F3 Puget Sound News

June 18th, 2018

86 Post to F3Dads 2.0 Workout!
A terrific time was had by all this last Saturday at the F3 Dads Workout Q’d by Kramer & Elroy. Thank you both for a great time. Read the Backblast here.

Comz Updates
Xbox has been busy crafting the vision for the future of Comz. You can read it here.

The immediate actionable takeaway is that you can post Backblasts to Facebook if you so choose.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, 6/22-24 – Worthington Family Weekend – Richland
One open spot! Contact Worthington.

Saturday, 6/30 – F3Dads Putt Putt
Bring your 2.0 and let’s play some Putt Putt golf!

Friday, 8/3 – Support RUCK & WOD
24 hour event supporting Sammamish Animal Sanctuary. Blue is the Q.

FridaySunday, 9/14-16, Lake Kachess F3 Family Camp Weekend
Guero is the Q. Details here.

Upcoming CSAUPs

8/17 – Star Course 50 Miler
Ruck 50 miles in under 20 hours. 11 HC’s so far. Wolf is the Q.

Training is on Wednesdays & Sundays, Bridle Trails at 5 AM. Meet out front of Ben Franklin Elementary.

9/22 – Tough Mudder
10 miles of mud and fellowship.

9/30 – Seattle, Base 2 Space
Climb the Space Needle. Grissom is Q. Use code “burke” and save $10 with early bird special.

10/19 – Custom Go Ruck Tough
Sign-ups are limited! 20 Spots Left!! Wait list after that. Buckeye is the Q.

How to register:
1. Go to this eventbrite page and pay. The first 35 people get in! This is what will save your spot. Once you pay.

2. Go to the goruck page and register for the event here

Patch Program
The Patch program is started with a bang! Many of us are well on our way to our Redwood Patches and there is a bevvy of CSAUP’s on the way to help earn the 4-3-2-1 Patch. If you haven’t heard about the patch program yet, find all the details here. Ickey is the Q.

Surprise Sand Bags!

13 men got better with the help of some little friends.

Thrift Shop, Zune, Kobe, Dilfer, Snip, Xbox, Zombie, Tiny, Alamo, FNG Unicorn, Nietzsche, Brady, Dig Dug (Q)


CoP; x30 SSH, x20 Mountain Climber

Mosey to YHC’s car – Hmm, why are we in a parking lot next to a car? … SURPRISE!

Pickup 4 sandbags. Mosey 800m to soccer field.

4 men run 100 yards with bags, winner of the run chooses next exercise for the PAX that AMRAPS …. Burpees, Sumo Squats, Yellow Hammers, and something …

4 men bear crawl drag bags 20 yards, crab walk back. Winner of crawls chooses next exercises for PAX that AMRAPS …. Merkins, Jump Squats, Squats, One-leg Burpees

Mosey 100m.

“Bear with Me” –

Bear Crawl 10 yards
x20 Merkins
Bearl Crawl 10 yards
x20 Squats
Bear Crawl 10 yards
x20 Big Boy Situps
Bear Crawl 10 yards
x20 Flutter

Bags must accompany the PAX


Finish our 100 yards with 20 yards of Bear Crawl.

Mosey 800m to CoP.

Nietzsche, leads PAX for COP of: x20 Crunches, x20 Flutter, x20 Leg Raises

FNG Unicorn brought the heat with some fast Bear Crawl drags.
Snip, with the one-leg burpee call … respect!
A big thank you to Ickey for loaning me the bags. Thank you.

Patches! Lots of opportunities for Redwood patch; Log Boom, MSFT, Heritage, Bellevue
GoRuck Light this weekend

Not feeling it today? Do it anyway and if you still don’t feel tomorrow, then you can skip it.



Belated Bellevue Beatdown Backblast

8 men got after it last Saturday with a sandbag and crawl focused beat down.

PAX: Blue, Dial-up, FNG Bubbles, Xbox, DigDug (Q) , FSBO, Dilfer, Drydock


Warm-o-Rama; x30 SSH, x10 Cotton Picker, x15 Mountain Climber

Mosey to pool. Form teams of three, each team with a weight (40lb, 60lb sandbags or 40 lb kettlebell). One team members runs 50 yards with weight and up stairs while other two perform 100 squats, 200 LBC, 300 Squats.

Mosey to top of stairs. Form new teams of three. P1 Bear Crawl drag the sandbags while P2 & P3 crabwalk forward to the big tree. Switch as needed.

