Why we plank

19.5 men met at heritage park Saturday morning. 

The PAX (I am missing one guy… Let me know in the comments who it is and I’ll edit this post. )

Grissom, Magic, Spotlight, Bam bam, Benda (FNG),  Elroy, Gekko, Jemaine, Adrian, The dude, Legal zoom, Rivet, Buckeye, Hollywood (Q), Guero, Putt putt, All Black, Wolf, AP (on IR but still showed up)

The Thang :

SSH, Merkins, Mtn climbers, asymmetrical merkins, squats. 

Jacobs Ladder at the south hill. (Sumo squats/merkins)

Mosey to north end of field for Route 66 (Hand release merkins)

Reminder on how to plank

PYS (reps of 15)

Jack Webb

Lt Dan

Mosey one lap. 

2 Rounds with Tyson – WWI sit-ups and Burpees. 


Flutters, Slow Bicycle, Oblique crunch , LBC

Announcements: Murph this Monday at KIMS. Convergence. 

2.0 workout on the 19th

Worthington’s family weekend late June 

Wolf is Q for 50 mile Seattle Ruck

Tough Mudder in September

Base to Space in September 

Buckeye is Q for a custom tough Ruck in October. 

Tons of opportunity to get involved with a CSAUP. 

WOW: that guy that you want to be a year from now… Figure out what actions he will be doing them, and start doing them now.

Welcome FNG Benda. We’ve got a hell of a lot of Aussies in this group. Go ahead and throw some shrimp on the Bar-b.