Discipline in one area will bring discpline to other areas. Guero piled on: CHAOS SUCKS ENERGY–remove chaos via discipline and get that energy back.

Spread sheets:
*Wolf rucked past KiMS at 5:12am. Kudos, and that makes at least 15 men starting with a W this morning.

*11 reps in honor of 7-11. Take your kids for a free slurpee at 7-11 today!

*Last Founder rep was planned for 60 seconds but AC/DC thought it was 16, so we did that 4x.

Grateful to lead you men today.

Log Boom Millenial

7/6/2018 Log Boom

10 men posted for improvement this morning. If you hit your Redwood requirement, send backblasts to Ickey to get your patch!

The Pax:
Buckeye, Alexa, Magic, Olaf, Mash, Shakespeare, LaFleur, Drydock, Salsa, Spam(Q).

Warmitup: SSH x 15, Cotton Pickers x 15, Windmills x 15, squats x 15

The Thang: Millenial
100x of: SSH, MC, squats, LBC, merkins, lunges, dips, something I can’t remember, American Hammers, and oh yes, Burpees to cap it off. (And 3.5 miles of run laced in).

Announcements: CSAUPs coming up–ask somebody about star course, custom tough, tough mudder. Convergence at Defiance tomorrow, 2.0 workout 3rd Saturday of the month.

WoW: stick to your routine this summer–vacation will throw you some curveballs but get back to your habits (good habits, that is) ASAP. Go 30 is a great way to add some emphasis or kickstart some new habits, to keep you consistent.

*Always a challenge to hit a millenial–kudos to the men for mental toughness and gutting out the final exercises in overtime.
*Dry Dock–Tclaps for a badass running performance which kept me inspired after every exercise.
*I was gifted a workout with a legit personal trainer while on vacation. Good workout for sure but I would give it an B+/A- stacked against F3 workouts which cost considerably less than $100 a pop. #whatwehaveisamazing
*Coffeeteria time at Diva was solid 2nd F–grab it when you can. We are blessed to be with some outstanding men.

Sprinkler Tag at Crestwoods

6/27/2018 at KiMS

9 men showed up for a little sprinkler tag and etc. at Crestwood park this morning.

PAX present: Jermaine, Buckeye, Bam Bam, Kramer, Spotlight, Elon, Worthington, Gilligan, SPAM (Q).

No Gloom to be had–just another sunny morning in paradise until we got started on the pain:

SSH x 20, Cotton Pickers x 10, Wind Mills x 10, Good Mornings x ~8 but really no idea*.

CoP: Merkins x 15, Plankorama 2 min, THE AP-Diamond (ie growler diamond merkins x 5). Little baby arm circles x 10 each direction.

The Thang:
Mosey to Crestwood soccer field where the sprinklers were singing their songs*, split the Pax in 2.
Pax 1: Out-and-back Red Barchetta to include 100 SSH, 75 MC, 50 LBC, 25 Merkins, 10 Burpees.
Pax 2: 4 corners: 10 Merkins, 10 squats, 10 squats, 10 Burpees–AMRAP until Pax 1 is complete
Flapjack and repeato.

Mosey to playground
Pax 1: down the stairs and back up
Pax 2: 5 pull ups and 10 Burpees–AMRAP* until Pax 1 is complete.
Flapjack and repeato.

Mosey to street, hit AMRAP sumo squats while Elon goes back for his gloves on the soccer field.

AYG run back to CoT, Done.

* During Good Mornings Worthington Nathan Merz showed strong leadership by subverting the cadence with the phrase “good-morning” at EVERY count (including YHC’s 1-2-3). The rest of the pax joined in (lemmings) and laughter ensued. YHC’s cadence was drowned out and we moved on to Merkins.
* Sprinklers were mostly unavoidable, but became a welcome refreshment at the sweaty second-half.
* the pull-up and Burpee combo torched the shoulders, YHC will be feeling it today, hope it is the same for all.

Announcements: Rucks, Tough Mudder, and Putt-Putt. Refer to the calendars.

