MOHAI Monday

DATE: 07_23_18          05:30am        Conditions – perfect, sun rising, 61 degrees, minimal to no wind


PAX (11) Lafleur (Q), Meet Up, Gekko, Bangkok, Scrum, Sun Devil, Hurley, Luigi, Kojak, Wooley Bugger, Spam

The Thang-

Warm Up: arm circles, imperial walks, windmills – hold plank until Meet up joins circle

Go time – Wave Merkins – circle up, first man goes down and holds, next man…until it comes back and then up and hold, switch to one arm, to plank, we did this for a good amount of time…shoulders!

Mosey to Fountain – 20 derkins then 20 pike rally left, 20 derkins pike rally left and then right

Mosey to beach, 20 high derkins, then half PAX to 20 derkins others to hop ups and switch

Mosey to stairs, 10 inchworm push ups, 20 WW1, then up 3 flights of stairs x 2

Mosey back down, 10 inchworm push ups then mosey back to beach, 20 derkins, back to fountain, 20 derkins and 20 pike rally

back to COT for long plank then 2 minutes of flutter.

COT – Spam shared about spending one on one time with your kids and how important it is for those bonds.  Plan out special things for the summer, outdoors, new places, new things, but plan in advance or it does not happen.

Great work this morning gents, my shoulders are going to feel it tomorrow!

Space Needle – the pyramid

07/11 Slurpee Day, 0530, Space Needle – picture perfect morning

PAX: (4) – Lafleur (Q), Wooley Bugger, Scrum, Waxie

The thang –

Warm up – SSH 20×4(count), Imperial Walkers 15×4, Cotton Pickers 15×4

-Mosey for a bit, 10 decline merkins, 20 dips, 30 inclines, 10ea x 3 steps box jumps (hard)

-mosey to Mural for Pyramid 20/40/60/80/100/80/60/40/20

-20 inchworm merkins – run a lap

-40 burpees – run a lap

-60 dips for some dips….run

-80 merkins (no more chatter, hard after dips), lap

-100 sumo squats – legs burning, lap

-80 (need to go quicker and need some core) flutters, lap

-60 Freddy mercury, lap

-40 forgot sorry

-20 WW1 – lap – Pyramid Complete

COT – take or harness the positive F3 energy from the morning into your day, your encounters with co-workers, people at lunch, grocery store, it will improve your day and life!




Getting after it at the Top of the Lake

Friday, May 11
AO: Log Boom Park – Kenmore
PAX (8): Dunder, Spam, Hurley, Sea Bass, Narwhal, DINGY (FNG), 5th WHEEL (FNG), Lafleur (Q)
Conditions:  perfect 55degrees, no rain, no wind, no swells
warm up:  50 SSH, 20 merkins, 15 Cotton pickers, 20 arm circles
first thang:
20 dips, charge up hill, 20 sumo squats, run to crows nest and 20 high derkins, crab walk down hill, repeat 4x
Next thang:
5-10-15-20 – sprint to first history of Kenmore sign 5 burpees, run back 5 low plank jacks, repeat to next sign (20yds farther) 10 burpees, back and 10 plank jacks, repeat until 20 count
Core Time:
20 count each – LBC, WW1, flutters, box cutters
Dock Time:
Mosey to dock – amazing, lake is calm, sun sneaking out gives everyone an extra boost – lunge walk 50 yards down dock, then 20 merkins
Mosey to end of dock, ea Pax gets on a finger dock all facing each other – plank to push up – hold – plank – hold – push up 8 x for 20 count – then plank to low plank ups 10 each
Great morning and some strong FNG’s today. 
Mother’s day coming, no one more important than mother and wife and your kids see how you treat your mom and wife and learn from you

Hump Day Special at the Needle

04/25/2018, Wednesday Morning @ Space Needle

Conditions:  Optimal Prime – cool and clear and blue skies at the COT

PAX: (11) Bangkok, Squid, Kemp, Gekko, Yardsail, Cesar, Meet Up, Kojak, Spellcheck, Talent, Lafleur (Q)

Warm Up –

SSH(25), Cotton Pickers (25)

Mosey to Mural – 20 merkins, 20 mountain climbers, 20 WW1, 20 scissor lunges

  • Partner up, run together – run 1 lap then 5 burpees 5 dips, 2 laps 10 burpees and dips, run 3 laps 15 burpees and dips, 4 laps 20 burpees & dips
  • partners – one runs 1 lap, other does amrap – WW1, flutters, box cutters, mountain climbers, plank ups, burpees,
  • 25 WW1’s as a group – time up
  • The  pax is getting stronger, all men went hard for 45 minutes, very impressive!

Annoucements – Richland 6/22 – 6/24 (look on site for details, sign up for Q on this site, lunch this Friday at blue Acre at 12:15

WOW – just a reminder about the 3 F’s, we got the fitness in this morning, let’s all look at Fellowship – call/email/coffee/spend time/compliment someone, and Faith – focus on your spiritual self, share your problems, help others, do something for the greater good

Wednesday Hump Day Special in Seattle

Seattle Center, Wednesday Morning, All Sunshine, Sweat and 43 degrees

PAX (5): Lafleur (Q), Talent, Bangkok, Hurley, Kojak

5 men became better men this morning! Sweating together creates a bond somehow?

The thang:
Warm Up
SSH 30
lbc 30
Mosey to North side of EMP for 4 sets of the following:
-10 decline diamonds derkins
-20 incline merkins
-30 dips for a dip
-40 step ups
-hops – 5 sets of bunny hops up structure
– mosey down stair, 5 burpees, up stair 10 burpees
-10 mountain peak decline merkins
-repeat 4 times
mosey down stairs 10 sumo squats, up stairs 20 sumos
-Plank high, plank low, plank high (1 minute ea)
Mosey to base of Needle
-low chair with feet at 30 degrees
-flutters 30 ct
-low dolly/high dolly 20

Annoucements: KIMS Saturday Faith discussion at 6am, walking and running prior to 7am work out
-Kojak reminded us MLK was killed today. At the time his popularity was not very high in America. A reminder when thinking about current trends, movements, etc., that opinions evolve with time and keep and open mind!

-Squid/Sun Devil as a no show this morning (and Gecko for being in Hawaii) you are tasked with 60 burpees to complete Monday’s millennial for us!

Also, need a Q for Seattle next Wednesday, Wooley Bugger will be out of town.