The Mud Job

Pretty darn close to accurate!!!!!

PAX: Peleton, Primate, Passport, Gekko, XBox, Big City, Dookie, Talent, Spotlight, Warthog, FSBO, Dig Dug (Q)

CoP – YHC finds a good wet, muddy spot to begin. New Blue(Frank DiGirolamo) inspired exercise – “Roll”, drop, perform full roll, 3 merkins. Alternate with Mountain Climbers.

Roll until sufficiently wet and muddy. (Note: Gekko’s version of roll somehow manages to keep his entire upper body dry …..)

Mosey, with intermittent “Roll!” maneuvers.

Charles Bronson – WOD consistent of sprints, exercises and low crawls for time. Dookie crushing this with a 13m time. Xbox right behind with 15m.

FSBO’s mumble chatter created a smile for the Q – “This is the second most terrible workout behind Blue’s.”

Mosey for Ladder of Derkins and Box Jumps until nauseous.

Ground work with sandbags and balls to the wall.

6MOM – Plank-o-rama

Xbox and Big City CRUSHING the ground work. Damn.

Dookie is a beast, dominating Charlie Bronson and the Box Jump Ladder.

Great to see Talent on the Eastside and for coffeeteria!

FSBO’s Operation Sammy a continued success … we had some guy in the middle of the park admiring the sign.

12/9 – 12 pm, Canned Food Ruck. See 7-Layer.
12/12 – Breakfast after Needle
12/15 – 6 pm Chainline, Charity Poker. See Swinger.
12/22 – Kims Convergence


We do hard things to ground ourselves and increase our appreciation for things like …. being warm and dry.

Deceptively Humid

8 men braved an Xbox Q on a deceivingly humid day at Heritage Park.

Pax: Sleepless, Bob, Razor, Singlet, The Hoff, Hollywood, Goose, Xbox (Q)

Warm-up: Ran from the West side of the AO to the east side.
• 10 IC Daisy pickers
• 10 IC Windmills
• 10 IC Merkins
• 15 IC Arm circles and flapjack

Thang: Looking north, YHC sees some stairs so temptively asking for Jacob’s ladder.
First set:
• Up: Hand release Merkins (thank you Hollywood for the suggestion)
• Down: Jillian Michael’s (no one really liked those)

Pick up six and a 10 count…once again:
• Up: Sumo squats
• Down: WW1 situps

Pick up six, 10 count, and head over to the tennis courts.

I remember SPAM smoking me at KiMS on the tennis court with something called balls or wall of fire… anyway, YHC could not figure the name or exactly how it went…so we did it three times to make sure we knew.
1. Partner up; one partner does two laps of running with 8 burpees on the far side; partner two starts with people’s chair and switches to balls to the wall after lap one.
2. YHC decides that wasn’t right, so we tried again.
a. No more partners; YHC is pretty sure we just start at one end of the line allowing each member to do some exercise and switch when the person completes. YHC gives the option of forward lunges each leg or Iron Mikes (jump lunges), same count. The generous PAX all decided to do Iron Mikes to allow for less time on the wall. Very 3rd F of all of you. 😍
3. Nope YHC decided it was still wrong!! Man, and the PAX is already looking pretty beat. YHC remembers the cadence of switching between people’s chair and balls to the wall being a lot closer.
a. Same premise of starting at one end of the line and moving across…but we went down to the end and back again to the beginning. Simple: each PAX runs (sprints if legs allow) two laps while the others switch after each lap from the chair to balls to the wall. My man Razor, on the very end, does four laps and we head back down the line.

Whew! Everyone’s legs and shoulders were smoked by this point…lots of alternative exercises to compensate for muscle failure.

10ish MoM:
• High plank while 2 PAX do 10 count
• Low plank while 2 PAX do 10 count
• Repeato until all PAX do 10 count
YHC gives the PAX the exercise and a stretch goal for upcoming (challenge is to not recover until YHC indicates):
• Normal: while doing exercises, hands under the butt
• Stretch: hands are vertical pointing to the sky
○ 15 IC Flutter kicks
○ 15 IC Rosalitas
○ 11 IC Dollies (if you can’t Q it, don’t do it; YHC was smoked!)
Still time to go, so we did some more planks;
• Starting in high plank
○ Right arm high (stretch is with leg high as well)
○ Flapjack
• Down to low plank
○ Repeato

Stayed in low plank for a Sleepless 10 count and done!!