Crawl back to start point.

Leave weights behind. Everyone crawl bear to big tree. Reverse crab back.

Whew. Peter Parker to big tree. Lunge walk back.

3 PAX performs Caroline Drydocks while remaining PAX runs 400 yds. Repeat until all PAX has performed Dry docks.

Repeat, this time with Bent over Rows.

Mosey to start for 6MOM led by Blue.

x19 Heels-to-Heaven, x19 Crossfit Situps, x19 LBC’s with hands pulsing, x17 Butt-Flutters(ask Blue), x19 Flutters with hands in the air.


The events of this weekend have erased many things from my memory, XBox’s words being one of them … 🙁

Retire to Coffeeteria

Millennial Woes

In the light of predawn, eleven gathered for the promise of an easy workout.


Dilfer, Drydock, Spotlight, Jar Jar, Dial-up, Joystick, Guerro, Alexa, Xbox, Thriftshop, Dig Dug(Q)



– x30 SSH, x10 Cotton Picker, x20 Mountain Climber, x10 Bird Dog

Mosey to Soccer Field

ALERT!!! Millennial!!! ALERT!!!

x100 each, with 100m run between each set

(1)SSH, (2) Lunges, (3) Merkins, (4) Flutter, (5)Arm Raises, (6) Mountain Climbers, (7) Squats, (8) LBC, (9) Carolina Drydock, (10) Burpees (Circle Jerk, each man with the opportunity to be the jerk)

Mosey to Flag

6MOM – Led by Alexa

x20 LBC, x20 Oblique Crunch, x10 WWII, Brotractor


Jar Jar blatantly misinterpreting leading us off on the 10 Burpees as an opportunity to count to 10 and act confused was awesome and a well timed break in the action. Good call, brother.

Spotlight with the run to each of the PAX for a single count Burpee hand-slap was a welcome change-up and made those last burpees much easier.

Guerro returns to Monday! Great to see you out brother 🙂

Alexa continually asking if we were done with 6MOM while he led it was a delightful treat


Mohai this Thursday, 5:30!
Kenmore this Friday, Log Boom Park, 5:30!
Choose your Saturday workout; Gasworks, Tacoma, Heritage Park, Bellevue, or KiMS … maybe more choices soon?

Digdug passes the Shovel Flag! Moving forward Alexa is the Site-Q for Grasslawn and Digdug can be found at Bellevue on Saturdays. It’s been an honor leading this site for the last 8 months. Wow, has it been that long? ….


F3 is an excellent place to practice leadership. Take advantage. It’s a secure place to get in front of your peers and lead. It’s the gift that will continually give, as you being to find other areas of your life where you can step up and lead. Get some.

Retire to Coffeeteria.

We EH’d in motion

6 + 1 gathered at our new AO in Bellevue to improve and share in fellowship.

PAX: Dialup, Blue, SPAM, XBox, Spotlight, Headstart(FNG), Digdug(Q)


3 Bags were present, x2 60 lb, x1 40 lb. Big thanks to Blue for bring his bags!

Warm-o-Rama: SSH, Bird Dogs, Cotton Pickers, Vs, Mountain Climbers

Mosey with weights to stairs.

Partner up. P1 runs with weight up the stairs for 5 burpees. P2 AMRAPS exercise that is called. Flapjack. Repeat until everyone in the PAX has called an exercise(except Xbox, who attempted to call an exercise out of turn)

Carolina DryDocks, Burpees, Dips, Squats, Derkins

Mosey back to flag to drop off gear we had shed. Discover grounded flag and potential FNG looking at flag.

EH the guy staring at the flag on his way to get a donut.

Circle up for fallen flag penalty of 10 burpees.

Warm-o-rama second round – 20 SSH

Hit the baseline of goose-shit lane. Partner up. P1 carries weight, P2 bearcrawls to other end. Flapjack as needed.

Empty-wheel barrow back. I have never heard so much complaining about a call!

50 yards and back.  P1 Bear Crawl dragging weight in between legs. P2 crabwalk. Flapjack as needed.


Lineup at baseline. Partner up. 3 men run with weight 50 yds and back. One running man calls the ab exercise for AMRAP. Flapjack, new exercise. Repeat until all PAX has called an exercise.

