MOHAI backblast: Pyramids & Merkins

MOHAI Backblast – Pyramids & Merkins

17 men kick started their hearts.

Pax: 529er, Spam, Dive Bar, Meet Up, Stigmata, Scrum, Spell Check, Hurley, Ducks, Gekko, Talent, Sun Devil, La Fleur, Kojak,  Bangkok, Wooly Bugger, Elroy (Q).

* Warm up: SSH, Mucho Chestoso Pyramidios

* 2x Museum 4 corners with 10 Merkins, then 3 Burpees
* Sprint pyramids with 5 diamond merkins after each round
* Fountain pike planks with growlers, sumo squats, touch downs, and diamond merkins in between sets
* Mosey x bridge to gravel beach
* Jacobs ladder in groups of 3:  P1 runs up concrete stair things while P2 & P3 hands-lap Merkins, repeato with squats
*** Back down the Pyramid ***
* Back to fountain for a quick round of pike planks 

* 1.2.1 Sprint pyramids with 5 diamond merkins after each round

* 3MOM: flutters and LBCs, slow and fast cadence

* CoT
* Announcements:
** Sat June 16, 9am 2.0 Fathers Day event, KMS
** June 22 F3 Richland family weekend
** June 30, 10:30am, F3Dads put-put event with 2.0s, Willow Run Golf Course
** GoRuck Star Course Aug 17
** PSF3 Custom GoRuck, Oct 19, 5pm
* WoW
I’ve been with F3 going on 2 years, thanks to an invitation from Rivet. I can honestly say it’s helped me grow in many ways, especially leadership.  Q’ing has brought me the confidence to recently coach my daughter’s b-ball team, something I’ve never done before.   F3 is indeed a great gift, the rewards of which are  many fold. Thank you for allowing me to lead.

Get after it, gentlemen.