Tour de Pt. Defiance

A very wet Wednesday night Defiance workout included a guest from Kirkland! AC/DC was in Grit City for work and joined us. The Pax: AC/DC, Frenchy, Linus, Lunger (Q) and DDT.

The Q decided to run the group to different “sites” around the park and share history and facts about the park between workouts. Now you get to experience this momentous event.

SSH, StormTroopers and 400m run

The Thang
Park fact: Pt. Defiance is 760 acres – around 80 acres smaller than Central Park
At the statue of our Patron Saint Francis Cushman dips and squats – 30 each
Mosey to the tennis courts
Park fact: Pt. Defiance was originally a military installation in the 1840s
Four Corners: 10 burpees, crab walk to corner 2, then 20 Mericans, Bear crawl to corner 3, 30 lunges, then broad jumps to corner 4, rather than do 40 Russian Twists at the court in the wet we moseyed to the Pagoda and did the twists under the eave.
Park fact: There is an old growth forest in the park including a 450-year-old Doug Fir.
Sides and ends: Sprint the sides of the pagoda, burpee broad jump the ends, do that three times
Mosey to the playground
Park fact: Electric street cars used to bring people to the park in the early 20th century.
Pullups – 5 reps x 3
Step ups – 20 x 3
Mosey to the rose garden
Park fact: Grover Cleveland approved the creation of the park in the 1880s.
A bunch of push ups: incline, decline, regular
Mosey to the flag
Park fact: 3.1 million visitors come to the park each year
Sandbag carries! to the big-ass tree at the other end of the grassy area
Do some ab stuff there (Q is getting tired at this point).
Overhead SB carry back to flag.

Frenchy had great words about getting affirmation and encouragement from someone who you truly respect or has a formative role in your life.

Retired to Coles for food and drink.
Thanks to AC/DC for coming out! We like to show Defiance off to our brothers up north. It’s a short drive down the road. Join us!

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