Countorama and namorama, a ton of announcements, and then:

Goose for some WoW:
Goose indicated he’d been away for a while doing some marathon training and noticed he was a bit more smoked than he is used to. He expressed thanks for the fellowship and the hard workout: something he does not get by himself. YHC agrees these are great words and has missed the gloom a lot over the last couple months.

• Thanks for the push from The Hoff: #runwithfastermen
• Bob let me know after the workout that he was concerned I thought he was out of shape; he let YHC know that he works out with us having only one lung!! Yes men, one lung; much harder to workout with one one of those versus one testicle, right Singlet?!? Bob mentioned he lost the lung in a wartime injury. Great respect for this man and thank you for your service sir.
• Sleepless thanked YHC for #mwha (making workouts hard again); glad to be of service. 😁

As always, thank you men for allowing me to be your leader today. Be prepared for a VQ by The Hoff next week. Ikes, that’ll be a killer leg workout.

Simple Hard

5 Strong Men

PAX: Siete, Thriftshop, Gorka, Canuk (FNG), Xbox (Q)

Warm-up: These Redmond guys are slow to show, so we did a couple warmups.

Ran around the field a couple times…
• 10 IC Daisy pickers
• 10 IC Windmills
• 10 IC Merkins
• 10 more IC Daisy pickers (for Canuk)
• 15 IC Arm circles and flapjack

Thang: On the small grassy field, we did 4 corners. Starting with 1, we worked our way up to 7 repititions…for each corner.

Travel mechanism: We ran on the first and third legs and bearcrawled the other 2… until that smoked em, so YHC changed to running backwards
• First lap and every odd lap: (round number) burpees at every corner
• Second lap and every even lap: single count lunges (one for every lap number)

5 MoM:
• 2 minutes of plank
• 15 IC Flutter kicks
• 11 IC Rosalitas
• 11 IC Dollies
• 2 count 6″ hold

Announcements: start collecting school supplies for the charity drive. Bring anytime to Site Qs for delivery to YHC (the new 3rd F Q 😁), but the last day of delivery is the convergence on 1Sep at KiMS.

Got busy explaining F3 to Canuk and we forgot WoW.

Moleskin: Great to have Gorkha and Siete back. You guys were missed. You all did great today.

It was a tough, hot workout and Canuk hung in there for his very first F3 workout. Happy to have you sir.
A big thank you to Thriftshop for running the show while I was out. Thank you for being there even when PAX count was low. Solid!

Thank you for the opportunity to lead men. #mwha

Tons of fun

Well done men of Bellevue

15 men had tons of fun in Bellevue this morning (new AO record for attendance!) Great work in recruiting by all, and by Dig Dug (site Q)!

The Pax:
Salsa, Xbox, Dig Dug, Dial Up, Mueller, (the) Hoff, Ferris, Bull Horn, Dilfer, Elon, Dry Dock, Peloton, Icky, Blue (VQ)

Warmup (“just a few (5- or 10-count) reps of each”… Q took the reps kinda slow, knowing what would soon be happening)
– side straddle hop, merkins, sit ups, squats

The Thang:

Modified APFT (Army Physical Fitness Training) exercises
– Mosey to middle of park, find a partner, form two lines, partners facing each other
– 1 minute max-effort pushups: one partner goes while other holds fist under chest (flapjack)
– 1 minute max-effort situps: one partner goes while other holds feet in place (flapjack)

Form 3 teams of 5 pax
– each team picks up a 100+ lb sandbag “worm” (2 bags connected by a carabiner)
– “mosey” to south end of park (it looks different with sandbags)

“Swedish ‘Ton of Fun’ Mile” around the track, counter-clockwise
– two guys at front of each team pick up the worm and complete 20 reps of an exercise (20 reps x 100# = 1 TON of weight movement), while the rest of the team does burpees
– those same two guys carry the worm a quarter lap, where they happily drop said worm for the early birds at the back of their team line
– two guys from the back of each team step forward. Repeat-o for a full mile and more than 8 tons of lifting for each team. 24 tons total.
– Exercises with the worm included: deadlifts, thrusters, overhead holds for 20 seconds, static hold at bottom of squat, shoulder-to-shoulder, overhead squats
– Completed the mile at west side of park

A little sprint work to balance all that long, slow stuff
– sprint to electrical box in center of park and back
– as a team, run to railing at top of fountain, and bear crawl back (just to cool off our hands in the wet grass)

6 MoM
– 10-count flutter kicks with some guys holding sandbags over their heads (rotate other guys in for more)
– Bro-tractor with sandbags over head (rotate other guys in)

