Wednesday Hump Day Special in Seattle

Seattle Center, Wednesday Morning, All Sunshine, Sweat and 43 degrees

PAX (5): Lafleur (Q), Talent, Bangkok, Hurley, Kojak

5 men became better men this morning! Sweating together creates a bond somehow?

The thang:
Warm Up
SSH 30
lbc 30
Mosey to North side of EMP for 4 sets of the following:
-10 decline diamonds derkins
-20 incline merkins
-30 dips for a dip
-40 step ups
-hops – 5 sets of bunny hops up structure
– mosey down stair, 5 burpees, up stair 10 burpees
-10 mountain peak decline merkins
-repeat 4 times
mosey down stairs 10 sumo squats, up stairs 20 sumos
-Plank high, plank low, plank high (1 minute ea)
Mosey to base of Needle
-low chair with feet at 30 degrees
-flutters 30 ct
-low dolly/high dolly 20

Annoucements: KIMS Saturday Faith discussion at 6am, walking and running prior to 7am work out
-Kojak reminded us MLK was killed today. At the time his popularity was not very high in America. A reminder when thinking about current trends, movements, etc., that opinions evolve with time and keep and open mind!

-Squid/Sun Devil as a no show this morning (and Gecko for being in Hawaii) you are tasked with 60 burpees to complete Monday’s millennial for us!

Also, need a Q for Seattle next Wednesday, Wooley Bugger will be out of town.

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