Kirkland PB&J

Sunny Thursday out at the Kirkland PB&J

The PAX (8/9):  Snip, Hail, Goose, Dunder, Bodie, Kramer, Indy, Mifflin (Q) + Tardy (Chainline)



Mosey – basketball court

10 box jumps, 40 step ups

Running Lines – Set 1: run half way across the court, 1 burpee and back, all the way, 1 burpee and back, 3 times.  Set 2: run half way across the court, 2 burpees and back, all the way, 2 burpees and back, 3 times.  Set 3: run half way across the court, 3 burpees and back, all the way, 3 burpees and back, 3 times.

Mosey – Google Grass

LBCs, Jack Web, Squats

Run – Down to the Lake stopping along the way for squats, hill sprints (neighbors were cheering us on from their deck), and more squats.

At the lake – 10/20/30 – Decline, Incline, Dips and flutter/brotrackor

Swedish uphill back to Chainline

Words: Hail shared a work story where their team had an emergency that needed to be fixed over the weekend.  Management immediately told people what went wrong, who was responsible, and how to fix the issue.  They missed getting feedback from the team, showing compassion, and understanding.  When you lead, it’s important start by focusing on people vs. the problem.

KIMS Murph Prep

The PAX (10):  Tardy, Kramer, Fizbo, Alexa, Woolybugger, Simmons, JarJar, Deep Dish, Razor, Mifflin (Q).


Little Baby Arm Circles, Merkins, Moutain Climbers, Captain Thor

Audible was called on planned workout after the majority of the group was not going to be able to attend Monday and wanted to do the Murph.



5 minutes of Mary

Words:  Be grateful for all those who have served and provided us with the freedom and opportunities we have today.


Hot and Sweaty Thursday out at the Kirkland PB&J

The PAX (11):  Snip, Ventura, ACDC, Hail, Worthington, Dunder, FullRide (FNG), Starlord, Bodie, Alexa, Mifflin (Q).

Warmup:  SSH/Merks/Littlebabyarmcircles/Burpees


10/20/30 – Decline, Incline, Dips

10/30 – Box Jumps, Step Ups (2X)

THE Jack Web

Google Lap – Team of 2 calls exercise then runs a lap, switch until complete

Amrap Imperial Walker, LBC, plankjacks, flutter, mountain climbers

5 pull ups


Wall sits for half the group while the other run a Google Lap and switch

Bear Crawls 50 yards

Crab Walk 50 yards

Line up in plank – man in back bear crawls to the front – team does 1 pushup – repeat through all 11

THE Lt. Dan

Run Google Lap

5 burpees

Couple minutes of Mary

Words:  ACDC “Don’t drop a 400 lb. pole on your arm”.  Pushed the PB&J crew to get out in the morning – my best and most efficient days are when I start with out with an F3 workout.


Balmy Wet Thursday out at the Kirkland PB&J

The PAX (7):  Schnitzel, Rocky, Razor, Hail, Snip, Dunder, Mifflin (Q).

Warmup:  SSH/Merks/PrisonerSquats/ImperialWalkers

Headed North on the Cross Kirkland Corridor Trail – uncharted territory

Swedish Run – 10 burps

Swedish Run – 10/20/30

Swedish Run – Squats

Swedish Run – 10/20/30

Found a big hill – Partnered up, sprint to the top while partner did abs 2X

Swedish Run – 20 Lunges

Swedish Run – 10/20/30

Swedish Run – Squats

Swedish Run – ImperialWalkers

Found Stairs – Ran them 3X

Swedish Run Back with multiple stops for random exercises.

Words:  People don’t remember the words you say – they remember how you make them feel.