F3 Puget Sound Comms Plan


The main goals of comz in F3 are to make sure everyone knows what’s going on and to have a platform for mumblechatter that allows for both encouragement and a bit of trash talk.

The main goals of the backblast are to EH those that missed the workout, encourage those who were there, and possibly give ideas to other Qs to beat down the PAX.

With the growth of F3 Puget Sound, attempting to meet these requirements for the entire PAX has proven difficult. Any tool that has mumblechatter for more than 100 men will likely get too chatty and hence ignored, removing its effectiveness. Although it is nice to read backblasts from every site (we have a lot now), the time commitment to read them all proves overwhelming…and having everyone read them isn’t the requirement.

Mumblechatter: In an effort to simplify our tools while meeting the requirements, Slack will allow for us to not only mass chatter when it’s necessary but also divide by channels to better target to the correct audience. Also if you haven’t joined the feed channels (Twitter, f3nation.com, and f3pugetsound.com), you are missing out. It really helps to not miss anything.

Primary Information Source (PIS): Our website https://f3pugetsound.com will continue to be the primary location to find all the goings on in our region. It will list all 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Special events (Worthington weekend fun, CSAUPs). We also have the option to use the website for sharing content to the bigger F3NATION (our mumblechatter tool is mostly, if not all, private).

Backblasts: As the requirement for backblasts doesn’t include sharing to the Nation, posting to the website (PIS) is not mandatory; on special occasions where we do want to share, we absolutely should and blast it on Twitter!!

Board communication: The primary method for this in the first couple years was a newsletter and the only reason to dump that idea was the cost. With the help of Dig Dug, another free email method was found. Expect to see F3 Puget Sound updates 2-3 times a month.

Other Comz:

  • Twitter is quite popular throughout the Nation. Many of our PAX have accounts, so if you want to post something and don’t have an account, feel free to ask @f3xbox.
  • Instagram is used by Gekko and probably Alexa as well.
  • Facebook will stick around for a while but will be eventually retired; the main reason is that it does not meet the requirement for private chatter.

Eight is Great

The shovel flag was planted, and 8 Redmond men started their week right on what turned out to be a brisk but near perfect morning.

The PAX:

JarJar, Hollywood, FSBO, Singlet, Thrift Shop, Worthington, Spotlight, AP (Q)

The Thang:

  • Mosey to middle of campus
  • CoP: SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Squats
  • Run to tennis courts
  • Red Barchetta with 5 Jillian Michaels added for fun
  • Run to southern parking lot, form two groups
  • Group 1 calls out exercise for Group 2 to AMRAP while they run the lot. Flapjack until all PAX have called an exercise.
  • Mosey to basketball court at base of the humps.
  • Jacob’s Ladder with burpees.
  • Mosey to straightaway between field, lung walk the length.
  • Run back to the start.
  • 4 MoM
  • CoT


  • Great to see JarJar out for his second workout in three days! Those were two good ones to kick off F3 with.
  • I think Maybe and Thrift Shop could be brothers.
  • Hollywood crushed Group 2 by calling Merkins or a variant thereof right after Barchetta.
  • FSBO had on at least 23 layers at the start.
  • Singlet is still fast.
  • Worthington and Spotlight didn’t say much but crushed it #SilentWarriors
  • WoW spent today on how when delivering a WoW, how you address the men can have impact. Sitting in CoT, standing in a circle, or doing a Ball of Man all have different ways to address the pax.