Is it smoke or is it fog?

Five brave men cut through the haze this morning at Grasslawn.

PAX:  Swinger, Handbag, Cowboy, Gumby, Thrift Shop (Q)

Warm-Up:  SSH, Mountain Climbers, Merkins


Mosey to tennis courts

Red Barchetta:  PAX runs across a number of tennis courts to perform an exercise, then back to the starting point.

6 courts, 100 SSH

5 courts, 75 Mountain Climbers

4 courts, 50 LBC

3 courts, 25 Merkins

2 courts, 10 Burpees

1 court, bear-crawl back to start

4+1 corners:  PAX runs together to a corner and each PAX takes a turn calling out an exercise.  PAX performs 20 reps of the exercise

Imperial Walkers

Low Plank-Jacks (double count!)




Mosey to soccer field

Walls of Fire:  PAX splits into two groups.  One group runs the full length of the field and back while the other group performs an exercise:

Balls to the Wall

Al Gore (tree hugger)


4+1 corners, version 2:  each HIM goes to one corner and one stays in the middle.  Each HIM performs an exercise and then runs to another station.  Repeato until each HIM has performed all of the exercises:

10 Burpees

20 Merkins

30 LBCs

30 Sumo-squats

30 Mountain Climbers


Words:  “Life is nothing except for the impact it makes on others.”  Spinner shared a quote, saying that it is always important to make a positive impact with your life.

2 Guys at Field 5

Two guys took time out today to workout at Field 5.

PAX:  Xbox, Thrift Shop (Q)

Warm-up: SSH, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, Arm Circles


  1. Wall of Fire:  1 PAX performs a static exercise at the wall on the edge of the baseball diamond while the other one runs ~100yd and back
    1. Balls to the wall
    2. Al Gore
    3. Plank
  2. Repeato
  3. Rest during ab workout:  Freddie Mercuries, Protractor, American Hammers
  4. Arm-o-Rama:  1 PAX performs AMRAP of an exercise while the other runs around the baseball diamond
    1. Incline Merkins
    2. Dips
  5. Repeato
  6. Red Barchetta:  PAX runs ~100 yards and back 5 times, performing a different exercise at the end of each round-trip
    1. 100 SSH
    2. 75 Mountain Climbers
    3. 50 LBCs
    4. 25 Merkins
    5. 10 Berpees

6MOM: Flutters, Upstate Box Cutters, 60-sec low plank

Words: F3 has become a part of my routine.  I missed my usual workout at Grasslawn and felt bad about it all day — especially when I read the backblast where Alexa Q’d the workout after only 4h of sleep.  Lack of sleep was my excuse!  I never thought I would be “that guy” who prioritized his workout but thanks to F3 and the great camaraderie I am.

AMRAP-o-rama at Field 5

3 guys got after it on Field 5 on Friday. Slowly, we are getting the field back after the Hackathon.

PAX: Alexa, Schwinn (FNG), Thrift Shop (Q)

Warm-up: SSH (15), Merkins (15), Squats (15), Arm Circles, 1 lap around the fields

1. Two PAX perform AMRAP Incline Merkins while the third runs around the baseball diamond. All three take turns running.
2. Repeato with Dips as the exercise.
3. One HIM performs 10 Burpees while the other two perform AMRAP of an exercise. Take turns until all three have done Burpees twice. Exercises: Mountain Climbers (2 times), Lunges, Carolina Dry Docks, Plank Jacks, Merkins

6MOM: Flutters (15), New York Box Cutters (15), LBCs (30), Protractor

Words: Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life. Alexa described a great philosophy for life — choosing the easy path usually ends with having a more difficult life eventually (skipping school, poor diet, etc), but choosing the more difficult path usually results in an easier life (pursuing education, going the “extra mile” at work, exercise, etc). Great words to live by!

Thanks to Alexa and Schwinn for sticking with me for the workout!

Workout on the tiny field

3 awesome men joined me at Field 5 for a workout. We had to confine our workout to a small field of grass due to construction but we made the most of it!

PAX: Snip, Brady, Kobe, Thrift Shop (Q)

Warm-Up: SSH (20), Arm Circles, Squats (15),

Jack Webbs (run 50 yd and back, then 1 burpee + 4 air presses, repeat 4 times with each time increasing 1 burpee and 4 air presses, repeat 4 more times with each time decreasing by 1 burpee and 4 air presses)
4 Corners (PAX runs to the next corner of the field and performs 20 reps of an exercise)
— First circuit: Lunges, high-jump burpees, WW1s, 60 sec of tree-hugger squat
— Second circuit: Merkins, xxx, Kobe cobra-merkins, Carolina dry-docks

6MOM: flutters, protractor, box-cutters

Words: life is hectic and it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Ask for help if you need it.

Moleskin: Snip almost killed us with 20 high-jump burpees in the 4 corners (jeez, dude! :)). It was great to see Brady posting again after his stint in IR. He bragged about his ability to do finger-tip Merkins (rock on, guy!). Kobe, thanks for bringing your calm force to the workout!

