Obliteride Park Block!

The Pax L-R: FNG/Goose; Mossback; Hurley; Mr. Kotter; Bangkok (Front and center); Waxy; Husker (VQ); Ponch (2nd outing); Grissom

Joined by FNG Ryan, dubbed “Goose”, along with his visiting F3 brother, Mr. Kotter from NC, we were blocked from the park by the Obliteride.  But this fearless Pax of 9 decided to carry on!

Starting with some simple warm-ups, to mosey along, flanking the park.

1st area: Grassy Knolls outside the park

Highlights: Side hops over log parking barriers; Racoon Wall Crawls; The Alphabet

2nd area: The Marina down the way

Highlights: Zebra Hops; Graduated Balls to the Wall

3rd area:  The Basketball Court

Highlights: Running ladders followed by wheelbarrows

4th area: the pull-up bar

Highlight: Um, pull-ups…

5th area: Kiddie Park

Highlights: Up the play-set/down the play-set; up the netting/down the netting; up the stairs, back to the group

We successfully flanked Gas Works park until a Bernie Sanders hill climb at the end followed by a quick set of burpees to round out the morning!


Hurley’s Words of Wisdom: (Paraphrased) Having an F3 group is a helluva lot better than stealing a plane and crashing it on and island in the sound.  We all need a tribe!