WoW: Jermaine expressed appreciation for the routine of F3 and the sprouts of good things coming from it in his life. I piled on with a lament for family being gone and a lot of routines with it, but F3 provides some structure to help with that.
We dispersed at that point, but a shout-out to Bam-Bam, who stopped me in the parking lot and encouraged me to reach out to some buddies and remember that I need to value and take care of myself too, that family is important, and it sucks to be apart, but they are not everything. There is a “me”, ie, I am important to take care of even when alone. Truth. well said and well received, and true for all y’all as well.

Get after it today gentlemen.

Spinal Tap on tap at MOHAI–take it up to 11

6/25/18 MOHAI
9 men made the decision to improve themselves at MOHAI this morning. Their names: Kojak, Wooly Bugger, Hurley, Scuba Steve (down range from FThree Louisville), Bangkok, Stigmata, Sundevil, Scrum, SPAM (Q).

Warmitup: Cotton Pickers x 11, Windmills x 11, Good Mornings x 11, SSH x 20, Merkins x 11, Mountain Climbers x 11.

The Thang:
MOHAI Lap: South side lunge walk (sumo squat for the 6), East side high knees (Al Gore for the 6), North side butt kickers (plank for the 6), West side bear crawl (plank for the 6). Mosey to fountain.

5 rounds of fountain sprints in groups of 3:
1st round: 2 pax partner shoulder taps, 1 pax sprint around the fountain, rinse and repeat so everyone gets a sprint.
2nd round: 2 pax burpees, 1 pax sprint
3rd round: 2 pax Leprechaun in the woods, 1 pax sprint
4th round: 2 pax SSH, 1 pax sprint
5th round: 2 pax sumo squat, 1 pax sprint
Mosey to beach.

Beach: 10 burpees OYO, Jack Webb Spinal Tap edition–Up to 11. Good idea Scott Gekko. Mosey back to fountain.

10-20-30 at the fountain: box jump, step ups with knee raise, dips. Mosey back to CoP.

7 MoM: Captain Thor, Spinal Tap edition–take it to 11. Hat tip to Scott Gekko, that Spinal Tap is a gift that keeps giving. 45 seconds left–Brotractor.

Announcements: CSAUPs coming up, 2.0 workout 3rd weekend in July. Keep an eye on the calendar.

WoW: YHC’s family is gone on various trips and excursions for the coming week which left a very quiet and very empty house behind. YHC loves his house and has been remodeling it for about 4 years straight. Nevertheless, without the people in it, it is not home, and it means very, very, little. YHC is struck anew at an old truth we all know: it is the people in your life that really matter–the stuff is meaningless without the life. Treasure the time you have with your loved ones–they are the only true wealth.

*Scuba Steve–Having down range guys show up at a workout is one of the coolest things about F3
*EH’d a guy named Jason running by during Warmitup (EH master, Alexa Stephen Burke might have kept him there longer) but he fell out after the MOHAI lap–keep an eye out for him, I think he could be back.
*Spinal Tap editions of 1:4 elicit some good noises from the pax
*Hat tip to Hurley Darby Haskins on the final 4 rounds of Captain Thor–his voice and enthusiasm carried us to the end when I was about crippled and unable to talk from the abdominal pain being inflicted.

Go get it today gentlemen–always an honor to lead you in a workout!

One Lap at WHS

6 men gathered in the damp gloom at Woodinville High School this morning to start their day with a win.

The PAX: Goats, Hurley, Xbox, Mifflin, Salsa, SPAM (Q).


