Big City and Me

PAX: Big City (FNG), Xbox (Q)

Two came together and got better this morning.  I was walking around at 0700 thinking to myself, wow!, gonna #SadClown this morning, until Big City came along and asked YHC if I was F3 – he asked as I was wearing gloves.  He even knew my nickname was Xbox by looking at the website before coming.  On it!

Warmup: Jog around the medium lap, 10 IC Cotton Pickers, 10 IC Windmills, 10 IC Merkins, 15 IC Arm circles forward and flapjack…..let’s do it!!

Thang: Started at the stairs and did a non-classic 10-20-30: 10 declines, 20 incline merkins, and 30 Sumo Squats.

Over to the hill.  Dora 1-2-3.  100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBCs with a run to the top of the hill.

Back to the parking lot for three rounds of 4 corners.  With 2, we did an alternative style: 20-15-10-5 repetitions.

  • Burpees
  • Lunges (20 & 5 forward, 15 & 10 backward)
  • Carolina Dry Docks

5 MoM: Flutters, Rosalitas, and Dollies with a short 6″ hold.


Gave Big City the F3 schpeel along the way.  He loved it.  I was very happy he came.

Big City’s M is about to have baby number 2 and has a 2 year old little girl.  He came to F3 looking for improvements to his cardio as he noticed in his last GoRuck Tough that was his weakness.  We did a lot of running today and he held in there.  YHC was worried the smoking may deter further posts, but Big City indicated he enjoyed the experience.  Whew!  It is true: men like to do hard things.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.  Get better soon Kemp.  Thank you again Big City.  I absolutely got better with you this morning.