Crushed in a Circle

11 PAX showed up to get better and got smoked….mostly in a circle:

PAX: Thriftshop, Earl, Gorkha, Skip, Frigid, Nietzsche (rename from POG, which come to find out was a pretty bad insult), FNG Jordan, FNG Tiny, FNG Blackjack, FNG Supra, and Xbox(Q)

Warmup: lap around the field, 10 IC Cotton Pickers and Windmills; 10 IC Merkins, 15 IC Arm Circles forward and flapjack

Thang: Nietzsche forgot his shoes but was still encouraged to come, so I made an adhoc decision to do mostly core:

Legs: 10 IC Sumo Squats, 10 IC forward lunges, 10 IC Squats, and 10 IC reverse lunges; repeato but OYO

Chest: 10 IC Merkins, 10 IC Wide-arm Merkins, 10 IC Diamond Merkins, and 10 IC Arm Shoulder Presses; repeato OYO

Abs: 10 IC Flutters, 10 IC Rosalitas, 10 IC Dollies, a couple 10 second holds by the PAX; repeato minus the 10 second holds.

Running: We needed a little running to finish it off: jog half the field, sprint second half, and back the same motif: repeato for a total of 3

Note: this almost made Blackjack Merlot…but he held it up.  That would have forced May 4th to be deemed Merlot Day since Logboom got one too.

5 MoM: 10 IC heal touches, heals to heaven, and eagle crush left\right; plank until close…..and done.

Announcements of all our new test locations.

WoW: Supra gave us advice to drink more water :).  Great advice.  YHC added the encouragement that F3 is a great place to gain leadership in a safe place.

It was a pleasure to lead you today men.  I hope everyone got stronger.  Stay active and stretch this week.  See you all in the gloom soon enough!!!!!