One Lap at WHS

6 men gathered in the damp gloom at Woodinville High School this morning to start their day with a win.

The PAX: Goats, Hurley, Xbox, Mifflin, Salsa, SPAM (Q).


  • Broad jump the moat that had formed around the field
  • Good Mornings, Cotton Pickers, Windmills
  • Broad jump the moat again and Mosey to the low SW corner of WHS

The Lap:

  • Catch-me-if-you-can with 3x Merkins + 3x Mountain climbers up the hill to the big gate.
  • Negative (backwards) mosey to the high trail
  • Partner up for out and back:
    • P1 AYG run up the path and mosey back
    • P2 AMRAP Jack Webb
  • Flapjack/repeato with Lt. Dans and Captain Thors.
  • Mosey to the parking lot, Pax holds an Al Gore while each pax performs 5 sumo squats.
  • Mosey to stairs by the flag poles for 1 Jacob’s Ladder: merkins over squats.
  • Mosey to Bear Crawl Canyon: bear crawl the canyon, crawl bear back to the six and finish as a group.
  • Mosey to the cafeteria pavilion for 10-20-30-40, 40-30-20-10:  10 box jumps, 20 Diamond Incline Merkins, 30 step ups, 40 OH Claps, 40 step ups, 30 box jumps (yes!),  20 OH claps, 10 Diamond Incline Merkins.
  • Mosey to CoT for Flower (aka Bring Sally UP/DOWN) with merkins.


Xbox is super pumped for Incredibles 2 opening day tomorrow, YHC’s kids are PUMPED for Kidvergence 2.0 workout Saturday at 9am KiMS–Kramer on the Q, CSAUPs coming at the end of summer: Tough Mudder September, Custom GoRuck Tough October 19th.

WoW: Opponent.  Who is your opponent that you train to defeat?

Once in a while, we face extreme challenges that require great courage and strength to overcome–big moments.  With training we will be ready for those.

But the fact is that our most important battles to win are the very small ones that we must win every day, hour by hour, putting one foot in front of the other in the good habits we form and choosing not to diverge into the bad habits we are trying to beat.  These are the toughest challenges because they don’t end–and won’t ever end.  When I wrestled in high school, I knew my opponent’s name and it motivated me everyday in the wrestling room to think how hard he was training to beat me–I made sure I trained harder.

Name your opponent, and when you train, train with them in mind: laziness, gluttony, pride, lust, lack of focus, apathy, whatever they are, train to defeat them.  I think it is important to understand it is not “you” but an adversary you are trying to overcome.  It is a long war we all are in–and it is no exaggeration to say our lives, our marriages, and our families are at stake–comprised of daily battles–look to your brothers in F3 or elsewhere if you have them and encourage them.  Be encouraged by each other.

Win today.