  • Broad jump the moat that had formed around the field
  • Good Mornings, Cotton Pickers, Windmills
  • Broad jump the moat again and Mosey to the low SW corner of WHS

The Lap:

  • Catch-me-if-you-can with 3x Merkins + 3x Mountain climbers up the hill to the big gate.
  • Negative (backwards) mosey to the high trail
  • Partner up for out and back:
    • P1 AYG run up the path and mosey back
    • P2 AMRAP Jack Webb
  • Flapjack/repeato with Lt. Dans and Captain Thors.
  • Mosey to the parking lot, Pax holds an Al Gore while each pax performs 5 sumo squats.
  • Mosey to stairs by the flag poles for 1 Jacob’s Ladder: merkins over squats.
  • Mosey to Bear Crawl Canyon: bear crawl the canyon, crawl bear back to the six and finish as a group.
  • Mosey to the cafeteria pavilion for 10-20-30-40, 40-30-20-10:  10 box jumps, 20 Diamond Incline Merkins, 30 step ups, 40 OH Claps, 40 step ups, 30 box jumps (yes!),  20 OH claps, 10 Diamond Incline Merkins.
  • Mosey to CoT for Flower (aka Bring Sally UP/DOWN) with merkins.


Xbox is super pumped for Incredibles 2 opening day tomorrow, YHC’s kids are PUMPED for Kidvergence 2.0 workout Saturday at 9am KiMS–Kramer on the Q, CSAUPs coming at the end of summer: Tough Mudder September, Custom GoRuck Tough October 19th.

WoW: Opponent.  Who is your opponent that you train to defeat?

Once in a while, we face extreme challenges that require great courage and strength to overcome–big moments.  With training we will be ready for those.

But the fact is that our most important battles to win are the very small ones that we must win every day, hour by hour, putting one foot in front of the other in the good habits we form and choosing not to diverge into the bad habits we are trying to beat.  These are the toughest challenges because they don’t end–and won’t ever end.  When I wrestled in high school, I knew my opponent’s name and it motivated me everyday in the wrestling room to think how hard he was training to beat me–I made sure I trained harder.

Name your opponent, and when you train, train with them in mind: laziness, gluttony, pride, lust, lack of focus, apathy, whatever they are, train to defeat them.  I think it is important to understand it is not “you” but an adversary you are trying to overcome.  It is a long war we all are in–and it is no exaggeration to say our lives, our marriages, and our families are at stake–comprised of daily battles–look to your brothers in F3 or elsewhere if you have them and encourage them.  Be encouraged by each other.

Win today.


20 on the Dock at LBP Redwood Day

20 men posted at Log Boom this morning to get better and start their quest for a tiny red patch.

PAX: Magic, 5th Wheel, Olaf, Narwhal, Guero, FSBO, 7-Layer (Cotter), Gekko, Dunder, Mifflin, Drydock, Mash, Lafleur, Buckeye, Sundevil, 529er, Hurley, Salsa, Alexa, SPAM (Q).

WARMITUP: Cotton Pickers, Windmills, SSH, Mountain Climbers, 12x each, IC

PLANKORAMA: Hi-plank, Lo-plank. During Plank we held a mini-Q-school: when in charge, take charge = audible cadence and clear direction. 5th Wheel led us in 10x Merkins IC, Olaf led us in 10x Squats IC, and Drydock led us in 10x Diamond Merkins IC.

Hairpin Sprint w/ Burpees at the corners.  The Hairpin is 2 legs, each about 200m. 5 burpees at start, middle and end at the Tarmac.

Partner up for Catch Me If You Can–exercise was 1 burpee, 1 Merkin, 1 Jillian Michael. Go from Tarmac to the dock.  Mosey to small docks with your partner.

The Revolver: each pair called an exercise for the rest of the PAX to AMRAP, then ran to the middle of the horseshoe for 10 Partner Handslap Merkins, then run back and next pair goes until each pair has called an exercise: Squats, WW1s, Captain Thors, Flutter, Plank Jacks,  Burpees, Sumo Squats, Merkins, Freddy Mercurys, and Partner Handslap Merkins–Nice touch by 529er to finish it.

It was 6am at this point so YHC called a modified Dora with run to the end of the dock and partners combined for 50 merkins, 100 squats, 150 LBCs.

