It’s all Alexa’s fault: Chainline PB&J

11 men made it out despite Alexa’s sabotage efforts stealing our site Q’s and whatnot, and mostly non-regulars!

The Pax:

  1. Tardy
  2. Spotlight
  3. Hail
  4. Jemaine
  5. FNG Lamb Chop
  6. Sleepless
  7. Schnitzl
  8. Star Lord
  9. Ac DC
  10. Razr
  11. Kramer (Q)

Also – Bodhi sighting at the tail end finishing a run and stopped to say hi

Beautiful night, not too hot, moderate clouds, more running than usual…

The Thang:



Imperial Walkers


Bropees x 5

Bearcrawl to courts

Mosey to benches

10/20/30: decline, incline, dips

Jack Webb  1×4…5×20 and back down. Much complaining.

Mosey to Everest park

Half Stadium stair run / half wall sit

various permutations of that including burpees

4 corners = Pax helpfully stepped in and called excercises, Schnitzel bringing the Gorilla Humpers to a new audience. 

A few random excercises while wandering around looking for the trail

Trail run

Lt Dan

Back to base

Only time for 10 WW1’s!

Thanks for letting me Q and your patience as we explored some new terrain!

Words: Lot of different guys in F3 -not a monoculture. If you want to find some friends to do a crazy athletic event, great, but also guys to catch a movie, have a beer, get together with kids, etc. Find your sub-groups and the more you put in the more you get out.

Beers and fun were had. Your Q was bought a beer for helping carry a stroller up the stairs. Good Karma!