Real Real Gone

1 man showed up for Boxtrot this morning.

The PAX: Hollywood (Q)

The Thang:

4 miles…supposed to be just under a 10/min/mile pace. It was not…but we’ll get to that.

I rolled up to the start point at 5:27AM…I knew that XBox is on the IR, and also I was pretty sure that DryDock was a solo dad this week.  So who else was going to show?  5:30AM…just me…was I really going to do this? Sure. Why the hell not?

Mile 1 – Attempting to set the pace which we normally run. It’s hard cause I don’t have a fancy smart watch. My watch I bought off a spinning rack at Fred Meyer a couple years ago. It’ll have to do this morning. My footfalls are loud, not covered up by mumblechatter. I have the opening horns from Van Morrison’s “Real Real Gone” stuck in my head.

Mile 2 – Feeling good. The song’s still there. The trail is practically empty, and the morning is beautiful.  I passed a set of millennials, maybe a couple? They were running with headphones in. Not sure if I was jealous of that, or glad to be running in silence.

Mile 3 – Oh shit.  I just hit the turn around point at 5:45AM. This is bad. Real bad. “Real Real Bad” there are those horns again. All this time I’ve been blaming DryDock for letting the pace creep up. But I just ran the first two miles at a no BS 7:30/min/mile. Figuring out a way to still blame DryDock…standby. In the silence though, I did figure out a critical story point for a creative project I’ve been working on. This problem has been plaguing me for the last few weeks, and it was a bit of an epiphany this morning. All by myself.

Mile 4 – The last mile of our run…the visibility really opens up. The trail is straight and open, you can see a long way. That makes it tough when you’re on your own. I focusing now on the pain in my legs, and the fact that I know I’m running faster than we normally allow, but I’m also pushing myself to finish at that pace.

Finish Line – Yikes. Finished at 6:01…by my math that’s 4 miles in 31 minutes, or about 7:45/min/mile. Whoops. DryDock really messed up the pace this morning. I’m going to have a stern talk with him when I see him next.

General thoughts – Working out by yourself is no where near as enjoyable. F3 has made me more sociable whilst working out.  I said “hello” to everyone that I passed. 80% did not really respond, or did at a minimal level.

I had a great morning…just wish other guys had been there to share it.


Time at finishline



Once around Woodinville

8 guys made it out to get better this morning.

The PAX: Hollywood (Q), Salsa, SPAM, Cowboy, Ping-Pong, Goats, Brady, Dry Dock

The goal this morning, for 45 minutes don’t stop moving. We warmed up, then I took everyone on for a mosey. It went something like this…

Warmups  in the  middle parking lot with SSH, Merkins, Sumo-squats.

Mosey around lot to the long hill, 10 burpees OYO;

Begin mosey up the long hill, taking a left to the canyon, up and down the stairs 3 times with: every step, bunny-hops, and lunge steps. Mosey back to hill, continue upward.

At the upper parking lot, alternate sections of bear-crawl and high knees all the way down. The flapjack on the way back.

Mosey down the salmon ladder. Head back up with ascending burpee counts at each landing (1,2,3…9)

Up to wooden round platform area. 10,20,30 – Box jumps, Step-ups, Dips

Mosey to another set of stairs, bunny hops up, back down, bunny hop up again.

Mosey out of parking lot, high knees for about 60 yards.

Mosey down street, then up back stairs to the track. One lap of catchmeifyoucan with 5 sumo-squats. AMRAP SSH while waiting for the 6.

Mosey back to starting point for some 6MoM – LBC, Freddie Mercuries, Flutters.



2.0 workout in a couple weeks


Tough Mudder

Base to Space

WoW – Life is a series of choices. You control how you react.

DRYDOCK has the Q next week! Lace up your running shoes!

C’mon man

3 for boxtrot this morning. (Hollywood, DryDock, XBox) However one of the PAX – who shall remain nameless – had to peel off early due to the fact that the one rib of his which is currently broken was bothering him. Duh.

The other two ended up running sub-8 minute miles for a bit.

Respect your injuries…geez.

OG F3 representin’ at Heritage

20 guys at Heritage 

The Pax:

Hops, Snip, Bam Bam, The Dude, The Hoff, Alexa, Ickey, LZ, AP, Grissom, Swinger, Bob, Elroy, Buckeye, Wolf, Handbag, Adrian, Putt Putt, Romo, Hollywood (Q)

The Thang:

Mumble chatter right from the get-go due to so many OG members being at the same AO. Nearly all of the original PS board were in attendance!

SSH, Squats, Merkins

Mosey to bottom of south hill for Jacobs Ladder:

1st set – Mtn Climbers/Jillian Michaels

2nd set – Burpees/Squats

3rd set – Sumo Squats/ Hand release merkins

Bear crawl back to top of hill

Divide into four groups of 5 for 4-corners (10 burpees/AMRAP flutters)

Red Barchetta (classic)

PYS (10 reps)

1 cool down lap

6MoM – LBCs, Upstate Box Cutters, Slow bicycles, pass catchers. 