6MoM: 20 flutter, 10 flutter arms up, Captain Thor 1-4-1


  • Patches etc,–hit the posts on the interweb to get the details
  • Custom Tough is coming 10/19, Buckeye is Q, it promises to be AWESOME–check it out.
  • Terrain Race is coming up this Sunday. 5K with obstacles, $30–pretty cheap as far as CSAUPs go.


  • Gekko doubted YHC’s mettle and judgement to start the LBP AO, but doffed his imaginary hat to the apparent success of the morning.  Gekko is on Q next week–we will see what he can bring to the table.
  • Alexa asked for “real” words.
  • Gekko said “Gratitude, bitch, get some.” YHC laughed heartily in the moment and several times later in the day, just thinking about it.
  • YHC offered the When in charge-Take charge maxim as a challenge for the day: find a place in your life today (home, work, wherever) where you can take charge and lift yourself, the people around you, or the situation you are in by exerting the force of your leadership.  You have more power than you realize, and when faced with a grumpy kid, an exhausted wife, or a soup sandwich at work, you can lift that situation to a better place by stepping into it with leadership instead of mentally shrugging and passing it by.

Let’s get it gentlemen–an honor to lead you this morning.

The last OTB at the LBP

7 Men Started Their Friday By Getting Better At Log Boom Park

The PAX: Lafleur, SPAM(Q), Narwhal, FSBO, LIFOs: 5th Wheel, Tardy, Turtle(FNG).

Warm it up PAX: Cotton Pickers 15xIC, Windmills 10xIC, Prisoner Squats 10xIC, Plankorama: during plank we held a mini-Qschool. 1st of 4 installments. This one was on the core principle of peer-led workouts and how to call an exercise. VolunQs Lafleur, Tardy and 5th Wheel took turns demonstrating with 10 Low Plank Jacks IC, 10 LBC IC, and 10 Merkins IC. Recover.

Mosey to low wall for Pike Rally. That wall is suddenly longer than any of us remember.

Mosey to the tarmac for The Cooper: Descending ladder of burpees, merkins, and squats, (10-10-10, 9-9-9, etc) separated by 400m run between sets. (5th Wheel turns out to be fast)

(Unintentional) Q school part 2: time management. After 3 sets cooper was modified to even numbers only…so we completed: 10,9,8,6,4,2.

Mosey to dock.

Bearcrawl to watervalve (~50m).

Plank for the 6.

Spread out planks for railroad tracks, continue laying tracks down the dock until 6:15am unceremoniously hit us about 3/4 down the dock.


Announcements: Convergence Murph Memorial Day. Log Boom Park going on the books next week.

WoW: Lafleur highlighted the crossover from body fitness to mental toughness (#whywedohardthings) and recognizing the benefit this brings to all our roles as fathers, husbands, brothers, work, etc.


– No Dunder, Mifflin, Seabass, or Dingy:☹ Just ain’t the same without you…

-5th Wheel gets faster after some burpees.

-excited about mini-Qschools to raise IQ (see what I did there?) and reiterate core principles. Poach this and make it part of your next Q.  It can be as simple as 1 thing that has helped you Q better–perfect for airchair, plank, and other “active recovery” moments.  AP does it regularly, and if you ever workout with Dredd, it lasts the whole workout.

-Great to have Turtle out there with us–that dude is an athlete. He is recovering from some injuries and downtime but standby.

-An honor to lead a workout with you men, get after it today.


OTB New AO: Log Boom Park

Nine men showed up in the gloom at the top of the lake this morning and made themselves better.

The PAX: Gekko, Dunder, 529er, Lafleur, Worthington, Sea Bass(FNG), Narwhal(FNG), Lateral (LIFO), SPAM (Q).

Warmitup: Cotton Pickers 10 IC, Windmills 10 IC, SSH 20 IC, Merkins 10 IC, Plankorama 60 sec., Carolina Dry Docks 10 IC.

