Greatest Grasslawn Heroes

10 men met in the gloom at Grasslawn.


FSBO, Jar-Jar, Gift Box, Bam-Bam, Xbox, Germaine, Guerro, Dilfer, Drama, Thrift Shop (Q)



SSH (20)

Merkins (15)

Squats (20)

Arm Circles: small forward and reverse (10 each), large forward and reverse (10 each)



Mosey to tennis courts for Dora 1-2-3

Teams of two perform 100 SSH, 200 Merkins, 300 sumo-squats. One man in each team performs reps of an exercise while his partner runs three courts and back. Repeato until the cumulative counts are reached.


Mosey to soccer field for 4 corners routine

PAX splits into three groups. Run to first corner and each man in the first group performs 10 burpees while the rest of the PAX does AMRAP squats. PAX runs together to second corner where second group performs burpees and the rest of the PAX does AMRAP squats. Repeato with third corner. At fourth corner, PAX performs 10 burpees in cadence.


Germaine led us in some ab work:

WWI situps (35)

“Germaine travel crunches” (20) — these are an exercise Germaine taught us: lie down with arms extended straight out on each side. Start with legs raised off the ground slightly. Move legs up to vertical and back down but not touching the ground. Keep back flat on the ground.

Xbox convinced us all we were superheroes with his great singing voice.  The PAX held Supermans while he sang “Walking on Air”


Pass Catchers (20)

Upstate Box Cutters (20)

Rosalitas (20)

Low Plank (20 count)



Q thanked everyone in the PAX for being part of the F3 community, which is a great motivation to come to a workout each week.