Getting after it at the Top of the Lake

Friday, May 11
AO: Log Boom Park – Kenmore
PAX (8): Dunder, Spam, Hurley, Sea Bass, Narwhal, DINGY (FNG), 5th WHEEL (FNG), Lafleur (Q)
Conditions:  perfect 55degrees, no rain, no wind, no swells
warm up:  50 SSH, 20 merkins, 15 Cotton pickers, 20 arm circles
first thang:
20 dips, charge up hill, 20 sumo squats, run to crows nest and 20 high derkins, crab walk down hill, repeat 4x
Next thang:
5-10-15-20 – sprint to first history of Kenmore sign 5 burpees, run back 5 low plank jacks, repeat to next sign (20yds farther) 10 burpees, back and 10 plank jacks, repeat until 20 count
Core Time:
20 count each – LBC, WW1, flutters, box cutters
Dock Time:
Mosey to dock – amazing, lake is calm, sun sneaking out gives everyone an extra boost – lunge walk 50 yards down dock, then 20 merkins
Mosey to end of dock, ea Pax gets on a finger dock all facing each other – plank to push up – hold – plank – hold – push up 8 x for 20 count – then plank to low plank ups 10 each
Great morning and some strong FNG’s today. 
Mother’s day coming, no one more important than mother and wife and your kids see how you treat your mom and wife and learn from you