Woodinville – Q’d by Salsa: Jacob on the Salmon

“Jacob’s Ladder on the Salmon Ladder…”
8 guys got after it this morning in Woodinville (and it was relatively dry again!)

The PAX: SPAM, Goats, Magic, Hurley, Hollywood, XBox, Worthington, Salsa (Q)

The Thang:

Warmup with 20’s of…: SSH, Merkins, Squats, Sumo Squats. Then arms of pain 20 each of…: little baby arm circles forward and back, then medium circles forward and back, seal claps, arm raises. There was a warm burning sensation…. 🙂

Then we mosied to the outside seating eating area behind the cafeteria to continue the warmup and we completed the following: 10 Decline Merkins, 20 Incline Merkins, 30 Step Ups.

Now the really fun part…
“Jacob’s Ladder (JL) on the Salmon Ladder (SL)…”
I asked the Pax, what should we do at the top & Hollywood offered first “Burpees” (oh boy!, I thought), then I asked the Pax how about the bottom, then SPAM said let’s do burpees also (seriously?!), fortunately Worthington said we should have some variety, so then someone else said Jillian Michael’s (OMG!), all I could do was nervously chuckle and state at least it’s not burpees?!… So we did and we ran up to the railing 6 burpees & then back down 1 Jillian Michael, then 5-2, 4-3, etc. I asked for 10 count twice after that. :O

Then we mosied to the track…
And we did 4 corners once around the track, initially I thought 10 of something then 400M x 4, but after doing the JL on the SL…, 100M then 10 something x 4 was more agreeable to me, there was mubble chatter that it should have been a full lap instead quaters (ha ha). 1st corner: 10 Merkins, 2nd corner: 10 WW1s, 3rd corner: 10 Sumo Squats, 4th corner: 10 Burpees.

Then we mosied back the covered area…

Since we still had about 10+ min left, we finished with the following…

Balls-to-the-Wall 30 sec hold, then while still against the wall 30 mountain climbers. Next we did various portions of PYS…
30 Bicycle Situps, then 30 Flutters.
Protatractor: 30deg, 10deg, then protractor 30deg again, then scissors @30deg, Scissors @10deg

Then 60 sec plank, then each HIM would count down from 10 to 1 and lead a side plank hold and then we switched to the other side until all 8 of us each counted down once.

Then we were done! (Literally and figuratively for me personally, ha ha)

Bellevue Park led by XBox
Sat 7am
Workout Test AO
9am Q School
June 22-24 Worthington place Eastern Washington please if you will attend
PB&J Westside tonight in Seattle
PB&J Eastside tonight in Krikland

Check out www.f3pugetsound.com for all Q sign-ups, backblasts, and location information.

If you don’t rise to the occassion
Then you sink to the level of your training
Had a workout plan that hugged the building, threw it out once I saw that it was not raining…
“When in doubt ask the Pax”

Next week: Dig Dug has the Q. Spam is the backup Q.


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