Space Needle – the pyramid

07/11 Slurpee Day, 0530, Space Needle – picture perfect morning

PAX: (4) – Lafleur (Q), Wooley Bugger, Scrum, Waxie

The thang –

Warm up – SSH 20×4(count), Imperial Walkers 15×4, Cotton Pickers 15×4

-Mosey for a bit, 10 decline merkins, 20 dips, 30 inclines, 10ea x 3 steps box jumps (hard)

-mosey to Mural for Pyramid 20/40/60/80/100/80/60/40/20

-20 inchworm merkins – run a lap

-40 burpees – run a lap

-60 dips for some dips….run

-80 merkins (no more chatter, hard after dips), lap

-100 sumo squats – legs burning, lap

-80 (need to go quicker and need some core) flutters, lap

-60 Freddy mercury, lap

-40 forgot sorry

-20 WW1 – lap – Pyramid Complete

COT – take or harness the positive F3 energy from the morning into your day, your encounters with co-workers, people at lunch, grocery store, it will improve your day and life!