Eight is Great

The shovel flag was planted, and 8 Redmond men started their week right on what turned out to be a brisk but near perfect morning.

The PAX:

JarJar, Hollywood, FSBO, Singlet, Thrift Shop, Worthington, Spotlight, AP (Q)

The Thang:

  • Mosey to middle of campus
  • CoP: SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Squats
  • Run to tennis courts
  • Red Barchetta with 5 Jillian Michaels added for fun
  • Run to southern parking lot, form two groups
  • Group 1 calls out exercise for Group 2 to AMRAP while they run the lot. Flapjack until all PAX have called an exercise.
  • Mosey to basketball court at base of the humps.
  • Jacob’s Ladder with burpees.
  • Mosey to straightaway between field, lung walk the length.
  • Run back to the start.
  • 4 MoM
  • CoT


  • Great to see JarJar out for his second workout in three days! Those were two good ones to kick off F3 with.
  • I think Maybe and Thrift Shop could be brothers.
  • Hollywood crushed Group 2 by calling Merkins or a variant thereof right after Barchetta.
  • FSBO had on at least 23 layers at the start.
  • Singlet is still fast.
  • Worthington and Spotlight didn’t say much but crushed it #SilentWarriors
  • WoW spent today on how when delivering a WoW, how you address the men can have impact. Sitting in CoT, standing in a circle, or doing a Ball of Man all have different ways to address the pax.

3 Replies to “Eight is Great”

  1. LOL…we built a Merkin beatdown for you guys. I believe it went: Merkins, Hand-release Merkins, Dbl hand-release Merkins, and finally Partner Merkins.
    “Why do we make these workouts difficult?”
    You’re welcome.

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