Once around Woodinville

8 guys made it out to get better this morning.

The PAX: Hollywood (Q), Salsa, SPAM, Cowboy, Ping-Pong, Goats, Brady, Dry Dock

The goal this morning, for 45 minutes don’t stop moving. We warmed up, then I took everyone on for a mosey. It went something like this…

Warmups  in the  middle parking lot with SSH, Merkins, Sumo-squats.

Mosey around lot to the long hill, 10 burpees OYO;

Begin mosey up the long hill, taking a left to the canyon, up and down the stairs 3 times with: every step, bunny-hops, and lunge steps. Mosey back to hill, continue upward.

At the upper parking lot, alternate sections of bear-crawl and high knees all the way down. The flapjack on the way back.

Mosey down the salmon ladder. Head back up with ascending burpee counts at each landing (1,2,3…9)

Up to wooden round platform area. 10,20,30 – Box jumps, Step-ups, Dips

Mosey to another set of stairs, bunny hops up, back down, bunny hop up again.

Mosey out of parking lot, high knees for about 60 yards.

Mosey down street, then up back stairs to the track. One lap of catchmeifyoucan with 5 sumo-squats. AMRAP SSH while waiting for the 6.

Mosey back to starting point for some 6MoM – LBC, Freddie Mercuries, Flutters.



2.0 workout in a couple weeks


Tough Mudder

Base to Space

WoW – Life is a series of choices. You control how you react.

DRYDOCK has the Q next week! Lace up your running shoes!

Classic Cooper

This morning’s workout was inspired by Cooper, who was pleasantly surprised to hear that this series of running, burpees, merkins and squats is alive and well.

PAX of 10 this morning in Woodinville… SPAM, FSBO, Salsa, Hurley, Goats, Brady, XBox, Alexa, Dry Dock,Hollywood (Q),

Warm-up with SSH, Imperial Walkers, Squats

The Thang: The Cooper

6Mom – LBCs, Freddie Mercury’s, Flutter


When you modify…do so with intention. Don’t just slow down…slow down, but set out goals of how to do it (eg: Walk the corners, run the straights). Take this into real life as well.


…and Bears. Oh my!

It was a great morning to get out of the fartsack. 11 guys chose to do so.

The PAX: Xbox, SPAM, Salsa, Santa, Dunder, Mifflin, Goats, Magic, Worthington, Dig Dug, Hollywood (Q)

Sizing up this group, I knew that this was one of the strongest collections of HIMs I’d have to honor of leading in quite some time. We all got after it…

Warmup with SSH, Merkins, Mtn. Climbers, 10 Burpees (OYO), 10 Jillian Michaels (OYO).

Red-bear-chetta+ (Yep…those 5 Jillian Michaels at the end were something else.)

Mosey to lower stairs, take a left turn all the way down to the baseball field.

Half the group wall sits, the other half Bear crawls up the stairs, 5 merkins at the top, and bear crawl back down. Flapjack when the entire group is in. (High 5’s ensued.)

Mosey up the steps, to the bottom of the salmon ladder…decision was then made to head to the track.

4 corners with 15 jumping lunges.

Bear crawl the football field from one sideline to the other. (Hey this field is really nice turf. We are so spoiled up here in Woodinville…you should join us.)

Crabwalk back. (Salsa did some A/B testing and determined that both forward and backwards both suck.)

Level Jacob’s Ladder  – sideline to side line…no stairs this time…so this was “really easy.” – Merkins & Sumo Squats.  (High 5’s ensued once again.)

WMD sets of merkins. (Wide, Medium, Diamond) – 5 each.

Lt. Dan – All the way up and all the way down. Dig Dug got mouthy about my squats, and my ability to count. I reminded him that Q’s get to do whatever the heck we want.

Mosey back to the start for CoT. Did I say mosey…called an audible and had the PAX run at an AYG pace across the field. Then a quick few minutes of WWI sit-ups and flutters.  (Surprisingly, Santa complained here. I had instructed him to give all ya got, and then threw 6MOM at him. Yep…that’s exactly what I did.)

We were done at that point.


Worthington’s Weekend is a month away. Let him know if you’re going. Sign up soon on the Facebook events section.

With the weather getting great, and the sun coming up so early…now is the time to EH those guys who need this. Give the F3 gift to someone ASAP!

Get out there and Q. It’s really great. Santa volunteered for Woodinville next week!

Comz – Everyone should have received a notice from the REMIND App…if you did not…go to f3newguy.com and enter your information there.


Life is all about your perception of it.  Here’s a joke:

You only have two things in life to worry about: either you are sick, or you are well. If you’re well, you’ve got nothing to worry about; if you’re sick…you only have two things to worry about: Either you’re going to get better, or you’re going to die.  If you’re going to get better…you have nothing to worry about; if you’re going to die…you only have two things to worry about; Your’re going to heaven or you’re going to hell. If you’re going to heaven…you have nothing to worry about; if you’re going to hell…well you’ll be so busy shaking hands with old friends that you have nothing to worry about.


Woodinville 04 05 18 – Burpees over Burpees

6 guys got after it this morning in Woodinville.

The PAX: SPAM, Salsa, Dunder, Mifflin, Hurley, Hollywood (Q)

The Thang:

Warmup with SSH, cotton-pickers, then arms of pain – little baby arm circles forward and back, bigger circles forward and back, seal claps, arm raises, pretzels, then back to circles forward and back. I felt those in my shoulders, elbows, and arm area. They burned.  Finish the warmup with squats and sumo-squats.  Good….mosey to front parking lot to begin the workout.

Red Barchetta (AP-style): SSH, Mtn. climbers, LBCs, Merkins, Burpees…and Jillian Michaels thrown in the end for fun.

Swedish mile up the gradual hill to the highest parking lot. (Hurley rocked this section – that guys an inspiration.)

Once at the top, we looked all the way down the stretch of parking lot…and hit lunge walks the entire way.  Followed by 50 SSH OYO, followed by high-knees all the way back…that was impossible…we all had to modify to skipping at the end. Followed by 20 squats OYO.  (Feeling our legs and hips by this point.)

Mosey down to the flags for 10-20-30: Box Jumps, Step-ups, Dips.

Then had SPAM help me pick odd or even…the choice was odd…so we did not do crab walks. What we did instead was a Double Jacobs Ladder…that’s up both sets of stairs rather than just the lower section…with Burpees at the top, and Burpees at the bottom.  (Salsa did some math during this pearl…I counted up to, too damn many burpees.)  This one rocked the group. It was awesome.

Slow mosey back around the school, down the salmon ladder to CoT and WoW…finishing up with one (1) flutter. Done and Done.


Check out www.f3pugetsound.com for all Q sign-ups, backblasts, and location information.


Salsa reminded us to appreciate the little things in life.  Great words.

Next week: Salsa has the Q.