Return of Ickey

THE RETURN OF ICKEY! DT Bellevue, 6/2 Backblast

7 men, one clad armor and two that probably shouldn’t have, got after it in pursuit of their Redwood patches.

Dilfer, Blue, Spotlight, Xbox, FSBO, Ickey, Dig Dug (Q)

CoP- x20 SSH, x 10 Squats, x10 Cotton Picker, x10 Good Morning

Snag the bags and mosey to pool.

Partner up. P1 AMRAP exercise, P2 run a lap around the auditorium and then flapjack. Squats, Merkins, Lunges, Bent-over Row, Flutter

Mosey to the tree.

Partner up. P1 run 400m with sandbag, P2 balls to the three. Flapjack. Repeato.

Leave the bags, mosey to short-wall.

Line up for decline plank. Man in the back bear crawls to front. Repeat until every man has bear crawled. Repeat with Stiff Legged Bear, Table Crawl, and Crawl Bear.

Crawl Bear back to the bags.

Partner up. Wheelbarrow 100m. Empty wheelbarrow back.

Mosey to start.

ABORT MOSEY! – Operation find Spotlights keys.

Keys found. Resume Mosey.

Blue leads us in 6MOM of Butterfly Situps, Flutter, and Upright Flutter.

Blue in his weight vest is a sight. A 200 pound beast of man in armor, carrying an 80lb sand bag running around … yeah, that drew some looks.

Dilfer, with his “eff this wheelbarrow junk” opting instead to fireman carrying Dig Dug like he was a twig was a special moment.

Ickey’s return was made official with his “Really? Crawl-bear all that way?” mumblechatter

FSBO while crushing out bent-over-rows looked up to find his partner (YHC?) not moving gave a special brand of encouragement with his “Get running!” comment.

Dilfer’s response to aid while clearly looking like he was going to splash with “No, it’s fine. I’m just dizzy.” showed the spirit of a true fucking warrior.

From Ickey- Sometimes, we don’t realize how good we’ve got it. Ickey recently experienced this firsthand with being IR for the last 3 months and unable to participate in F3. Besides Ickey clearly growing rotund and out-of-shape, the real hit was on the 2F. Don’t take it for granted.