MOHAI Monday

DATE: 07_23_18          05:30am        Conditions – perfect, sun rising, 61 degrees, minimal to no wind


PAX (11) Lafleur (Q), Meet Up, Gekko, Bangkok, Scrum, Sun Devil, Hurley, Luigi, Kojak, Wooley Bugger, Spam

The Thang-

Warm Up: arm circles, imperial walks, windmills – hold plank until Meet up joins circle

Go time – Wave Merkins – circle up, first man goes down and holds, next man…until it comes back and then up and hold, switch to one arm, to plank, we did this for a good amount of time…shoulders!

Mosey to Fountain – 20 derkins then 20 pike rally left, 20 derkins pike rally left and then right

Mosey to beach, 20 high derkins, then half PAX to 20 derkins others to hop ups and switch

Mosey to stairs, 10 inchworm push ups, 20 WW1, then up 3 flights of stairs x 2

Mosey back down, 10 inchworm push ups then mosey back to beach, 20 derkins, back to fountain, 20 derkins and 20 pike rally

back to COT for long plank then 2 minutes of flutter.

COT – Spam shared about spending one on one time with your kids and how important it is for those bonds.  Plan out special things for the summer, outdoors, new places, new things, but plan in advance or it does not happen.

Great work this morning gents, my shoulders are going to feel it tomorrow!