– Inspired to see so many pax in attendance! I think at one point we were up to 50 or so (did I count wrong)… but then the sandbags came out… so the final count was 15, lol
– Lots of “interesting” sounds during the APFT pushups and situps… mostly positive words of encouragement & cheering … but also some grunting and other guttural noises
– Wow. The teams got after the sand bags. Working with weight is no joke. So awesome to see guys jumping right in, both to try something new… and also to work as a team to get stuff done
– Specific shout-outs to Dig Dug and Xbox who, at different times, let me know that the sandbag stuff was too easy. Beasts.
– Very inspired by Bull Horn… on his second day ever at this AO… jumping right in and pushing through a very heavy slog-fest. Love his commitment!
– Perhaps I need not say more than to draw attention to the photo. This was at the end of the fun… Look at those smiles. Infectious.
– We were having so much fun under the weight, and working together, that a large number of passers-by stopped to either gawk or encourage us. Several invites were overheard!

– 2nd Kidvergence this morning at KIMS at 9. First one was very well attended.
– Bellevue AO won the recent competition for most FNG’s! (Coffee on Dig Dug this morning!)
– New 12-week competition to have as many VQ’s as possible. Several guys gave verbal commitments!
– Look for F3 Puget Sound newsletter to be emailed on Sunday

– “You are more valuable than a telephone pole.” Inspired by a story told to Blue by a homeless man he knows. The man, “J,” had all his belongings fire-bombed by someone who wanted him dead. His tent & belongings happened to be beside a telephone pole. J did not get much response from the police, but several authorities came out in force to inspect the damage done to the telephone pole, and to plan their investigation into who damaged the pole. J knows that he is infinitely more valuable than that pole, although he wasn’t getting much support from others in reminding him. What are the “damaged telephone poles” in our lives that some might have us believe are more valuable than us? Is it a lost job, a failed relationship? Those things might get more attention than us, but know in your heart that those things do not define you. You have inherent, infinite value. Perhaps we can pass along that reminder to someone who needs to hear it.

Xbox off IR

PAX: Thriftshop, Xbox (Q)

Warmup: Running around looking for more PAX

  • 10 IC Windmills
  • 10 IC Cotton Pickers
  • 10 IC Merkins
  • 15 IC Arm circles and flapjack

Thang: Kept it simple as YHC just getting back at it.

  • Red barchetta up (100 SSH, 75 Mountain Climbers…10 Burpees)
  • Red barchetta down (100 Merkins, 75 LBCs…10 burpees)

30 seconds Al Gore, 10 count rest, 45 second Al Gore

8 MoM

  • 15 IC Flutter kicks
  • 15 IC Rosalitas
  • 15 IC Dollies
  • 15 count hold


  • Repeato
  • 1 minute high plank
  • Almost 1 minute low plank

Moleskin: Happy I found you out there Thriftshop.

WoW: Great to be back. Encourage the PAX to stay in 2nd/3rd Fs even when on IR. YHC absolutely missed the 2nd F more than the 1st. Thanks again Thriftshop.


Four Strong

Consistent 4

PAX: Skip (LIFO), Snip, Thriftshop, and Xbox (Q)

DATE: 29JUN2018

Warmup: Ran away as Skip joined late – felt guilty and went back for him….he is my boss after all – over to the baseball field as Field 5 was taken over by huge tents.

  • 20 IC SSHs
  • 10 IC Windmills
  • 10 IC Cotton Pickers
  • 10 IC Merkins
  • 15 IC Arm-circles and then flapjack

Thang: Red barchetta

  • 100 SSHs
  • 75 Mountain Climbers
  • 50 LBCs
  • 25 Merkins
  • 10 Burpees

….all after running to the percentage field line from the baseline each time.

Ran back over to the grassy area near Field 5 since that was where YHC stashed his work badge and phone…

Partnered up and did a modified Dora 1-2-3

  • 100 Lunges
  • 200 American Hammers (2 count)
  • 300 Merkins of any flavor (Diamond, Regular, or Wide arm)

PAX was pretty tired out at this point, so we did some planks to rest…for about 2.5 minutes high, and then 2.5 minutes low.

6 MoM….ha!  Not many of the PAX was aware what MoM stood for, so YHC explained, all while the PAX got a rest.  Aye.  Snickered me for a rest period while YHC bantered.

  • 25 IC Rosalitas
  • 25 IC Dollies
  • 15 IC Flutters

….and done

Moleskin: Snip has become a consistent member of the Field 5 PAX.  Very happy to provide another opportunity to get involved in the PAX sir; YHC knows that mornings are difficult while taking care of family.

