A Cluster F of a Backblast

A Cluster F of a Backblast


Log Boom Park 6/8/2018


PAX:  FNG Topknot, 5th Wheel, Guero, Dry Dock, SPAM, 529, Narwhal, Seabass, LaFleur, Hurley, Worthington, Dunder and Mifflin, FSBO, Magic, 7-Layer, Olaf, Salsa and MASH

Q:  Gekko


The Brute Bag made its maiden voyage at Log Boom Park today.  Moving forward the Brute Bag will be known as Steve-O (long story/you had to be there).


Here comes the cluster F part of this Backblast…..there was constant motion and switching of teams and pairs = pretty hard to capture everything without the help of a courtroom stenographer.


See some late PAX straggling in = punctual PAX immediately begin to job in a direction away from the stragglers, and then retreat back to home base.


CoP:  SSH, mountain climbers and merkins.


Introduce the Brute Bag, and the overall layout for the workout was this:  1 PAX does 10 reps on the Brute Bag, 2 PAX do an AMRAP exercise, and 1 PAX does AMRAP exercise.  Rotate through your group while the rest of the group runs an out and back.


Brute Bag exercises:  bent over lateral rows, bear hug squats, hip extension squat thrusters, curls, bear crawl pushes.


Exercises for other team members:  sumo squats, merkins, diamond merkins, flutters and squats.


Entire PAX:  line up shoulder to shoulder and hold a squat.  Pass the bag from one end to the other, and once you pass it you complete 5 burpees.


Partner up:  P1 does ab exercises hanging off of the wall while P2 holds feet.  Flapjack x 3


3MoM:  circle up and begin doing 4-count flutters while the bag gets passed around the entire circle.  72 reps




*Normal Saturday workout schedule for 6/9:  Bellevue, KiMS, Heritage Park, Gas Works at Point Defiance at 7AM.

*6/16 at 9AM:  2.0 (kids) workout – boys and girls welcome.  2.0 workouts are really for your M (wife!).  Get the hooligans out of the house and tire them out!  (Blatant self-interest:  the more you do this = the more guilt-free F3 workouts you get to hit IMHO.)

*6/22-24:  Worthington Weekend Family Extravaganza in Richland

*6/30:  Base 2 Space up the Space Needle.  Talk to Grissom for more details.

*10/19:  GoRuck Custom Tough event for just our F3 group.  Sounding like you will want to be one of the first 35 PAX to pay for this…..talk to Buckeye.


WoW:  Have an environment where you feel safe saying, “Taddah!  Look at how awesome I have been….”  F3 can be that group for you.  Looking around our CoT you see numerous success stories on the physical fitness/health/weight loss side of things, and you also see guys who have made impressive strides in a short period of time on family, relationships and personal development.  At home encourage your kids and spouse/SO to feel safe to step up and own their success.  Many in our society are eager to step up and own failures, but attribute success to “luck” – MAKE them own their success and know that they have a safe place to own (~almost brag!) their recent wins.


Other “noise”:

*Salsa estimating that the Brute Bag/Steve-O weighs in at only 40 lbs makes me think that his internal scale is off…….or I am much weaker than I think…..

*Some planking was done on our finger tips (AKA – PYS for your fingers.  Cue Hollywood saying, “It must be easy…..cuz it’s only exercising your fingers.”)

*Guero shot out of the cannon on the first running legs in the parking lot!

*YES – 72 flutter kicks was the last exercise.  Some guys (LAFLEUR!!!) did not seem to want to pass the Brute Bag.

*Dunder and Mifflin said that the partner ab work we did should now be called “Brokeback”…..


Go DOMINATE today!!!!


21 men celebrate 2 years of F3 in Seattle

Q:  Alexa and Gekko


PAX:  FNG Schrempf, FNG Divebar, LaFleur, Scrum, Hurley, Olaf, Caesar, Bartman, Stigmata, Kemp, Worthington, MeetUp, The Situation, Spellcheck, Dig Dug, Sundevil, Bangkok, 529 and Dialup


Alexa with the Q out of the gates.


CoP:  SSH, imperial walkers and arm circles


Mosey to the straight near the food court for bearpees:  4 bear crawl strides and then do one burpee…..for ~75 yards.


Hit the garden for 10/20/30:  declines, inclines and dips REPEATO


:30 mosey to the base of stairs for Jacob’s Ladder:  0 merkins: 7 sumo squats…..1:6……all the way until 7:0


Gekko as new Q, and mosey to the fountain to get into teams of 3.


P1 runs the inner loop of the fountain while P2 and P3 do partner hand slap merkins.  Flapjack x 3.  Evolution #2 with partner hand slap WWI sit ups.  Flapjack x 3.


Break up into teams of seven:  Team 1 does AMRAP shoulder presses with the heavy pipe while Teams 2 and 3 run an out and back.  Flapjack x 3.


Mosey for home and do two 4-count flutters.


Arrive to a shovel flag which had been blasted down to the ground by a sprinkler = 20 burpees a man penalty!



Great crew today to celebrate F3 being on the Seattle side of things for two years.  We started 5/16/2016 with sparsely attended Mondays at MOHAI, and we had 21 guys out today + now 5 Seattle workouts a week = GROWTH!!!  Hats off to our current Site Q’s who are leading the charge:  529, Wooly Bugger, Kemp, DINK and Sundevil.


Promote a culture of growth by embodying the following quote/philosophy:  “When you’re green you’re growing, and when you’re ripe you’re dying on the vine.”  Always seeks growth opportunities and get outside of your comfort zone.