**Convergence next Saturday (7/7) in Tacoma. Defiance AO. Celebrating their 2 year anniversary. All other official Saturday workouts are cancelled. 

Clown car from Kirkland Middle School meet at 6AM. **

Rucks – talk to wolf or buckeye

Base to Space – talk to Grissom

Tough mudder – talk to Gekko

WoW – engage those around you. It’s more meaningful than you may think. 

Dodging Rain Drops for the Boxtrot

3 Men met in Redmond for a Boxtrot run.

The PAX: Hollywood (Q), Salsa, Worthington

The Thang – Hit the trail, turn left. 2 miles out, 2 miles back. Salsa’s watch had us at a 9:18/mile pace.

Great discussion the whole way. Recapping Worthington’s weekend.

At the end we discussed training for the Rucks coming up. The benefits of adding PT into the training sessions, and working with Kettle Bells and other coupons.

WoW focused on getting better and pushing ourselves. Always grateful for F3.

As always…the rain took a break for the majority of our run. Started to come down hard again as I was driving home. Don’t be scared by the rain. Get out there!

Lucky at Heritage

13 guys made it out to Heritage to continue their quest towards a Redwood patch. 

Elroy, Bam Bam, Bob, Shark Bait, Valdez, Singlet, Guerro, The Hoff, Hollywood (Q), Worthington, Buckeye, Kramer, Jemaine

The Thang:

SSH, merkins, Mtn climbers, cotton pickers 

The millennial (Run 100 meters, complete 100 reps of…)

SSH, Merkins, Squats, LBC, Lunges, Dips, Flutters, Step Ups, Mtn Climbers, Burpees



2.0 workout next Saturday (6/16) 9am at KiMS

Rucks a plenty 

Tough mudder 

Base to space


Thinking about the celebrities who supposedly “had it all” yet took their own life, recently. 

One main thing to realize is that F3 is a community which will support you, lift you up if you need it. You only have to ask. 

Yippee Ki-yay

5 men met for a boxtrot run Tuesday morning.

The PAX – XBox, Spotlight, DryDock, Cowboy (Kotter), Hollywood (Q)

The Thang:

4 miles…aimed at a 10/min mile…but ended up averaging closer to 9:18.

Great mumble chatter welcoming Cowboy back. Props to Ickey and DigDug.


Take care of yourself. The summer is nearly here, and many opportunities for CSAUPs and other activities. Don’t push yourself to the point of injury. Get better…yes…but stay healthy. The goal is to keep coming back.

Classic Cooper

This morning’s workout was inspired by Cooper, who was pleasantly surprised to hear that this series of running, burpees, merkins and squats is alive and well.

PAX of 10 this morning in Woodinville… SPAM, FSBO, Salsa, Hurley, Goats, Brady, XBox, Alexa, Dry Dock,Hollywood (Q),

Warm-up with SSH, Imperial Walkers, Squats

The Thang: The Cooper

6Mom – LBCs, Freddie Mercury’s, Flutter


When you modify…do so with intention. Don’t just slow down…slow down, but set out goals of how to do it (eg: Walk the corners, run the straights). Take this into real life as well.


Why we plank

19.5 men met at heritage park Saturday morning. 

The PAX (I am missing one guy… Let me know in the comments who it is and I’ll edit this post. )

Grissom, Magic, Spotlight, Bam bam, Benda (FNG),  Elroy, Gekko, Jemaine, Adrian, The dude, Legal zoom, Rivet, Buckeye, Hollywood (Q), Guero, Putt putt, All Black, Wolf, AP (on IR but still showed up)

The Thang :

SSH, Merkins, Mtn climbers, asymmetrical merkins, squats. 

Jacobs Ladder at the south hill. (Sumo squats/merkins)

Mosey to north end of field for Route 66 (Hand release merkins)

Reminder on how to plank

PYS (reps of 15)

Jack Webb

Lt Dan

Mosey one lap. 

2 Rounds with Tyson – WWI sit-ups and Burpees. 


Flutters, Slow Bicycle, Oblique crunch , LBC

Announcements: Murph this Monday at KIMS. Convergence. 

2.0 workout on the 19th

Worthington’s family weekend late June 

Wolf is Q for 50 mile Seattle Ruck

Tough Mudder in September

Base to Space in September 

Buckeye is Q for a custom tough Ruck in October. 

Tons of opportunity to get involved with a CSAUP. 

WOW: that guy that you want to be a year from now… Figure out what actions he will be doing them, and start doing them now.

Welcome FNG Benda. We’ve got a hell of a lot of Aussies in this group. Go ahead and throw some shrimp on the Bar-b. 

BoxTrot – NB

4 men went for a run Tuesday morning.

The PAX: XBox, Jar Jar, Kramer, Hollywood (Q)

Tha Thang: 4 miles, 10 min/mile pace. We turned right and headed to the north this morning. XBox actually made the comment that it seem colder. SMH.

Great conversation the whole time. Props to Jar Jar for pushing through as far as he could go. We are all getting better.

WoW – Your choice of response to someone under-performing is the difference between Admonishment or Coaching.