While Thriftshop lives out in Duvall, it is also difficult for him to be in many workouts.  He has been a very consistent, OG PAX member, and my backup Site Q since inception.  Happy to see you every week.  Thanks for the running push every week sir!  #runwithfastermen

As an admitted Sad Clown (SAD CLOWN: A man with Decelerating Fitness (only because of knee surgery), Fellowship (normal 40 year old problem where we work too much and neglect our social life) and/or Faith), Skip has been a welcome competitor and very consistent through the short time of Field 5 existence.  YHC is very happy to share the F3 experience with him and excited for the opportunity to see him included in other F3 events\workouts.

WoW: YHC read a quote by Angela Ducksworth on grit that YHC found inspiring:

Taking a lesson from child psychology, Angela advocates the use of “proximal development”: “…give somebody something that they’re just able to do with support, then once they’re able to do that [on their own], you give them the next thing they’re just able to do, and that’s how they grow.”
Do something hard men.  Put support around yourself and get to 100% where you are just short of ability.  In F3 land, Q!!  Ask for support and do it!
Thank you for the honor of leading men.  Peace.

F3 Puget Sound Comms Plan


The main goals of comz in F3 are to make sure everyone knows what’s going on and to have a platform for mumblechatter that allows for both encouragement and a bit of trash talk.

The main goals of the backblast are to EH those that missed the workout, encourage those who were there, and possibly give ideas to other Qs to beat down the PAX.

With the growth of F3 Puget Sound, attempting to meet these requirements for the entire PAX has proven difficult. Any tool that has mumblechatter for more than 100 men will likely get too chatty and hence ignored, removing its effectiveness. Although it is nice to read backblasts from every site (we have a lot now), the time commitment to read them all proves overwhelming…and having everyone read them isn’t the requirement.

Mumblechatter: In an effort to simplify our tools while meeting the requirements, Slack will allow for us to not only mass chatter when it’s necessary but also divide by channels to better target to the correct audience. Also if you haven’t joined the feed channels (Twitter,, and, you are missing out. It really helps to not miss anything.

Primary Information Source (PIS): Our website will continue to be the primary location to find all the goings on in our region. It will list all 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Special events (Worthington weekend fun, CSAUPs). We also have the option to use the website for sharing content to the bigger F3NATION (our mumblechatter tool is mostly, if not all, private).

Backblasts: As the requirement for backblasts doesn’t include sharing to the Nation, posting to the website (PIS) is not mandatory; on special occasions where we do want to share, we absolutely should and blast it on Twitter!!

Board communication: The primary method for this in the first couple years was a newsletter and the only reason to dump that idea was the cost. With the help of Dig Dug, another free email method was found. Expect to see F3 Puget Sound updates 2-3 times a month.

Other Comz:

  • Twitter is quite popular throughout the Nation. Many of our PAX have accounts, so if you want to post something and don’t have an account, feel free to ask @f3xbox.
  • Instagram is used by Gekko and probably Alexa as well.
  • Facebook will stick around for a while but will be eventually retired; the main reason is that it does not meet the requirement for private chatter.

Return of the Quicksand Gun Show

Sun’s out, Guns out

PAX: Hollywood, Salsa, Worthington, Dry Dock, Hurley, Goats, Spam, Brady, and Xbox (Q)

Warmup: Run around the field, 10 IC Good Mornings, Windmills, Cotton Pickers, Merkins, and 15 IC Arm circles to include flapjack.


4 Corners. Home 25 LBCs, visitor Burpees AMRAP; YHC decided to switch up the order, so we ran the corners 3, 1, 4, 2; with 2 being in the far corner, it lead to the salmon ladder. 😋

Salmon Ladder up: increments of 2 Diamond Merkins per level, all flat travel done with walking lunges; pickup 6 once done.

Salmon Ladder down: Starting at 16, down by 2 on each level: Sumo Squats; all flat travel, reverse lunges; pickup 6.

Head to track. YHC started with the idea 5-10-15-20 repititions of Jillian Michaels at each corner, but after corner 2, switched to 5-10-10-5.

One more time with Carolina Dry Docks, but we stuck with the count 5-10-15-20.

Headed back to the field to do Abs in the reverse order of the corners we did at the beginning: 20 LBCs, 10 World War IIIs, 20 American Hammers, and YHC forgot what the fourth corner was.

Spotlight loves running backwards, so we ran the corners backwards at the end as well.

