F3 Woodinville: Tour de WHS

Tour de WHS:
3 HIMs exercised all around Woodinville High School (WHS) on a sunny hazy orange post-fireworks morning!

The PAX: Brady, Ping Pong, Salsa (Q)

Just before 5:29am’ish, Brady & I got to meet Ping Pong, just before he arrived we were discussing how many of the Woodinville F3 regulars (we missed ya! – FSBO, Goats, Hollywood, Hurley, Spam, Worthington, XBox) were probably either smart sacking from yesterday’s convergance workouts that took place (Tacoma & Krikland)! Or they are out of town or resting from staying out late from last night’s fireworks!

The Thang:

After quickly learning of Ping Pong’s background and this being his 1st time visit to this AO. I changed the type of workout to allow us to cover many of the various terrain and natural structures spread all around WHS (a tour of WHS) – Also, I wanted to be mindful of some issues PAX members had in terms of shoulder/wrist issues and I avoided any balls-to-the-walls related type of work this morning (as much as possible)…

Warmup with 20 SSH, 20 Air Squats, 20 Alternating Forward lunges in place, 20 little baby arm circles forward and then 20 bigger arm circles forward.

That definitely got the blood flowin’… did a quick 10 count… Good…. we then mosied to our first set of stairs just behind the baseball dugout…

(WOD: Workout Of the Day)

WOD#1: “stairs w/ burpees while others wait in a seated air chair position” x 2
Each round:
One of the PAX runs up 3 flights of stairs (stepping on each step) and then completes 5 Burpees at the top and then runs back down stepping on each step back to the fence line. And then swaps with the next PAX member inline.
The other PAX members sit in a seated chair position against the dugout fence holding a seated position until it is their turn…Our quads were definitely burning!

Repeato for a 2nd round!

Initially, I had visions of doing some Bernie Sanders next, but after that 2nd round, we got enough burn for now, ha ha!

we then mosied to the 400M track for our next WOD…

WOD#2: “4 Corners”
Run to the 1st corner, do 10 Burpees
Run to the 2nd corner, do 10 Captain Thors (kudos Brady!)
Run to the 3rd corner, do 10 Merkins (kudos Ping Pong), Ping Pong was inspired to use one of the smaller tires to make it an incline set of meekins and I did the same. Then he stated his interested in potentially doing some sled pull type of exercises just for fun! Maybe next time Ping Pong!
Run to the 4th corner and we did 10 jumping sumo squats.

We then mosied back up to the Salmon ladder area…

WOD#3: “Stairs & Lunges”
Go up each flight stairs and take each step and then on the flats forward lunge until you reach the the next flight of stairs and repeat until we reached the area where the path turns into a ramp up

WOD#4: “Bear Crawls”
We then Bear Crawled up to the corner of path where it started to turn right (about 150/200 ft in distance?)

Bradey was a trooper and modified with forward walking lunges, nice job brother!

…as the tour de WHS continued…

WOD#5: “Crabwalks”
We then did backward crabwalks all the way to area with the flagpoles (both Ping Pong and Brady modified to do backward walking lunges – nice job guys!)

As we were moseying across, I learned from Ping Pong how he enjoyed the Spartan races he did in Bangkok, Thailand. One of them that started at 12pm with 100+ Fahrenheit heat and high humidity, OMG!!!

From here I continued the “tour de WHS” with 10-20-30 WOD…

WOD#6: 10 Box Jumps, 20 Incline Merkins, 30 Decline Merkins

As needed, some of us modified the box jumps with step ups. Also, Brady modified his base position to complete incline and declines, inspiring brother!

After getting a 10 sec count, I then turned to our right and introduced Ping Pong to a Jacob’s ladder…

WOD#7: Jacob’s Ladder w/ Jumping Air Squats/Cotton Pickers

Run up the first 3 group of stairs, then do 6 Jumping air squats, then run back down and do 1 Cotton Picker, then 5-2, 4-3, etc… 1-6.

We then mosied down to “Bear Crawl Canyon”…

WOD#8: First half of the distance, forward walking lunges and then on the 2nd half of the distance backward walking lunges

Our quads were burning again, oh my!

With only about 5-6 minutes left, there was just enough time to squeeze in one more WOD for our tour, ha ha…

WOD#9: Sweedish Mile up the hill to the top of the parking lot.

Ping Pong and Brady definitely brought their A-Game this morning to push through as we each took turns jogging up hill!

Once at the top we did one more 10sec count and we mosied back to the covered area.


Ping Pong asked what do the 3 F’s in F3 represent? Brady and I responded “Fitness, Fellowship and Faith”

Ping Pong asked about PB&J, and I stated “Park, Beer and Jam”. I told him that F3 meets in the trail area behind the Chainline brewery in Kirkland. He might stop by tonight.

Check out www.f3pugetsound.com for all Q sign-ups, backblasts, and location information.


Brady mentioned how last week, when he was out of town, how easy it is when working out by yourself to not push yourself and back off. Working out with F3 makes him want to push harder when an exercise gets tough.

Ping Ping mentioned how he likes the commeraderie all of the F3 workouts he has attended. And he is potentially going to try to bring something like this to his area in Bangkok, Thailand when he gets back.

Great words guys!

Next week: Q is open for now.