Defiance: Roll of the Dice

Four guys came out for the Wednesday workout in Tacoma. Matlock, Bivy, DDT and Lunger (Q).

After warmups of SSH, Mericans and a 400m mosey, the workout began.

The pax picked six exercises (Q had discretion to remove any): Mericans, dips, Russian twists, accordians, squats and burpees. The Q rolls a pair of dice. The number rolled x 10 is the reps for the selected workout. For example, we did burpees first. A six was rolled so we did 60. Then there were 40, four- count Russian twists. Go through the list – twice.

The looks on Bivy and Matlock’s faces was priceless when they realized how the workout operated and they had picked burpees. DDT knew what was what because this was inspired from a ruck we did in May.

A good workout. Everyone was tired and ready for dinner.