Hot and Sweaty Thursday out at the Kirkland PB&J

The PAX (11):  Snip, Ventura, ACDC, Hail, Worthington, Dunder, FullRide (FNG), Starlord, Bodie, Alexa, Mifflin (Q).

Warmup:  SSH/Merks/Littlebabyarmcircles/Burpees


10/20/30 – Decline, Incline, Dips

10/30 – Box Jumps, Step Ups (2X)

THE Jack Web

Google Lap – Team of 2 calls exercise then runs a lap, switch until complete

Amrap Imperial Walker, LBC, plankjacks, flutter, mountain climbers

5 pull ups


Wall sits for half the group while the other run a Google Lap and switch

Bear Crawls 50 yards

Crab Walk 50 yards

Line up in plank – man in back bear crawls to the front – team does 1 pushup – repeat through all 11

THE Lt. Dan

Run Google Lap

5 burpees

Couple minutes of Mary

Words:  ACDC “Don’t drop a 400 lb. pole on your arm”.  Pushed the PB&J crew to get out in the morning – my best and most efficient days are when I start with out with an F3 workout.