Post Murph Pain

Thirteen lucky HIMs showed up to get some 1st F.

Pax: Elroy (Q), Jemaine, Kramer, The Dude, Hail, 5th Wheel, Mifflin, Lateral (LIFO), Singlet, Worthington, AC/DC, Spam, Gilligan

Warmup: 10 SSH, 10 diamond merkins

Mosey to red composite area at far end of track: 10 diamond merkins

Mosey to bottom of Forbes Creek Stairs: 10 diamond merkins

Wheel barrow halfway then bear crawl rest of way up stairs

Mosey to playground

3 groups rotate: 2 groups AMRAP pull-ups (Ow! Murph!) and dips while other group bangs out 10 burpees

Same 3 groups do mini Swedish miles across the ball fields to trail head.

Mosey to Mt Merlot:

— 10 diamond merkins

— Sprint to stop sign and back, doing burpees: 3 half way, then 6 at top and 9 at bottom.

Next hill over (name?) crawl bear to top or as far as possible.

Mosey to red composite area at far end of KMS track: 10 diamond merkins

Hard Sprint back to KMS start for 3 MoM:

Slow and fast flutters, low plank dips and crunches, and…

10 diamond merkins



– Worthington’s family event in tri-cities weekend of June 22, looks to be full

– Seattle Course Ruck, Aug 17, Wolf leading training rucks

– Fathers Day weekend 2.0 workout: Saturday June 16 at KMS, 9-10am (girls and boys)


Worthington told a great story from his recent 50 mile DC Ruck (apocalyptic rain!) of an ‘A’ team not wanting some apparently sub standard guys, which Worthington, Dig-Dug and other PSF3 HIMs took onto their team. Despite hubris, bravado, that A team failed to even complete the Ruck — while Worthington’s ‘B’ team finished in under 20 hours. Aye, we may run faster alone, but we go farther together.

Kramer shared a great story about a business contact of his having to come out of a bomb shelter in Israel to complete their conference call. Sometimes we take for granted all of the things, including peace and stability, that this  country affords us.

Get out there and be bad ass today.