-Mosey to short wall for 10-20-30: Derkin, Incline Merkins, Dips.
-Jacob’s Ladder with Burpees over Catalina Wine Mixers (AKA Singlet Merkins–hi plank lo plank push up).
-Mosey to crow’s nest for 20 sumo squats OYO.
-Mosey to end of dock and split into teams of 3 for Dora 1-2-3. Teams completed 100 merkins, 200 lbcs, 300 squats, while one pax ran to end of dock and back ~100yds one way…maybe more. Cycle through until all reps complete.*

6MOM on the dock: Flutter 20 IC, Flutter arms up 20 IC, Brotractor 60sec, V-ups 10 IC.

WoW: Quote from composer Aaron Copland: “Inspiration may be a form of super-consciousness, or perhaps of subconsciousness–I wouldn’t know–but I am sure it is the antithesis of self-consciousness.” 

Who we are really meant to be and do–the really important things in our life–are discovered outside of “self-consciousness” and the worry about our status or what people think of us. Worthington pointed out that it is demonstrated by FNGs showing up and pushing to their limits with a group of men they don’t know (yet).  Make it a point to “lose track” of yourself a lot–it happens when you push yourself physically, it happens when you are really leading–ie focused on those you are responsible for and not what you look like to them (#Qsignup) but you can make it a habit too.  YHC suspects there is more happiness and more value at the antithesis of self-consciousness.


-Fantastic AO. Dock has lots of potential and during Dora, *FNG Sea Bass demonstrated that it is a tidy spot to spill the merlot! #feedingthefish, #thatswhyhisnameisseabass

-Hat tip to Lafleur for double FNGs EH’d on the inaugural day for the AO.

-Strong support from PAX for a successful first day–thank you!
-Kemp: Absent

-Same time same place next week, Lafleur on the Q!

YHC out!

50 for MLK

12 men met in the gloom on an especially dark morning (no lights for LW school district’s spring break) made more so because it is the 50th anniversary of the murder of Martin Luther King Jr.  In memory of his incredible life that was taken away 50 years ago, we gave 50 reps our best efforts.

PAX: AP, Dig-Dug, Dunder, Gilligan, Spotlight, Jar-Jar, Simmons, Joystick, FSBO, Singlet, SPAM(Q).  Missing one…help me out.

Warm it up: Cotton pickers and Windmills

The Thang: 

50 SSH OYO, 15 Burpees

50 Mountain Climbers OYO, 15 Burpees

50 Baby arm circles OYO, 15 Burpees

Mosey to front of school planters.

5 Burpees for 50 total

5 sets of 10-20-30:

  • Derkins, step-ups, box jumps
  • Derkins, box jumps, step-ups
  • Derkins, dips, WW1’s
  • Derkins, WW1’s, dips
  • Derkins, overhead handclaps, overhead handclaps.
  • (that’s 50  each)

Mosey to tennis courts.

Sumo-cides: out and back with 5-10-15-20 Sumo-squats at each court.

Repeato with Merkins, Squats, and LBCs

6MOM: 50 flutters IC, 50 seconds of Bro-tractor, done.

WOW: Joystick shared that he is glad to be back in the PNW and that F3 workouts bring an intensity and pay-off that solo exercise can’t match. True.

So much to glean from MLKs incredible life, and the gift he was/is to our country and our world.  The courage to do what scares you is particularly motivating for me.  MLK faced death threats daily, and one night in particular sat alone at his kitchen table, unable to sleep and paralyzed by fear for his life and the life of his family.  But he realized that night that he was not alone–for MLK, the presence of God was so real to him in that moment, that he never was afraid in the same way again.  His courage re-framed our history.  At F3 you are not alone either.  Be inspired to do the things that scare you–whether it is work or relationship, hit it just like you would here in the gloom.


Joystick back from CA! Great to see you brother.

LIFOs galore today but it was too dark to figure out who all it was.

Cadence in warm-up was sabotaged early and often–I think it was Dig-Dug.

Suspicious lack of mumble-chatter for the rest of the workout.  Hopefully bc it was hard…

Some folks tried to stay dry during WWI’s by ducking under the overhang.  Thankfully tennis courts were one big puddle for LBCs at the end.  Bring a towel for your car seat.

Get after it today.