Heritage Park Kettle Circuit

9 posted this morning for my first official site Q at Heritage. 


Alexa, Hollywood, Hopps, Vibram, Woolly Bugger, Starlord, Goose, Combover and Singlet on Q


10 SSH 

10 hr plyo merkins

Quick leg and shoulder stretch 


Mosey to the bottom of the rollers for the go to kettle circuit. Pax split into 2 groups. 1s do kettle exercise while 2s run up the rollers and back. Flapjack roles. Exercises were as follows with turns on the battle rope thrown in at random.

-Mini push

-Triceps ext

-Sit up

-Upright row

-Shoulder press


-inchworm in place (no weight)



-RtW/Sack O potatoes

-Merkin variants (no weight)

-Seated twist

-Pass through lunge


Load weights in Alexa’s truck and “bi-curious crawl” (ask Hollywood) back up the rollers for COT


Base to Space and Worthington’s weekend are fast approaching. Check the site and FB for details.


Don’t underestimate the value of letting things go. Sing that s**t like Elsa if you have to.

Gents, it was a pleasure. Morning like this make me feel like I’m cheating life.