Greatest Grasslawn Heroes

10 men met in the gloom at Grasslawn.


FSBO, Jar-Jar, Gift Box, Bam-Bam, Xbox, Germaine, Guerro, Dilfer, Drama, Thrift Shop (Q)



SSH (20)

Merkins (15)

Squats (20)

Arm Circles: small forward and reverse (10 each), large forward and reverse (10 each)



Mosey to tennis courts for Dora 1-2-3

Teams of two perform 100 SSH, 200 Merkins, 300 sumo-squats. One man in each team performs reps of an exercise while his partner runs three courts and back. Repeato until the cumulative counts are reached.


Mosey to soccer field for 4 corners routine

PAX splits into three groups. Run to first corner and each man in the first group performs 10 burpees while the rest of the PAX does AMRAP squats. PAX runs together to second corner where second group performs burpees and the rest of the PAX does AMRAP squats. Repeato with third corner. At fourth corner, PAX performs 10 burpees in cadence.


Germaine led us in some ab work:

WWI situps (35)

“Germaine travel crunches” (20) — these are an exercise Germaine taught us: lie down with arms extended straight out on each side. Start with legs raised off the ground slightly. Move legs up to vertical and back down but not touching the ground. Keep back flat on the ground.

Xbox convinced us all we were superheroes with his great singing voice.  The PAX held Supermans while he sang “Walking on Air”


Pass Catchers (20)

Upstate Box Cutters (20)

Rosalitas (20)

Low Plank (20 count)



Q thanked everyone in the PAX for being part of the F3 community, which is a great motivation to come to a workout each week.

11 men on the field

Eleven men met at the soccer field to get fit. Biggest crowd yet at Field 5 with 5 FNGs!



FSBO, Naal, Earl, Gorkha, Xbox, Frigid (FNG), Beckham (FNG), POG (FNG), Siete (FNG), Skip (FNG – LIFO) Thrift Shop (Q)



SSH (20)

Arm Circles: forward — small & large, forward & reverse (10 each)

Mountain Climbers (20)



Four Corners: PAX jog to one corner of the field, perform 10 squats OYO, repeat for the other three corners of the field


Red Barchetta

PAX runs a distance on the field, runs back to the starting line, and then does an exercise:

100 yards (full length), 100 SSH

75 yards, 75 Mountain Climbers

50 yards, 50 LBCs

25 yards, 20 Merkins

10 yards, 10 Burpees


Tammy Wynette

PAX breaks up into pairs

One man in each pair performs 10 Merkins while his partner performs 10 squats in cadence

Partners switch exercises every 10 reps until they have completed 100 reps each



Flutters (20)

Upstate Box-Cutters (20)

Low plank (60 sec)

Leg stretches



Reiterated philosophy of F3 for FNGs (esp. “leave no man behind”)

So many FNGs! Great!


Here comes the sun!

Eight men met at Grasslawn to greet the sun and get better.

Spotlight, Dilfer, Dialup, Jar Jar, Magic, FNG (now Jive), Worthington, Thrift Shop (Q)

SSH (20)
Arm Circles Forward — small & large (10 each)
Arm Circles Reverse — small & large (10 each)
Squats (20)


Mosey to picnic tables for a whole mess-o’ 10/20/30s:
Decline merkins/Incline Merkins/Dips
Diamond Merkins/Merkins/Wide Merkins
NY Box Cutters/Y Hammers/LBC

Mosey to soccer field for half of a Santa’s Ladder
Run from goal line to center field and do 10 Burpees.
Run to goal line and then back to center, do 9 Burpees.
Repeat for 8, 7, and 6 Burpees.
Repeat for 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 with Merkins instead of Burpees.
Santa got down the chimney but not back up it.

Flutter (20)
WW1 (20)
Low Plank (30 sec)

Trying times are only a “season.” How you deal with it is more important than the event itself.
Worthington shared about his daughter’s wedding last weekend.  His advice: make memories with your children, even if it seems like it’s too expensive or you don’t have time. Those are the things you’ll remember.

Dialup believed in Santa until today (sorry to spoil the magic!)
FNG Jive loves the movie Airplane. PAX had a difficult time choosing only one nickname (Shirley and Autopilot were also top contenders)

Three Men and a Soccer Field

Three men met for an OTB workout at Microsoft.

PAX:  Xbox, Little Dog, Thrift Shop (Q)

The Thang:

Warm up  — SSH, Merkins, Squats, Mountain Climbers

4 corners — in each corner of the field, one man did Squats while the others did Burpees.

Mosey to baseball field — Take turns running a lap around the field while the others do Dips.  Repeat with Incline Push-ups.

Mosey to soccer field — take turns running the length of the field while the other men do exercises.  100 WW1s, then 200 Squats then 20 Burpees.

Take turns running from goal line to center field while the others hold in Plank.  Repeat with Low Plank.

Run backward from goal line to center field then Lunge Walk back to goal line.  Repeat.

Cool Down:  American Hammers, Bicycles

Words:  Xbox shared that in order to build a trusting relationship you must allow yourself to be vulnerable.  Great advice, Xbox!