Excellent showing by the two FNG’s.  They both powered through their comfort zones.




-Be thinking of our guy Yard Sale.  Round #1 of chemo begins next week, and he will have a 5-day blast throughout his body for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Then….he will have five more blasts.


-Dig Dug, Worthington and Santa head to DC to take down the 50-mile GoRuck event.  While we are working out on Saturday AM they will be near mile #35…..go get ‘em boys!


-Worthington Weekend Family Extravaganza:  6/22-24    RSVP now so Worthington knows how many buses to get for adults night out component of the weekend/food/etc.


-5/28:  No MOHAI or Grass Lawn workouts, instead we will do the Murph and play ultimate football at Kirkland Middle School.  Start time is 7AM.


FNG Divebar shared WoW.  He has been in Seattle for seven months now.  When in a new area or situation say “yes” to just about any new opportunity.  Also, he shared about his friend who endured 11 rounds of chemo for nose and throat cancer (Gekko initially thought he was going to make a broken nose joke at his expense).  Go big every day!







Delayed Saturday Backblast post

Q:  Gekko, Swinger

PAX:  Waterboy, Jar Jar, Guero, Mile High, Kramer, Olaf, Gilligan, The Dude, Olaf

CoP:  SSH, squats, Merkins/m’climbers/diamond Merkins

Mosey to upper parking lot to do dips in cadence.  Continue the mosey back to planters.

Get into pairs.  One pair does squats or hip flexor thrusts with Brute Bag while rest of PAX runs an out and back (perform an exercise at turnaround point:  burpees, SSH, sumo squats, Merkins).

Same pairs for Pike Rally.  P1 does Pike Rally while P2 runs a lap around the school.  Flapjack.

Decline mountainclimbers.

Hand off the Q to Swinger.

Merkins in cadence.

11 box jumps in planters + 1 burpee, then 10 + 2…..got down to 6 + 6

Mosey to the stairs and partner up.  P1 does a round trip while P2 does AMRAP circuits of 20 sumo squats and 20 Merkins.

Short jog to the soccer field for more partner work.  P1 Bear crawls out and runs back while P2 does an exercise (burpees, diamond Merkins, squats).  Flapjack x 4

Mosey back to home.


-Cannot state how nice the weather was Sat AM.

-2 highlights from Waterboy:  rolls in carving turns like Laird Hamilton on his skateboard + dude can bear crawl at a world-class level

-Kramer shared that a year ago he could not complete a lap of Pike Rally, and now he’s killing a lap easily (well…as easily as it can be done!)

-Elroy on Pike Rally with weight in a ruck = respect.  BTW, Elroy also had weighted gloves on = that’s a different level!

-Very solid VQ by Swinger – it was evident that he prepared.  Also, good audible to shorten up box jump/burpee combo….that’s a winning combo.

-Swinger said that after reading Freed to Lead he identified as a sad clown.  In 6 months F3 has been a fantastic thing for him, and he’s lost 15 lbs.

20 men test drive Heritage Park

Q:  Gekko

PAX:  FNG Vibram, Combover, AP, Legal Zoom, Lateral, Hollywood, Singlet, Elroy, Falcon, Putt Putt, Star Lord, Worthington, Magic, Tardy, Grissom, Alexa, Schnitzel, AC/DC, Swinger and Gekko


Circle of Pain:  SSH, merkins into diamond merkins, squats

10/20/30:  box jumps, squats and dips + repeato

Mosey to the tennis courts, and begin a Swedish Mile to Waverly Beach Park.

At the end of Waverly dock partner up.  Player’s choice between full ROM sit ups hanging off the dock OR partner foot throws.  Flapjack roles.

Run to the wood chips/playground and partner up: P1 runs up the stairs and dirt hill and completes a loop while P2 does AMRAP cycles of 20 SSH, 10 sumo squats and 5 diamond merkins.  Flapjack so that each P gets two laps.

Break up into two teams:  Team 1 runs the length of the dock while Team 2 does Balls to the Wall. Flapjack.

Run up the Waverly hill x2.

Begin to mosey back to Heritage Park, and upon arriving at the tennis courts complete a rectangle of walking in a basketball defensive stance.

10 burpees OYO at starting point

Run down the hill + 10 burpees OYO

Run up the hill and arrive near the parking lot + 10 burpees OYO



Color commentary:

*Great to have a solid 20 guys out to test drive Heritage Park as a potential AO for expansion.

*WINDY out of the gates today:  the shovel flag was ripping.

*Magic somehow had things timed out perfectly for full ROM sit ups off of the dock – his head’s lowpoint was the trough of waves!

*Very glad to have Combover out today.  His brother recently passed away from testicular cancer at the age of 31.  Combover, thanks for sharing a little bit about him.  We will be thinking of you and your family.

*Wait…..Vibram’s PR for a marathon is WHAT!?!?!?!??!?!?  This guy will run some serious miles with us….very good to have him out this morning.

*The hill out of Waverly is a burner.  I like the thought of a Jacob’s Ladder there.  #NotReally


*Grissom will organize our crew for Base to Space this year.  This is a very fun event + good way to raise money for charity!

*This Summer will provide many opportunities for leaders from within the PAX to step up!  As an example, if you want to add a 1st F event (Ahem…Magic adds a cycling workout) talk to Ickey.  He is the 1st F (Fitness) Q for F3 Puget Sound.  Talk to Alexa if you want to add a 2nd F (Fellowship) event. Talk to Kojak if you want to add a 3rd F (Faith) event.

*June 22nd-24th:  Worthington Weekend Extravaganza – book hotel now for lots of fun!!!