Lucky at Heritage

13 guys made it out to Heritage to continue their quest towards a Redwood patch. 

Elroy, Bam Bam, Bob, Shark Bait, Valdez, Singlet, Guerro, The Hoff, Hollywood (Q), Worthington, Buckeye, Kramer, Jemaine

The Thang:

SSH, merkins, Mtn climbers, cotton pickers 

The millennial (Run 100 meters, complete 100 reps of…)

SSH, Merkins, Squats, LBC, Lunges, Dips, Flutters, Step Ups, Mtn Climbers, Burpees



2.0 workout next Saturday (6/16) 9am at KiMS

Rucks a plenty 

Tough mudder 

Base to space


Thinking about the celebrities who supposedly “had it all” yet took their own life, recently. 

One main thing to realize is that F3 is a community which will support you, lift you up if you need it. You only have to ask.