Heels to Heaven, Flutter, LBC, American Y’s, Eagle Crunch, Freddie Mercury, LBC


Blue warmed my heart right away this morning … “Hey Digdug, I have some sandbags in my car ….”

Dial-up attempting to learn Bird Dogs may have been the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in a while. There was no way I could keep cadence watching him attempt the exercise.

FNG Headstart – “Jeeze guys, I just came for a little jog and a donut ….”

Xbox – Larry Bird’ing with his ape walk getting called out … “Hey Xbox, where’s your partner?” Xbox popping up like a ground hog trying to find his partner.


Choose your Saturday workout! Kirkland, Heritage, Bellevue or Gas Works


Let us never forget to spring into action like our FNG today. He didn’t hesitate to join in, and immediately was part of the PAX, and joined right into the mumblechatter while getting utterly smoked.

We Conquered Cindy

13 HIM’s emerged from the gloom to start their week with some quality time with Cindy and her little friends the 60lb sandbag and the 45 lb kettlebell.

PAX: Dilfur, Magic, MASH, Jar Jar, Singlet, FSBO, Dial-Up, Drama, Xbox, Spot Light, Dry Dock, Dig Dug(Q), ???


CoP: SSH, Cotton Pickers, Arm Circles, Pretzels, Dubs, Hands-up Squat

Weights were carried to all locations. Even though it weighed less, the Kettlebell won MVP.

Mosey to Tennis Courts. Partner up. P1 balls to the wall, P2 sprint length of the courts and back. Flapjack. Repeato x3.

Form teams of 3. P1 & P2 hand-slap merksin, P3 run half the court, x10 squats. Rotate until everyone has done squats.

Mosey to playground.

AMRAP Cindy(5 Pullups, 10 Merkins, 20 Squats = 1 round) while two men walk/run a circuit carrying weights. Continue until everyone has carried weight.

6MOM – Continue rotation of weight carrying. Those carrying the weight call out the exercise for the PAX … Flutters, ABC’s, LBC’s.


Great to see Magic & Dial-up out! Welcome back, Kotters.

Drama and XBox looking snazzy with their new haircuts.

Dilfur’s style of carrying the Kettlebell is a unique.

Xbox complaining about his “Quads being smoked before we even started” may have been the highlight of my morning.


New Saturday Workouts being Tested – Heritage Park & Bellevue
OTB Ruck on Friday’s with MASH and 7-Layer


From Dilfur: “You’ve got to get dirty to be clean”

What this means to Dilfur is that no progress our outcomes come without sacrifice. Choose well, choose wisely.

We then retired to coffeeteria.


Crawlin’ to Saturday

4 HIM’s got better today at MSFT. You know it’s good when XBox complains.

PAX: Nall, Schnitzel, XBox, Digdug(Q)

CoP- SSH, Cotton Pickers, “Dubs”, Good Mornings, Mountain Climbers, Merkins

50 yd Red Bearchetta

“Crawl Plank”
Partner up. P1 crawl bear 30 yards, P2 planks. Flapjack. Repeat left plank, right plank with crab walk and more crawl bear.

Mosey around field.

“Slinky Sprint”
Partner up. P1 sprints to 50 yard line and signals. P2 sprints to 50 yard line, when reaching 50 yard line P1 then sprints to 100 yard line. Repeat for a total of 200 yards.

Swedish Mile to volley ball courts for some sand action.

“Crabs walk in sand … so should we!”
Bear Crawl around volleyball court. Reverse, crawl bear halfway, then crab walk the rest. A sandy adventure to be sure.

Mosey to start for 6MOM of Flutter x20 -> LBC x15 -> Roselitta x15-> Dolly x15 -> LBC x15 -> American Hammer -> LBC x30

Xbox’s bear crawl is a sight to behold. Looks like some sort of gorilla more than a bear. He also crab walks backwards … or does he? Hmm.

Nall showed incredible fortitude, never giving up despite some ambitious calls by the Q. Crab walking in sand is authentic and … brutal.

Schnitzel bailed on a meeting to come join us … and we were all better for it. Thank you, Schnitzel.

Bellevue AO test 7 AM saturday

You are responsible for everything that happens in your life. It’s easy to play the victim when things go wrong and to feel as if it was all your doing when things go right. Issues with the M? You married her, dude. Issues with kids? You decided to have them and be their parent. Fat and out of shape? That’s on you, buddy.

Own it. And thru owning it, improve it or make the necessary changes. You’re responsible.