Once around Woodinville

8 guys made it out to get better this morning.

The PAX: Hollywood (Q), Salsa, SPAM, Cowboy, Ping-Pong, Goats, Brady, Dry Dock

The goal this morning, for 45 minutes don’t stop moving. We warmed up, then I took everyone on for a mosey. It went something like this…

Warmups  in the  middle parking lot with SSH, Merkins, Sumo-squats.

Mosey around lot to the long hill, 10 burpees OYO;

Begin mosey up the long hill, taking a left to the canyon, up and down the stairs 3 times with: every step, bunny-hops, and lunge steps. Mosey back to hill, continue upward.

At the upper parking lot, alternate sections of bear-crawl and high knees all the way down. The flapjack on the way back.

Mosey down the salmon ladder. Head back up with ascending burpee counts at each landing (1,2,3…9)

Up to wooden round platform area. 10,20,30 – Box jumps, Step-ups, Dips

Mosey to another set of stairs, bunny hops up, back down, bunny hop up again.

Mosey out of parking lot, high knees for about 60 yards.

Mosey down street, then up back stairs to the track. One lap of catchmeifyoucan with 5 sumo-squats. AMRAP SSH while waiting for the 6.

Mosey back to starting point for some 6MoM – LBC, Freddie Mercuries, Flutters.



2.0 workout in a couple weeks


Tough Mudder

Base to Space

WoW – Life is a series of choices. You control how you react.

DRYDOCK has the Q next week! Lace up your running shoes!