F3 Puget Sound News

June 18th, 2018

86 Post to F3Dads 2.0 Workout!
A terrific time was had by all this last Saturday at the F3 Dads Workout Q’d by Kramer & Elroy. Thank you both for a great time. Read the Backblast here.

Comz Updates
Xbox has been busy crafting the vision for the future of Comz. You can read it here.

The immediate actionable takeaway is that you can post Backblasts to Facebook if you so choose.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, 6/22-24 – Worthington Family Weekend – Richland
One open spot! Contact Worthington.

Saturday, 6/30 – F3Dads Putt Putt
Bring your 2.0 and let’s play some Putt Putt golf!

Friday, 8/3 – Support RUCK & WOD
24 hour event supporting Sammamish Animal Sanctuary. Blue is the Q.

FridaySunday, 9/14-16, Lake Kachess F3 Family Camp Weekend
Guero is the Q. Details here.

Upcoming CSAUPs

8/17 – Star Course 50 Miler
Ruck 50 miles in under 20 hours. 11 HC’s so far. Wolf is the Q.

Training is on Wednesdays & Sundays, Bridle Trails at 5 AM. Meet out front of Ben Franklin Elementary.

9/22 – Tough Mudder
10 miles of mud and fellowship.

9/30 – Seattle, Base 2 Space
Climb the Space Needle. Grissom is Q. Use code “burke” and save $10 with early bird special.

10/19 – Custom Go Ruck Tough
Sign-ups are limited! 20 Spots Left!! Wait list after that. Buckeye is the Q.

How to register:
1. Go to this eventbrite page and pay. The first 35 people get in! This is what will save your spot. Once you pay.

2. Go to the goruck page and register for the event here

Patch Program
The Patch program is started with a bang! Many of us are well on our way to our Redwood Patches and there is a bevvy of CSAUP’s on the way to help earn the 4-3-2-1 Patch. If you haven’t heard about the patch program yet, find all the details here. Ickey is the Q.