A Cluster F of a Backblast

A Cluster F of a Backblast


Log Boom Park 6/8/2018


PAX:  FNG Topknot, 5th Wheel, Guero, Dry Dock, SPAM, 529, Narwhal, Seabass, LaFleur, Hurley, Worthington, Dunder and Mifflin, FSBO, Magic, 7-Layer, Olaf, Salsa and MASH

Q:  Gekko


The Brute Bag made its maiden voyage at Log Boom Park today.  Moving forward the Brute Bag will be known as Steve-O (long story/you had to be there).


Here comes the cluster F part of this Backblast…..there was constant motion and switching of teams and pairs = pretty hard to capture everything without the help of a courtroom stenographer.


See some late PAX straggling in = punctual PAX immediately begin to job in a direction away from the stragglers, and then retreat back to home base.


CoP:  SSH, mountain climbers and merkins.


Introduce the Brute Bag, and the overall layout for the workout was this:  1 PAX does 10 reps on the Brute Bag, 2 PAX do an AMRAP exercise, and 1 PAX does AMRAP exercise.  Rotate through your group while the rest of the group runs an out and back.


Brute Bag exercises:  bent over lateral rows, bear hug squats, hip extension squat thrusters, curls, bear crawl pushes.


Exercises for other team members:  sumo squats, merkins, diamond merkins, flutters and squats.


Entire PAX:  line up shoulder to shoulder and hold a squat.  Pass the bag from one end to the other, and once you pass it you complete 5 burpees.


Partner up:  P1 does ab exercises hanging off of the wall while P2 holds feet.  Flapjack x 3


3MoM:  circle up and begin doing 4-count flutters while the bag gets passed around the entire circle.  72 reps




*Normal Saturday workout schedule for 6/9:  Bellevue, KiMS, Heritage Park, Gas Works at Point Defiance at 7AM.

*6/16 at 9AM:  2.0 (kids) workout – boys and girls welcome.  2.0 workouts are really for your M (wife!).  Get the hooligans out of the house and tire them out!  (Blatant self-interest:  the more you do this = the more guilt-free F3 workouts you get to hit IMHO.)

*6/22-24:  Worthington Weekend Family Extravaganza in Richland

*6/30:  Base 2 Space up the Space Needle.  Talk to Grissom for more details.

*10/19:  GoRuck Custom Tough event for just our F3 group.  Sounding like you will want to be one of the first 35 PAX to pay for this…..talk to Buckeye.


WoW:  Have an environment where you feel safe saying, “Taddah!  Look at how awesome I have been….”  F3 can be that group for you.  Looking around our CoT you see numerous success stories on the physical fitness/health/weight loss side of things, and you also see guys who have made impressive strides in a short period of time on family, relationships and personal development.  At home encourage your kids and spouse/SO to feel safe to step up and own their success.  Many in our society are eager to step up and own failures, but attribute success to “luck” – MAKE them own their success and know that they have a safe place to own (~almost brag!) their recent wins.


Other “noise”:

*Salsa estimating that the Brute Bag/Steve-O weighs in at only 40 lbs makes me think that his internal scale is off…….or I am much weaker than I think…..

*Some planking was done on our finger tips (AKA – PYS for your fingers.  Cue Hollywood saying, “It must be easy…..cuz it’s only exercising your fingers.”)

*Guero shot out of the cannon on the first running legs in the parking lot!

*YES – 72 flutter kicks was the last exercise.  Some guys (LAFLEUR!!!) did not seem to want to pass the Brute Bag.

*Dunder and Mifflin said that the partner ab work we did should now be called “Brokeback”…..


Go DOMINATE today!!!!