Talledega Morning

Momma, I am Going Fast!!!

15 HIMs decided to start their week off on the right foot and show to Grasslawn for a sprinting good time.  In honor of Talladega we went fast. 

 Alexa (Q), Pax: Jar jar, Spot light, Gift Box, Dilfer (LLLLLLifo), Xbox, Dial Up, AP, Germaine, Singlet, Dig Dug, FSBO, Guerro, Bam Bam, and Thrift Shop. 

The Thang: Plant Two Flags and mosey to the field. 

Warm up: SSH, Empiral Walkers, Cotton Pickers, BigBaby Arms Circles forward and reverse.

Mosey to the Tennis Courts…six courts for those of you who haven’t been to the greatest AO on the East Side.

One Round of Animal Courts with Active Recovery, SSH, until the Six is in.  The Animals: Bear Crawls, forward Crabs, Inch Worms, Spiders, Backward Crabs, and Crawl Bears

Suicides all Six courts

Mosey to the Soccer Field

Singlet (Heritage AO) lead a brief round of core: Freddy Murcuries, Murcury Freddies, wrestling shoot throughs, and on your knees for some Fat Joe’s (Lean Backs)

SPRINTS – line up on the soccer base line and full throttle sprints to the midfield line.  Jog and walk to the opposite base line.  Reline up and sprint to the midfield, repeato, and repeato, and repeato, and repeato,,,,,and repeato.  So much sprinting, so much going fast.

Slowzie to the field

Xbox (Box Trot & MSFT Campus AOs) lead a round of MoM – Russian Hammers, Hummingbirds, hight/low plank, and someotherstuffican’tremember.

Dig Dug (Bellevue AO) stepped up for the Box Cutters, Rosalitas, and someotherstuffican’tremember.


PAX Highlights:

Welcome FNG Gift Box…works for Nordstrom and has a family.  Well done today, keep it up.

Guerro’s shotgun start to the sprints was Olympic quality.  Love the enthusiasm!!!

Jar Jars jumping jax continue to be a site to behold.  I love the quiet commitment he brings.

Spotlights commitment to

The fast guys dueled it out Xbox and AP and Thrift Shop got after it.

Thanks to everyone for giving it your all on the soccer field!



Welcome FNG Gift Box, well done BamBam for giving F3 away and helping to grow the group and Monday.

Check in with your parents, kids, wife, and friends.  Just ask how they are doing or if anything is bothering them.  And then listen.  Don’t try to solve the problem, just let them talk.  And of course offer your help at the end.