On the second round of AMRAP burpees, Salsa found it appropriate to pace the speed… which allowed YHC to keep up.

Spam did not let me run slow on the laps around the track. Grrrr. Love you man.

Brady helped count cadence during warmup.

Glad to have you back Worthington!!! Thanks for the good words from the Star Course. Encouraging.

I always get better hanging out with Goats and Hurley. Great attitude and hard workers! Get at it men.

Great location Hollywood. Thanks for being an awesome Site Q. I’m working on some men to help build it up…the long, slow EH.

YHC provided WoW: attention management. Don’t let electronics grab your attention. Set time aside to give important things sole attention.

Thank you for letting me lead you men. Have a great week. Get at it and earn that Redwoods patch tomorrow and Saturday.

Return of Ickey

THE RETURN OF ICKEY! DT Bellevue, 6/2 Backblast

7 men, one clad armor and two that probably shouldn’t have, got after it in pursuit of their Redwood patches.

Dilfer, Blue, Spotlight, Xbox, FSBO, Ickey, Dig Dug (Q)

CoP- x20 SSH, x 10 Squats, x10 Cotton Picker, x10 Good Morning

Snag the bags and mosey to pool.

Partner up. P1 AMRAP exercise, P2 run a lap around the auditorium and then flapjack. Squats, Merkins, Lunges, Bent-over Row, Flutter

Mosey to the tree.

Partner up. P1 run 400m with sandbag, P2 balls to the three. Flapjack. Repeato.

Leave the bags, mosey to short-wall.

Line up for decline plank. Man in the back bear crawls to front. Repeat until every man has bear crawled. Repeat with Stiff Legged Bear, Table Crawl, and Crawl Bear.

Crawl Bear back to the bags.

Partner up. Wheelbarrow 100m. Empty wheelbarrow back.

Mosey to start.

ABORT MOSEY! – Operation find Spotlights keys.

Keys found. Resume Mosey.

Blue leads us in 6MOM of Butterfly Situps, Flutter, and Upright Flutter.

Blue in his weight vest is a sight. A 200 pound beast of man in armor, carrying an 80lb sand bag running around … yeah, that drew some looks.

Dilfer, with his “eff this wheelbarrow junk” opting instead to fireman carrying Dig Dug like he was a twig was a special moment.

Ickey’s return was made official with his “Really? Crawl-bear all that way?” mumblechatter

FSBO while crushing out bent-over-rows looked up to find his partner (YHC?) not moving gave a special brand of encouragement with his “Get running!” comment.

Dilfer’s response to aid while clearly looking like he was going to splash with “No, it’s fine. I’m just dizzy.” showed the spirit of a true fucking warrior.

From Ickey- Sometimes, we don’t realize how good we’ve got it. Ickey recently experienced this firsthand with being IR for the last 3 months and unable to participate in F3. Besides Ickey clearly growing rotund and out-of-shape, the real hit was on the 2F. Don’t take it for granted.

Big City and Me

PAX: Big City (FNG), Xbox (Q)

Two came together and got better this morning.  I was walking around at 0700 thinking to myself, wow!, gonna #SadClown this morning, until Big City came along and asked YHC if I was F3 – he asked as I was wearing gloves.  He even knew my nickname was Xbox by looking at the website before coming.  On it!

Warmup: Jog around the medium lap, 10 IC Cotton Pickers, 10 IC Windmills, 10 IC Merkins, 15 IC Arm circles forward and flapjack…..let’s do it!!

Thang: Started at the stairs and did a non-classic 10-20-30: 10 declines, 20 incline merkins, and 30 Sumo Squats.

Over to the hill.  Dora 1-2-3.  100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBCs with a run to the top of the hill.

Back to the parking lot for three rounds of 4 corners.  With 2, we did an alternative style: 20-15-10-5 repetitions.

  • Burpees
  • Lunges (20 & 5 forward, 15 & 10 backward)
  • Carolina Dry Docks

5 MoM: Flutters, Rosalitas, and Dollies with a short 6″ hold.


Gave Big City the F3 schpeel along the way.  He loved it.  I was very happy he came.

Big City’s M is about to have baby number 2 and has a 2 year old little girl.  He came to F3 looking for improvements to his cardio as he noticed in his last GoRuck Tough that was his weakness.  We did a lot of running today and he held in there.  YHC was worried the smoking may deter further posts, but Big City indicated he enjoyed the experience.  Whew!  It is true: men like to do hard things.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.  Get better soon Kemp.  Thank you again Big City.  I absolutely got better with you this morning.