Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory…

KiMS – Saturday 04 07 18

22 HIMs weren’t afeared of no stinkin’ rain.

The PAX:  XBox, AP, SPAM, Razor, Simmons, Olaf, Gilligan, Elroy, Rivet, Lateral, Jar Jar, Maybe, Alexa, Joystick (Kotter), Drama, Hollywood (Q), Blue, Wolf, Kojak, Swinger, Foley, Worthington

The Thang:

Warm-up with: SSH, Merkins, Mtn. Climbers, Squats (Woodinville Style)

Mosey round the corner underneath a bit of cover for the real work to begin!

PYS – Reps of 15…say it with me: It’s easy, because….its laying down.

Arms of Pain – 20 reps – little circles forward, little circles back, big forward, big back, seal claps, shoulder presses, pretzels.

10-20-30: Declines, Inclines, Dips

Split into 3 groups – Wall Sit, Amrap SSH, Jog to bollards for 5 Jillian Michaels. Rotate when the Jillian Michaels groups jogs back for wall sits.  Hit all 3 stations.

Mosey up and around to the Santa’s Ladder parking lot…for…a full series of Santa’s Ladder – Burpees & Merkins, then Merkins & Burpees.

Mosey all the way around the school, and those who so chose can add High Knees in to the mosey.  Back to 6MoM –

6MoM – American Hammer passing a found baseball twice around entire circle. Slow Bicycle, LBCs, Flutters, and Bro-tractor.



Q School in Bellevue next Saturday 4/14 – Talk to XBox, or AP for details.

Worthington’s family weekend – Late June in Richland, WA – Talk to Worthington for details.

3rd F conversation is every Saturday 6AM – Location moving to Juanita Starbucks. Talk to Wolf or Kojak for details.

WoW: SPAM, Xbox, AP and Alexa spoke on the power of being Q. It’s an honor to do it, and its a gift back to the PAX. Learning to Q will help you elsewhere in your life. Do it.

It was an honor to lead the men today…and as is so often the case…the rain deluge halted for us for one hour. So glad to have made it out this morning. Thanks to the PAX always.



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